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IF? If Melena is as nice as she is lovely, well I just don't know.
If she's happy, I'm happy as I enjoy her.
She is certainly a stand out. (And then some.)

Will men ever get to enjoy her beauty is the question.

I have pic 75 on my desktop and can't seem to take it down...what a fantastic shot!! And what a fantastic girl!!! This picture is magical...


I am far away from being a tat fan, but as long as they're unobtrusive, I will put up with them. Like body piercings, I hate lip and nose studs, but earrings and navel adornments can look quite attractive.

Malena, for all her unqualified beauty, hasn't cracked my Top 100 yet, and I blame Luca entirely for this almost criminal failure.

Hammerime put it perfectly, because this set put me to sleep. Not the least reason being the fact there are only 101 images!! Luca has Deliberately left out the Erotic & Glamor intentions of this site, to produced nothing but artsy-fartsy, sleep-inducing, boring studies of a sunset!! The model, Malena is the inconsequential prop here, not the focus of attention.

Tattoo comments aside too many from the guys seems some have forgetten the lovely setting with the sunset and mountains in the background i quite liked some of the images within this short set like the close up of her wearing her sexy lingerie with one breats showing in image 19 or image 30 with her lovely breasts in full view just wearing her hat with the demishing sunlight and mountains highlighting her sexy body in the background or the close image 77 of Malena's breasts,erect nipples basking in the sunset even some of the images of the the demishing sunlight hides her tatoos breifly as in image 81 love her image 83 with her hands high above her head showing her love breasts,erect nipples taut body whilst kneeling on the edge of the balcony to mention a few the only thing i found about Leonardo's set is that its too short should have carried on with the sunset,lingerie theme abit longer never the less there are sone very nice sensual images within this set as for the tattoo comments dont see many male members complaining about Mila A's tattoo around the belly button !!!!

That's right rags....only "some" tattooos are offensive to these geezers! It depends on whether or not they think the model is a porn slut. Mila gets a pass because she looks "innocent"....lmao!!

C'mon rockhard, you're giving "geezers" too much credit. They're not the only ones who know that someone as beautiful as Malena looks her best without tattoos. (Same goes for Mila's navel tat - not a positive addition.)

You don't have to be old - you just have to open your eyes and not worry about trying to show the world how "cool" you are.

The first part of your response I get... The rest...doesn't make a lot of sense... "open your eyes..."? "trying to show the world how COOL you are"!? If that's what you think tattoos are all about, your attitude toward them is understandable... In many cases however, nothing could be farther from the truth of the matter. And as far as "geezers" knowing what looks "best"...I'm closer to 70 than 60 and I enjoy and appreciate all the tats that all the girls here have and think it's a crime to photoshop them out because a few narrow minded people object to them. Sorry that that includes you...

Oh dear, this is a sad day MetArt, tattoos and arm mutilations. Why should I pay a subscription when such trashy things are all out there for free. Maintain the standards that drew me in, in the first place please.

LOL Sorry...I can't stop.... I'm reminded of an old song..."Up against the wall redneck mutha"....lmao ;o) rufus...you slay me!! lol

Oh calm down Rocky; I usually agree with your comments 100% but on the divisive matter of tawdry tattoos......
You love em, bet your misses is covered in em....
Whatever rocks your rocks Rocky!!

I'm not a fan of tattoos either, but they are so ubiquitous these days, you'd miss out on a lot of lovely women if you said NO to all tattoos. I do wonder what all these tattoos will look like in 30 years? Age doesn't do great things for skin. Malena is so hot, it's a pity to see such a poor photo shoot of her. Better lighting and more revealing poses would be much appreciated!

I disagree with tattoos in nude modeling. I wish this site would stop using tattooed models, I am afraid it's becoming a trend. The set is further compromised by her long hair in the way, another error that detracts frequently on this site.

I'd could do without them, but such is a popular trend right now (as is the removing of pubic hair) and so I accept them for that reason. I would rather they leave tattoos untouched than attempt to photoshop them out, as they have done in previous Malena M sets. That's like forgery to me.


Uh oh....the "hammer" has gone limp... lol

Malena is a very beautiful woman with near perfect breasts. However she is too pussy shy. She appears to have a pretty pussy to match her beautiful breasts so she should be more willing to display it fully. Some close up shots of her pussy with her legs widely spread and views of her pussy from the rear would be perfect.

Intrepid, check out her previous set it has lots of nice close ups of her pussy!

I think her body is damn near perfect and the added tattoos are useless. What is with a bird chirping next to your head as you are eating her out? And stars, give me a break!

About the only tattoos I think are acceptable are on war vets with combat experience!

LMAO! Wow! I thought I was old!! What are you...about a hundred!!?
"Combat vets"!? That's about as stereotypical as you could get! If you haven't seen the explosion of tattooing going on in this country, you have to be living under a rock...a hard one!! ;o) And as far as the chirping bird, if you got your mouth within two feet of that pussy, and you're still looking at the tattoo, you just may have some kind of affliction... Give yourself a break and quit posting lame comments.

iluvsex why do you think that war vets with combat experience should have tattoos i've seen some of them not really well done my dearly departed partner had both his arms sleeved off both arms from shoulders to elbows with lovely chinese tattoos plus if your going going down on a lady you should be contrating on pleasuring her not worrying about a cheap tattoo of a bird originaly she had 2 scorpions one on each inner thighs near her pussy plus your correct about her previous set she certainly wasn't pussy shy neiher in her sensual movie posted on MetArt and no tattoos in that sensual movie ;)

I just love her so much. My life is better just by looking at her. That's how beautiful she is. I'm deeply grateful when a woman like her shares the beauty of her body with us. It's a spiritual experience for me.

Great comment, manuel_du. Genuine and moving. Okay, now back to looking at Malena.

Malena is incredibly hot, a perfect 10, and Mr Helios ha done a masterful set. He is the best photog at this type of outdoor sets

I love Malena's glass cutters and love handles. Occasionally, a picture like 56 is created, and I usually add it to the particular model's ne plus ultra folder.

Wow! This set truly, brilliantly, proves or reaffirms the "ART" in METART! I am referring to the use of the sun like Rock said above. This is already one of my all-time faves for sure...just, beyond beautiful.

Thank you for not obliterating her tattoos. Malena is tops!! Beautiful set!! Very nice location. This girl creams my corn...

This just might be the best outdoor set I've seen here yet! Use of the sun was genius! Pretty conservative posing, but I have so much of Malena's work, that I never want for images of her that raise my BP. I have what some say is the best g/g video in existence, that she co-stars in. It's truly amazing. SHE'S truly amazing... "Looking as gorgeous as ever Malena"...

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