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66/67/68 nise ass shots and there out of focus wtf ?????

Malena's last series! This is a crime against humanity!!!

Tattoos turn me off completely.

Fugly tattoos.

beautiful young woman. Too bad about the tattoos. Beauty and brains too much to ask

So you're saying that girls with tattoos have no brains..? Nice... I'm sure Malena appreciates that...;o) And another couple dozen girls here too...
Are you living in the same century as your namesake??

Tattos killed this set for me.

I concur

Gee...that's too bad...bye.

Gee, and I thought you had good taste rockhard....too bad...bye!

Pretty tame for a M.M. set, but well shot in a pleasant setting. Very nice.

I hate tattoos and piercings on beautiful women, they only serve to distract from the natural beauty of the woman. Average or unattractive women probably need piercing or tattooing to enhance themselves or distract from their flaws, but women like Malena do not need them.

I don't understand why Met-Art stopped covering Malena's tats. They did for her early work here - and the results are the best of her shoots anywhere. They showed how absolutely perfect she would be without them. In fact, when I e-mailed a comment to tell them how much I appreciated it, I got a reply of something like "we believe in showing our models at their best". Too bad that attitude has changed.

Agreed, another cute girl spoiling her perfection with tawdry tattoos. Why!!

Smoking hot! There is a very good reason why Malena is always at the top of the ratings and this is it. She is able to do porn and yet be girl next door like this. She is all around lovely Beautiful face awesome body magnificent poses done in lovely scenery. What more could you ask for? I love the country girl look in the cutoff jeans and clean white blouse. I even like her tattoo which is strange because I usually don't like tats. I love the way she can look girl next door in one photo and become the smoky seductress in the next. This woman exudes sexuality.

This is classic beauty personified. Thank you Malena you have definitely found your calling!

boring photos - for once it is ok that there are so few photos in Luca's series - since he cannot create sexy photos even with the best of models, let us be grateful that this one is so short. Why does he even bother?

Malena, You are a pretty girl. Nice to see your girl next door side shining through. Best shoot ever. Thanks :~)

Malena, the hottest American girl! Stunning!

Malena is one seriously beautiful woman!!! I luv seeing those hot little shorts slide off your sexy booty!!!

Agreed! i loved her cute outfit and watching her slowly slide them off. Malena's body is top notch. great pussy and bush as well. The views of her backside are just magnificent. I do wish she didnt have the tattoos though... they are distracting on such a beautiful girl.

Hair too long and is not controlled. Any woman can grow hair, but not any woman can be a nude model. Hair needs to be short or controlled.

?????, Wow, that one is out of left field? I think the hair is lovely. Clean, natural and very sexy. Everyone to their own thing though.

Nice eyebrows. Great eyes, butt, and labia. Good outdoor set.

Malena, you are a perfect classic beauty! Stunning face, lovely eyes, perfect, perfect nipples and ... You get the message. Keep on doing what you do, and thanks.

What a great day today on Met!You go all out and give us an incredible gift.Three absolut splendid winners and the magnificent debut of a stunning petite!Hoy es fiesta en Met!

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