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Welcome back Magali! I think she deserves a lot higher rating. I'm also hoping to see her more often.

Very tasty 'dish'... I'll have seconds...please.

Lots of light in a setting with lots of light - done well.
A mirror that is never distracting or visually awkward - well done.
Upskirt, downblouse, falling off the shoulder, peeking - use the dress, or lose it.
It looks like a better angle would show an outstanding mons.
More of the back would be nice, what we can see hiding in the mirror in #5 looks enticing.

What I see in the mirror, in no.5, is a blur. No.64 is where I can see she has a VERY enticing caboose...although the "shape" of it is a bit distorted.

I suppose that could be misinterpreted...

"distorted" in that photo"! Because of her pose...;o)

There's not much of Magali, only one other set last year. She has a nice figure and I appreciate the many standing full frontals to show it off. Nice butterfly, too.

It took me until now (4 1/2 hours later) to realize there are 6 new sets today. Why? Holiday?....anyway, thank you!
Magali definitely has a nice butterfly....and with a very nice wingspan too:)

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger Jer... After two years, I STILL forget about the "1st of the month bonus"... This allows them to claim "Updates 4 to 6 times per day", when in actuality, the "6" applies only to the 1st of the month...;o)

Its the first of the month. Always 6 sets on the first, sort of a bonus. Welcome to Met.

What a lovely young woman! Wonderfully toned body, lovely breasts, lovely butterfly, great butt and legs. Certainly a keeper!

Thank you Magali, for displaying what is probably the perfect butterfly, IMO... and the rest of you is every bit as lovely. ( :

Oh, that is an official nomination to the PP Club, gentlemen... any seconds? ( :

This I can agree with!! ;o)

Very well then, I call it! Magali is now officially inducted into the PP Club, with all rights and honors thereby attending. ( :

I call for a club meeting!!! ;o)

...my favorite club in the world, such that I would actually attend a meeting!

You needn't have asked. You had plenty of support before you finished typing.

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