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Macy looks absolutely sensational wandering around the kitchen in a black top and no knickers.

I wouldn't mind helping her with her shaving routine. That for sure.

Be curious to see what she looks like without the Goth-like hair color.

My favorite Met-Art model is back and is as lovely as ever. Keep those photo sets coming. Love Macy!

According to her bio, she watches football and goes fishing with her daddy, likes "old hard rock" and fixing things around the house. Then, to top it all off, she is so strikingly sexy and looks great with no bottoms on as she drinks her tea in the kitchen.

Could you ask for a more ideal woman?

Not to my thinking. Sounds like heaven to me, Looks like it too ;)

there is more Macy someplace called SA? :-)

Indeed there is and it's even more delicious! She has sets on all of the met sites and each one is equally nice.

I agree that Macy B is a totally beautiful woman. I mean, who cares if she can't find her pants prior to those first 2-3 cups of tea? I often can't either. What is overwhelmingly important is that its Macy B!!Lets get real here about whats important. I give Macy 10++++ w/o even thinking.

And don't forget Macy on SA, where she explains the term "friends with benefits" to a girl named Tofana

Terrible shoot! One of the prettiest women on the site, this shoot does her NO justice...but...she beats boilng pasta in the kitchen....

Speak of the Angel and She appears... Breathtaking!

Thanks to Arkisi, the day is not a total loss for me...;o)

Macy is a long time favorite of mine. She is such a beautiful girl. Please keep the wonderful photo sets coming and move movies please. Thank you and thanks to Macy for giving us so much pleasure.

Over 30 top-with-no-bottoms shots? I'm melting!

Macy is one of the most beautiful models on this website but I have to say this has to be one her most boring, uninspired sets I have seen.

I can't believe a photographer could use such a gorgeous model that results in this set.

This is a major yawn.

I agree. I often think that Macy is so stunning that photographer's brains go a bit wonky. She's one of my all time favorite models ever, and yet over and over we seem to see photographers NOT making the most of her amazing beauty. Calm down, lads, and stay focused on the job at hand. I know it's difficult when your subject is so awe inspiring, but you've a job to do. :)

Now... THIS is what I want to see in my kitchen!

What's even better, she is handy around the house, so if something breaks in the kitchen, she can fix it, too!

That would be good, because I am NOT a handyman! ( ;

Macy is IMHO The most physically perfect and the most beautiful woman on earth! Or at least ONE of the most beautiful. That face and those breasts are nothing short of amazing! and the rest of her just compliments that.

I must say that the tight little area with all it's shiny reflective surfaces and the bright sun streaming in through those windows was not the best choice. Macy is just to perfect to have parts of her washed out by that harsh light. It is rare that I see something in Arkisi's work to complain about but those early shots did nothing to compliment this magnificent woman.

Macy. An extraordinarily beautiful Ukrainian young woman, with a sensual and exotic air. Truly special young woman. Slava Ukraine!!!

This is Arkisi's photoset with the most overexposed pictures ever!

What a pity!

10/10 for Macy & 1/10 for Arkisi.

No. Actually, a lot of the images here are underexposed. If the exposure was correct for Macy (I don't care if the background is overexposed) her hair would be more visible as hair instead of a solid black area.

Still, it's Macy and, as someone else said, she saved the day.

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