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#53 is the one I prefer in this set...

53 is great but then they all are. I think #17 is sexy as hell but to pick a favorite? I say Good on you mate! I couldn't

Macy and Michaela what a wonderful way to end my day. How can both these sets be rated under 9?

I fully agree Baggy36Pants - Rule Number 1, Pussy Rules (and those gorgeous tits of course) Rule Number 2, We are all different with differing opinions and need to try to remember this in our comments. Perhaps a good start to 2014?

An excellent start.

It's always a risk to the heart when viewing the adorable Macy. But photo 13 damn near made fall off my wheelchair and break my frickin' neck for the second time in my life. Thanks Macy for making my day. You're a real sweetheart, love you darling.
Oh yeah, thanks to you too Arkisi for the beautiful photos of Macy. I know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Jeez, and I thought I had problems! :-)

The biggest problem with a shower set like this is that I'm not there. Macy is totally perfect from head to foot, specially with her bright blue eyes and black hair and perfect figure.There is a great background, and the nice thing about a shower is that she takes her clothes off. I give Macy and Arkisi both a 10+

I must say that I heartily approve of Macy upholding the ages-old tradition of washing off the dirt of the old year in the early hours of the new (that I only just invented because it sounds neat!).
While I'm not a huge fan of shower/bath sets, Macy is so adorable I hardly even noticed.
What a great way to start the New Year...

Arkisi and Macy. Need I say more? two of Metart's best working together. I knew before I opened the first photo I'd love it and I was not let down.

Macy is a vision of female perfection. Each and every feature is off the scale. From the very first shot I was enthralled with her beauty and charm. She has such class and poise and that smile,,,,, Be still my beating heart!

I have stared and stared, trying to fins something that isn't a perfect 10 on my scale and there simply isn't a thing I can fault. That vulva is an absolute masterpiece, Her breasts have astounding form and that face and those magnificent blue eyes framed by that lovely black mane are to die for. there are dozens of beautiful, near perfect women on Metart but I would be taxed in the extreme to say that there is anyone else that has this powerful an effect on me. this would be a 20/20 If they would let me vote that way.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I bet you say that to all the girls... :-)

Only if they look like that!

I fully agree!

Agreed Sailor, 24 is a heart-stopper. (but then it starts up again and really pounds hard!) I prefer the shots before the water starts, too often it obscures her beauty. What a smile, what great puffy nipples, and seeing the moisture of her vagina is a special treat. Yep, I could fall in love with her, quite easily I think.

I could easily fall for her. What??? I already have and # 23 and 24 are amazing!

From Prague to Kiev, from Michaela to Macy, from one goddess to another without leaving feminine Nirvana. (I'm going through these in reverse order.) Macy is simply exquisite in this set, but then, she always is. I defy any man to look at photo 24 and not fall in love. It is, quite simply the pussy of my dreams. (I know, I've said that before, and I've meant it every time. I mean it now.) I have two small cavils about this set: 1) Macy's hair too often covers up her perfect little breasts; and 2) the set is too short. But then, it could never be long enough. Beauty like this can go on forever, as far as I'm concerned.

"Fall in love".... without seeing her face!? That's crazy talk!!!

Wow!! Would you guys lighten up!! So I forgot to add LOL... Would that have made it more benign? It seems my return was ill advised.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Well, Rock, you accidentally made a good point then :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

...except that I wouldn't have called it "crazy talk." Just that, yes, I fall in love with faces...
Remember, though, Sailor "defied" us. He asked for it! :-)

News flash guys: photo 24 does not exist in isolation from the rest of the set. Get it? You see lots of Macy's face and body before you see the shot of her pussy. And that's not to mention familiarity from past sets. Image 24 is an exceptionally beautiful shot of an exceptionally beautiful pussy. Sheesh!

I'm with you Sailor. That is the sweetest looking pussy anywhere and one of the best shots ever. And no Doug I won't qualify that with the IMO. We should really make an effort to not nitpick other peoples comments. It goes without saying that any comments here are IMO. After all the "ARE" user comments they are not statements of fact. There are no challenges being made except for the ones that you and a couple others here seem to think are so cute. Every time you guys jump in with remarks like that it starts a shit storm that I for one don't feel is in any way constructive.

Baggy, that sounds like a great resolution for 2014. Lets all try to avoid confrontations, They only make everyone feel bad and accomplish nothing. And their is no excuse for making negative comments about the models. If you don't like something about a model that is fine but simple etiquette says keep it to yourself.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

That is your opinion! Fine, and I state mine!
Don't expect us to all be like you, hipshot. Let people be themselves. It'll be good for your blood pressure :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

And btw, you have no problem criticizing what I say. What's goin' on here :-?
What's goin' on here is if you don't meet hipshot's approval, you're in for it!
That's OK. You're as entitled to speak your opinion as anyone.
Happy new year!

Buried treasure...

Using Mr. Peabody and the wayback machine to find another delicious gallery featuring Natasha is a good reminder of the gems buried in the MET vaults.

Can I make a stretch to say that I think Natasha and Boris were the perfect foils for Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Thanks for the fond memories.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Kind of a good-looking girl. It would be interesting to see how she would rate in the current era. More evidence of the bogusness of the model rating "system", if you can call it that...

For my money Doug, there's only one thing that matters here...
Tags, ratings, comments...chafe is what I call it. I haven't even noticed this girl's "rating" yet, but I'm downloading her now and will take a look, but it really couldn't matter less. I'd guess that she would get roughly the same reaction now that she did then... I thought you might like her...I can't remember why....

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I haven't looked at much stuff further back than 2011. All I can do to "study" the stuff of special interest to me. But with that tawny bush and all she looks like a California girl :-) Amassed a lot of votes over the years, too.
You're right -- the ratings especially mean nothing to me, since I am almost always at odds with them. And at how they apparently are determined.
It's nice to read a comment you agree with... -- now that guy has taste! :-)
I've only looked at this one shot. Let me know if you see something you think is particularly good...

And tags? Never understood how they work, or what the point of them is. Some rather hilarious if not offensive phrases tho... :-)

As they say, The squeaking wheel gets the most grease and you squeak the loudest and the most often.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Squeak squeak!
But what about you? You certainly give me a (squeaky) run for the money! :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

hipshot, I want you to read this and see if it rings a bell: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/self-righteous

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

OK OK -- context is everything. Got it! :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

And Sailor, I figured you'd be able to handle our teasing without hipshot's help :-)

Everyone is entitled to write here without their choice of words being disparaged!

A 2014 resolution for me is to do a better job of keeping disparaging thoughts to myself.

I like LARGE labia, but when the day is done, pussy (any pussy) rules.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

People are just as entitled to speak their minds here.
It's a risk any way you cut it :-)

What you say is true. . .

I still intend to TRY the high road and see how that works. Hopefully I will be able to reply to disparaging remarks in a more gentle (absent any disparaging attitude) way myself.

It would be nice to see a significant reduction of mean remarks that the models might read!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. To me "mean" remarks are usually ad hominem -- they're no longer about the picture, say, but about somebody personally, apart from the work presented.
So I try to avoid that when I criticize stuff, which I do a lot.
The models are at the greatest risk here; if they're going to appear in all their glory on MetArt, they are exposing themselves to comments, and they're not all gonna be nice.
Some of them, if they're going to continue here, would probably be better off ignoring Comments.
Others may find Comments helpful. To me, the more truthful a comment is, the greater its value, even if it causes some pain...

You are so right! 23 and 24 are breathtaking! I agree 110% that that is the most perfect vulva I could ever hope to see and the thin line of feminine moisture sealing that lovely vagina is the final touch to send me into dreams of washing that sweetness away with my tong. To sleep, per chance to dream of raven haired Ukrainian beauties...... Ah, now that's the rub.

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