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My favourite set of this beautiful goddess. So many full body shots, great poses, and lovely foot shots!

Pic #41 - She floats!? GODDESS!

was I crazy about the pink background? Of course not, but put it in context. just back ground. I was focused on the beautiful young woman,

I have a weakness and I've just discovered her name. This young sweetie could pick me up and use me like a cheap Kleenex throw me away and I'd be grateful for the opportunity to serve! :-)

Apparently the photographer did not notice that Macy has breasts, since almost the entire series is spread-legs, one after another, and her hair usually obscures her breasts. I strongly object to an "artist" who views a beautiful woman as just a cunt.

really? no face, no hands, nothing? just c...t?
very good. but it's not because of me. don't blame me if the weather was cold in your town.

THINGS I LOVED ABOUT THIS SHOOT: Macy is one of my personal top 3 favorites of all time!! and looks fabulous here. The outdoor shots in particular were very enjoyable. Rylsky definitely does wonderful work with Macy and I'm always glad to see them both, especially collaborating.

I MIGHT PREFER: More natural eyebrow treatment, poses with more variation / interaction with environment and attention to rear view.

TT, I'm genuinely curious here, not being snarky... what do you mean by "more natural eyebrow treatment" ?

I get the feeling that this is not how Macy's eyebrows would look if she just let them grow naturally and trimmed them only slightly. The edges are super clean and crisp here, and I have an entirely personal preference for more un-enhanced, natural eyebrow look ... a softer edge, so to speak. It's just me, and I know that, which is why I put it in the preferences section of my comment. I think a lot of models and photographers go for a more glamorous treatment of the eyebrows, and as long as I can remember it's always rubbed me ever-so-slightly the wrong way.

Ah, gotcha. Now that I look at the photos again I can see what you're talking about. I have a friend in real life who does the same thing with her eyebrows. She's a beautiful girl but all her FB photos look ~ just slightly ~ wrong enough that you can't put your finger on it until you look closely at her penciled-on eyebrows...

I really want to point out that Rylsky has to put some of his best on his own site or no-one will look at it let alone pay for it

I'm glad to see Macy and Rylsky paired up. I think that much better is coming if they stay together!

Macy has four galleries published on RylskyArt. She is one of Rylsky's many beautiful goddesses.

I love this lady, all of her, so perfect ! Thanks Rylsky for showing us her beauty, truly amazing beauty this Miss perfect legs and gorgeous feet :))

She is lovely. So sweet.

Macy is in the top five of all your models. She is exquisitely beautiful and sexy. Please more and more of her. I would love to see a very revealing movie of her. Thanks to Macy for providing such pleasure to us.

Head over to SA and you will get you wish on the videos.

MetArt needs to dump those lickable tags. What on earth is in a photograph that determines lickable body parts?

They would have to eliminate tags altogether....which wouldn't bother me a bit... That's not gonna happen...they've been the subject of much ridicule, yet we still have them... Best to just ignore them...;o)

Although I prefer more oyster with my clams, I think Macy is one of the more beautiful girls being featured presently... Rylsky sure likes his pink!

Macy is totally beautiful! The pink background is lousy. She looked great in the woods,and had sensible shoes on,(I.E. protected her feet)She definitely looked 1000% better and should have stayed in woods for the shoot.The pink is one of Rylsky's very few mistakes,this pink is the shade you would expect form a six yr old who just polished off a six pack of Red Bull Macy still gets her 10++++

Trying to get my wife to greet me (like photo #59) when I come home, what does she mean "dream on Mr.?"

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.....

And they wonder why we divorce them !

...and we wonder why they divorce us... ( ;

I hate it when that happens . You think it has not gone , and it has . So its sent twice ! Thank fuck for modern thinking. Or lack of.

Macy looks good in both indoor and outdoor.

It is about time your models had some new dresses Mr Rylski. That little blue number has been worn by the lovely Nikia ,lovely Jeffrey (sic) and others. And I hate Macy's shoes . They look like work boots. Non sexy.
Ladies should look pretty , not like they are working on a construction site.
I regard your work very highly . Please keep the ladies looking pretty.

I must live a very sheltered life in a very tiny world, cuz I've never seen a construction site looking like this.

Hear hear!
I'd gladly work construction if it meant I got to mingle with Macy...

Sorry, OSHA regulations prohibit "mingling" with beautiful young ladies on construction sites. But if I happened to see a young lady like Macy posing like that, I would hide in the bushes and watch. The shoes would not matter.

It is about time your models had some new dresses Mr Rylski. That little blue number has been worn by the lovely Nikia ,lovely Jeffrey (sic) and others. And I hate Macy's shoes . They look like work boots. Non sexy.
Ladies should look pretty , not like they are working on a construction site.
I regard your work very highly . Please keep the ladies looking pretty.

Well, what we get now with this set and members feedback+votes? Macy go higher in ratings... maybe this background and boots are not in your (or maybe not in my!) taste, but somehow it works for vote score...
really strange and that's exactly what we discuss with models: we never know how WILL members see the same things as we DID.

Doing my homework I see that Rylsky has shot Macy before, but his sets of her have not yet appeared on MA, til tonight. I like what he's done with her here, although several shots do seem somewhat overwhelmed by the pink background. However, Macy herself has never looked better.

Carrying over from yesterday I didn't realize you had left SA no wonder quality of the commentating has declined over there. I always enjoy your views and yes I remember your comments about "blocking". Your support of Ry makes me want to join you over there. All my back and forth with Ry played out here when he was even more "vocal". Your aware of my fixation/caring for DG and thus I track all his work. The difference between his use of the same model on both is fascinating and after the blow up with that couple (BTWWD), Jon and I have had a regular private e-mail thing, like I do with Davi. You, hip, kilroy, bobblehat and a couple of others are what keep me believing that some of you appreciated what I say and keep me sharing. Thanks...

swplf, never doubt that I look forward to your comments. I've said it before to others and I'll say it again to you... I may not always agree, but I appreciate frank opinions plainly stated. And you always have thought behind what you say.
I think that this forum is best when, as in life, ideas and concepts are debated and questioned, but people are never attacked.
...I know it's a bit utopian of me to expect that always, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how often we live up to it. ( :

14 pics with her nightie around her waist, you are slowly getting better Rylsky.

By the way, the first 15 shots are by far the best.

It's getting warmer and better weather. Slowly.

Getting pretty "warm" in the Ukraine alright!! And NOT very slowly!

it's not about Ukraine, it's about snakes. for those who understand

There is some magic about Macy. You see the splendour of her body and
feel as if you share the fleshy presence of this soft skinned beauty.
Perhaps her smile makes the difference. oh, feel this pointing breasts
and kiss the mound ...

Macy seems to have an alluring exotic quality. She is so very seductive and captivating.

I don't think Rylsky and Macy planned to do th shoot in those trees. I think it was a "target of opportunity". So Macy put on the shoes to protect her feet and gave us a show. I like it!

What a goddess! Macy is the definition of perfection. The face, the hair, those awesome eyes and that radiant smile are enough to set me ablaze but she has one of the perfect bodies anywhere! Those breasts are a one of a kind masterpiece and the long lean body, magnificent hips and butt are all top 10. In my book there isn't a single item I would change. With each new set I fall in love all over again. Macy is amazing! The Ukraine has offered up some awesome woman on MA but none is finer in my book.

As usual the master has captured her perfectly for us.

Shot #16 is awesome!

Horrible pink background

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