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Pic #42 is my favorite. A close up of her perfect pussy that includes a little reservoir at the bottom to collect her joy juice!!

another beauty from the Ukraine, but I'm not bored! absolutely delicious!

beautiful girl. gorgeous body.beautiful small boobs. the nipples are not normal. do we call these as flat nipples??
refer to pics 15 and 54.

can anyone reply?


Some would say that they are called "inverted".

I have seen nipples here that are definitely inverted, Macy's are hardly, if at all, inverted.

For more information search breast buds.


Yet another panty waste. That fabric is a perfect color for our model's skin, but with not one good posterior pose. Plenty stretching them like a rubber band, though.

The wonderful warm colors of the room are excellent for our model. Then out comes the blaring glare of bleach white sheets -again. Our photographers should take their own sheets.

now someone has to make the bed.

Macy B is very beautiful,and a set of a beautiful woman taking off her clothes is the King (or Queen? ) af all classic photos.The set that Arkisi has chosen is perfect as well. as a result I have to give both a 10++++.

Notice I am not dignifying other opinions with a reply.

So this was to dignify your own?

Pale "body fur" on a woman can be such a turn-on for me. Especially when I see it on such a raven-haired beauty such as Macy. But I still can't see how she can have light "fur" while she has what appears to be naturally dark hair (look at her eyebrows). I suppose she _could_ have gone the Goth route but it doesn't appear to be in her photographic character at least. But whatever the hair color, Macy's always been a favorite.

Pic 83: MetArt-version of Samara of "The Ring".

Want to see truly scary pics on this site? check out Anna S in "Glide" (haunting black & white) and "Ethienne" (on pics 43 and 55 it's like she's possessed)

And Anna S always had some mysterious aura surrounding her.

Haha, that's creepy as hell and the Anna D 'Glide' set gave me chills. Far too creepy to be arousing but very interesting none-the-less. That was back when Met-Art was still trying to be experimental.

'Image 83' - sexiest 'Cousin It' I've ever seen! Great Shot!

Macy's playful side, 'girls just wanna have fun'...

Anita E did some "it" shots in a set by Flora.

Fantastic set. Macy is such a doll! Please add more.

My all-time favorite model is back! What a stunning beauty. Love you, Macy.

That was pretty boring set.....get a little creative please

I disagree. I have yet to see a boring set of Macy. But if you have any suggestions on how it could be spiced up, please let Arkisi know.

@ trickydick1:

Would you consider changing one of the lights above the candelabra using only her labia, or perhaps using her hands on the lights while dusting the candelabra with a feather duster rammed up her anus, to be creative?

I suspect it would meet anyone's definition of creative, but I wonder if you would compliment Macy and Arkisi if they responded like that to your polite request.

Well, who of us knows
How far it goes
Those little toes
Might fit in her nose

Magwich you missed your calling as a 15th century troubadour

missed all my callings


Oh please bore me some more! I wonder about people who could consider Macy boring.

I second that, hip. How could Macy shot by Arkisi be boring! I guess I'm easily entertained.

This is becoming like a hat trick at a hockey game. I guess I'll toss my hat in too.

Ooooo .... there's an idea for a "non-boring" set ... Macy in nothing but a hat!

Works for me!


gorgeous girl, Cousin It at pic-83 looks pretty good also

Beautiful girl...

Breathtaking! Simply breathtaking!

Beyond any rating!

Immaculate Macy, sooo very pretty.
I have a feeling I know who would end up with all the covers by morning. ( ;

Is there anything about Macy that isn't total perfection? I think not. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. No matter how close the camera gets all I see is loveliness. Those breasts are beyond amazing! I love the fine fur that covers them. That amazing black hair frames the most amazing set of blue eyes and that face is so very expressive. I don't think my brain could generate a dream as perfect as this. We are extremely fortunate that this goddess allows us mere mortals to see this masterpiece of creation in it's totality.

Beautiful blue eyed brunette, significant eyebrows, downy hair spectacularly shown in # 10 ~ as is her great innie, puffies that quicken my pulse, shapely legs, superb butt cheeks (I bet she could tickle them with her lovely long hair).

I believe that this is my favorite Macy and Arkisi collaboration ~ so far.

Many thanks to both Macy and Arkisi.

Macy looks even cuter than usual and that body is just phenomenal, some fantastic shots here, with some delightfully confident exhibitionism, her pussy is an absolute delight.

Arkisi always manages to coax the best spread shots from the fantastic beauties he works with, his recent sets with Nika and Ardelia alone feature equally, deliciously, decadent masterpieces, a great artist.

Macy, we love you!!!

From her hair down to her toes, this lovely woman is sheer perfection ! Great work as usual from Arkisi to present her in the best possible way :))

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