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Thank you for another great photo set of Macy. An all time favorite. One of the most beautiful models in the world. Love her.

Macy is for me, as for so many others, at the top of my tops list. She's gorgeous, adorable, hot and sultry. Amazing, amazing girl!!!

Perfect place to shoot this beautiful girl...in a rat nest!! :o|

Look out for flame spurts, lighting sand, and rodents of unusual size.

"De-hada" lapse in judgement when picking this site....;o)

Those firm, baby bottle nippled breasts are GORGEOUS !

Awesome boobs, Macy.

Macy B is one of my favorite models because she is so beautiful. I like the palms in the background. Not many people are aware that palms do grow on the shores of the Black Sea, specially in the Ukraine, and the Ukraine is famous for the nude girls trekking through them. Thousands come to see then every year. I have to give Macy and Arkisi a 10 +infinity on this one, its a masterpiece.

This set is one from canarian serieses, shot last year.

Thanks for comment :)

I love bikini sets, I with MET had more of them. This one is spectacular.

Macy is perfect in this tropical venue. I enjoyed seeing her most excellent figure in a bikini to start it out. I agree with hip, Macy is perfection in my book. She is tops in every category from her beautiful smiling face to her toes.

A double-dose of Arkisi today makes a good morning coffee even better.

Heaps of Jagged dead palm frond are enough to create nostalgia for a more comfy gravel beach.

I could be wrong, but ~ Macy does not SEEM to be exhibiting any signs of suffering or pain in this set... ( ;

It's Macy time! Her appearances have been few and far in between of late, it seems. At least for this one she got to go to a nice tropical location. I hope she got plenty of time off to lounge on the beach. This set is pure joy. ( :

Actually, fer, she has been posted every month so far this year. I know the feeling, you can never get enough Macy!

Right you are as usual, kilroy... perhaps that indicates we need more than one Macy set per month? ( :

Not that I disagree, but you're going up against longstanding tradition!

Looks like ED has a bunch more of Macy. So what are you complaining about? You are on Eternal Desire, you have access to more Macy than I do ;o)

Macy makes me weak in the knees. She is the most spectacularly perfect I've ever seen. There are lots of close runner ups but Macy holds the crown for me. There isn't a thing I would change even if I could. One of the finest Ukrainian women ever. She is the model that drew my attention to Ukrainian women and there are many lovely women from there in the Met universe. I hope the mess there can somehow be brought to a peaceful resolution and that the families of our models are safe.

Thank you Macy for that ever present smile for allowing us to view that perfect body!

Well said, sir! I'm in total agreement with you. Macy is at the top of my "A list."

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