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Pic #59 - Lol. Chipmunk-style foot spread ^_^. Cute!

Pic #56 - Toes of a goddess.

excellent work Arkisi ! Special thanks for that pretty toes... !

Macy B never disappoints. She is purely beautiful. Arkisi's photography may need work,but ha has captured Macy beautifully.

Macy is very sexy I enjoyed this extremely she looks beautifully sexual I loved this and hope to see lots more :-)

Heart-stoppingly beautiful. This girl has NO bad angles. I could stare at her for hours. Everything; eyes, hair, pussy is too perfect! If I were an android designer, this would be the template.

One of my all time favorite models, Macy 100% rocks.

This set ... not so much.

That face alone is worth a 10 !!!! It is perfection, brunettes ROCK!!!

Brunette? What brunette? Her hair is BLACK

And her eyes 'aint brown, either (as bio states). Look more like green.

There is nothing better then a beautiful brunette.

If that t-shirt could talk, it would tell us it is very happy.

...and that pillow... ( ;

Can't get enough of lovely Macy, member of the Absolutely Perfect Pussy Club.

A PP for sure!

That really is one beautiful pussy Macy has...

Macy B is so beautiful and you actually wait for her next set to come out. Macy B please get a new photographer. The some poses are outstanding, but the quality is lacking.

Wowzers... I especially like when Macy's "hiding" behind the pillow. So sultry, so seductive, so sweet... ( :


I assume that a 9 is high praise indeed from you, but I find that I still must ask...
are ye daft, man?

Goddess Macy once again has gifted us with her supreme beauty. From head to toe perfection and I might add some awesome pictures of those cute toes. Not to mention that awesome camel toe. She is gifted with a look and personality that fascinates and enchants with a sweet undertone of sensuality.

I LOVE Macy! I have from her very first set.

excellent work Arkisi ! Special thanks for that pretty toes... !

And what a "cameltoe," so inviting.... ( :

WTF?? 7.18 after 19 votes? There must be so angry souls out there tonight!

You mean a "Totally" and angry soul! This woman deserves nothing but 10's.

8.46 @76 votes when I was here. That's better.

8.5 with 157 votes counted... That's about right from where I'm sitting. Not Arkisi's "typical" quality.

Today's offerings from MetArt are bookended by a pair of Ukrainian goddesses, Sofi and Macy, two very different and very beautiful women who make this man glad to be alive. That's certainly the case with Macy who is pure delight from her head (luxuriant hair, beautiful eyes) to her toes (scrumptious). In between are a pair of perfect little breasts and a pussy to die for.

I assume those toes attain lollipop toe status, Sailor? ( ;

Absolutely, but don't worry, they're organic. : )

The second half of that comment was addressed to justagigolo, whose name I forgot to include. As a punishment for the discourtesy, I will write his name 100 times on the blackboard (as soon as I can find one). : )

Confectionary? No. These are wholesome. Nice to see such fine pedicure.

How can anyone look at #57 and think that she's had a "pedicure"??

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