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Actually I like the composition, the shadows, the entrancing expressions on Macy's face as she has fun with what she's doing and feeling and wanting to show us. How could I not like it?

She and Arkisi have done a slew of photoshoots, and I'm appreciating the variety and places they both go to - creatively and professionally in bringing out of themselves. They're creating moods for us to feel like we're sharing; I like that. It's not a point-and-shoot world here, guys. (If you want that, there's plenty on MetArt Network for you to enjoy. Go there. Please.)

Sure, I may want more... isn't that the essence of performance, to 'leave 'em, always wanting more'? I'll always want more of what Macy creates for us, and Arkisi too.

And I'll always hope they know *someone* out here appreciates even their efforts that fall short of the mark because I know they're trying their best and learning along the way. Believe me, these shoots are *not* fun & games. I know how much hard work goes into these things! Thanks, you two.

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My my, aren't we spoiled? True, this is not Arkisi's best effort, but to call it "shitty" is going too far. Macy is indeed stunning- whoever gets to wake up to her in the morning is lucky indeed.

I was in the photo biz for 30 years, I do like the idea of these guys using more or better lights so they're not shooting with minimal depth of field. Shallow depth of field CAN be used artistically, but it's so common here I suspect it's because they don't get paid much, and can't afford to buy more or better lights. Pity! When you consider the subject matter, they should have the best of everything. (Oh yeah, and I should be on the set to supervise, ha ha!)

Nice try, RP to get on the set as supervisor! ;-)

fully agree


bad photograpy

I have no idea what equipment they use or how much they get paid. (How many of us would do it for free?) Longer focal-length lenses have a nicer perspective, more flattering (ie. telephoto lenses) but have very shallow depth of field. With wide-angle lenses you'd get plenty of depth of field but people don't look so hot using wide angle lenses. So, if using long lenses, f/8 might not cut it, especially as you do close-ups, so may need to stop down to f/16 or f/22, which takes a LOT of light. I'm guessing most of the shots use strobe lights, and good strobes are expensive. Plus, it's a pain in the ass to set up more lights. Maybe they are in a hurry to snap off as many shots as possible, but if it were ME, I'd be in a hurry to wrap it up so I could ask the girls to have a drink with me, ha ha. But seriously, it's amazing these guys do as well as they do, I'd find it REALLY hard (so to speak) to concentrate on the technical stuff with such stunning naked women in front of me.

Totally agree. Strobes are expensive, but all photogs try to buy best to sell more. We know that, we who've done it for a living. And you know, after a while, you get used to seeing *everything* it becomes old hat. So to speak. So I don't think they're in a hurry - unless it's an amateur model who can't hold poses. It's probably because they can get away with present quality because photo editors aren't picky and the market isn't either. Until now, perhaps... Thanks for bringing this up in this way. Maybe it will get more respectful attention.

hilarious...this may be the shittiest set ever.

Macy B is one of the best models on Met, but she has been left to carry the set,no help from the photographer

one of the worst set of our fine Arkisi.


Macy is one of my favs, and she always gets a 10 from me!!! But the photoshopping on some the close-ups was not very well done! For me it was more distracting than whatever blemish it was intended to cover or remove. Arkisi normally does better work than this. All said though, Macy's beautiful eyes and smile make this set a winner!

Oh come on everyone. Give the man a break. It's a decent enough set with some great shapes and I like the subdued light. Yes, I would love to see her held open. Yes, I'd like to see her pee, but there are other sites for that. Give the site it's due. Stunning women in erotic poses in beautiful setting. That's the benchmark.

This must be one of the worst sets Arkisi has ever done. It's a shame, because he is one of the best Met togs, normally.

Arkisi, get rid of Photoshop, forget your artistic pretensions, buy another flash head so that you have enough light to stop the lens down a bit and increase the depth of field.

Then give us nice, natural, sharp, properly focussed pictures of beautiful girls. Is that too much to ask? If Murano can do it, so can you.

The only shame with Macy is that those perfect little labia like to hide from view but she is just amazing. She has beauty, talent and a radiant personality that you just can't resist. She is a Black haired, blue eyed enchantress that grabs you with the first pose and holds you in her power till the last shot. For a real treat check out her sets on Sexart. Absolutely mind blowing!

I really like Macy, seeing her beautiful smiling face and perfect body makes my day. Sailor is right, there is a certain hue to some of the shots, was this intended, I do not know but it looks alright to me.

A lot of absolutely unnecessary Pictures! Especially the last one.
Better to go without experiments because it's a kind of injuring this wonderful model.

The color and lighting in this set are odd (or "interesting") for the first couple of pages, but the beautiful Macy takes it in stride. She is delicious as always, and her pussy remains one of my favorite fantasies.

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