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Woah dude, Image 93...that is literally a peach! No fuzz though!

Macy is one of my favorite models of all time, bar none. This photo set is not one of my favorites, no fault of Macy's. I consistently get the feeling that this photographer does not know how to pose Macy to her best advantage, and that's a real shame. The awkward looking poses and missed angles are just too numerous to ignore. I can certainly understand being distracted with such an amazing subject, but this just can't continue. It's time Macy find someone who knows how to portray her at her very best, and this isn't it.

Oh my, Macy is a beautiful woman and that seems to be the consensus of a majority of members beyond the few who comment.

Macy is totally hot in t shirt and no pants.(I love the way the no pants look is catching on around Met. I think a little clothing properly handled can be very erotic,and not having panties and bra does wonders. I like the set and macy has been a favorith a long time because she is a fabulous beauty.

Nothing but compliments to this lovely lady!!!

One can melt just staring at that beautiful face, and those eyes!!!! The most beautiful woman on met art, one man's very humble opinion

Re; Doug

in case notice was necessary

Slam the photographer,threaten to sue Met-Art, and berate the model. That's nice.

Of course it's nice. Anything can be made nice with :-)

Macy is perfect all over.Very pleasant to watch again and again.

Macy, you are spectacular. Will we ever see you starring in a movie on SexArt?

What a nice pair of nipples...!

Macy, you look beautiful, your body is always perfect. I must say I love those nipples.

Macy sure does make that tank top look good!

All hail the tank top)).

Yes indeed!

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