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I am glad that you got lots of pics of this barely legal girl's soles! :D


Having got that idiot out of my system, let me say Thank you Alex, for presenting Malinda to us, in all her flawed (to a few only), beauty.

I hope you and Malinda collaborate often, with August 2013 being an ideal month for you to continue your journey together. ;-)

Beau brin de fille, bien mise en valeur par le photographe, beaucoup d' attraits dont une jolie chatte.

It's amazing how many hundreds of potentially great photos this photographer EFFs up due to small depth of field, or improper focus. Not just with this model but with most of his others. Frustrating....

Absolutely exquisite. Can't wait to see more.

Love photo 32 of her ass from behind on her knees! :) Perfectly sculpted cheeks and pussy. What a mouthful!

Malinda we all hope to see a lot of you in the future. You body is perfect and your smile is fantastic. Your photo shoots will only get better and more erotic as you gain experience in front of the camera!

Looking forward to seeing you in a red dress or red night gown, but only for a few shots!:)

U forgot to Photoshop picture 87...

Yeah, well, shit does happen..... Proof positive that Malinda and Alex are both human:-)

Between this and the comment about the nails I have to wonder why some people spend the money to subscribe to this site. Soft, milky skin, delicious curves, perfect breasts, great ass, gorgeous legs and a pussy that practically begs to be worshipped and adored and we're going to worry about cuticles and razor burn? Once she gets paid for this set she can probably afford a mani-pedi and some lotion. Until then I'm not going to waste my time searching for flaws when there's so much here to admire.

Thanks rainnwynd, well said:-) Personally, I find it impossible to criticize a model for having a few flaws. The shooter's stuff-ups, that's another matter. But the model is presenting herself in all her naked glory. Who are we to criticize??

No kidding! Dull razor? Ouch :(

That's it ... I'm moving to Ukraine ...

LMFAO!!:-) There are a LOT of sweet chicks there, Malinda is keeping good company.

A question - NOT a criticism: why is it that when a girl goes down on 'all fours' their arms are placed where they hide her breasts?
Some girls move their arms forward so their breasts can be seen, others keep their hands on their backs/hips.
Wouldn't it be great if they all did this?

I agree. I was told by two former well stacked girlfriend/fuck buddies, that it was their least favorite position to be seen. They both told me it made them selfconcious, the feeling of their "tits hanging down like a cow". Both used the same words to describe it. I guess some would feel that way, but to a lot of guys myself among them, it is highly erotic and in the flesh it is fun to have something to grab onto while paying attention to the other parts of her. IMHO :)

The young lady is a ten. However, the photog managed to lower the rating by not including close-ups.

  • 3 years ago:

Excellent debut for this young lady. Once she develops her "presence" she should be a contender for the top 10.

Considering Malinda is only 18 I think she has excelled for her first shoot.
She looks as if she is enjoying being photographed; she has a natural smile and looks confident in most of the shots.
Props add to a Models confidence – very few 18 year olds can relax whilst being photographed naked….if you have some props around you it helps you take your mind off the camera.
I’m sure Malinda will improve with age – well done!

she looks scared and her nail situation is really, really bad.

Yeah. And you beat the crap out of your wife/girlfriend too, when they're not looking. You wouldn't have the balls to face them and swing a punch, they'd probably knock you vacant skull off your shoulders:-)

Consider this girl for a Minute, arsehole!! She's 18, her first shoot, first time naked in front of a camera, to a viewing population that runs at about 1,500,000 members and you criticize her Nails??

Because you have missed the obvious, Malinda has blonde hair, green eyes, a voluptuous 37" bust, which she carries proudly, great legs, and she has placed her pussy on display, more than once.

Take a look at that, you drop-kick, and let's see you criticize THAT!!

If you're busy looking at her nails you're really missing the point.

Great model. Also great photography - Every shot in focus, pussy and face both in focus in the same picture, correct lighting, correct framing of model, good poses, smiles. Those other photographers whose recent contributions have been criticized and whose photo shoots have scored poorly should have a good look at this photo shoot to see how it should be done. This is 100% impressive all round!

I could not agree with you more. Every comment you've made, tintin, is spot on. Leonardo & Goncharov are just two who dropped the ball in 2012 and have been scoring "own goals" for the past 12 months. Rylsky dropped the ball too, but he's picked it up and is presenting much better sets in the last couple of months.

I agree it's a fantastic model!

But the photography is lousy to put it mildly. Most shots are done from far away, no frontal, full body shots, no close ups. No wonder everything is in focus when you shoot from 5 meters away. And I hate props, thick necklaces etc. I'd like to see the girl, not stupid curtains....

I have to echo thether comments here, Malinda is an amazing woman and the set is awesome. I would like to see more of this beauty on Met.

Cute girl who seems to luv showing off her hot body!!!

Why only 7.9 ??

She deserves to be 9.6 at least but she gets a 10 from me!

Wow....wow....wow....omg....wow....wow....omfg...wow...wow... Alex...I could kiss you. Malinda...I could....fall in love with you...;o)
Don't let this girl get away! I want at least 5 years of this beauty.
Great debut.. Very...'soft'... Beautiful face! Great smile!! Amazing body... Kudos! Mas!!

Well said rockhard, you know a beautiful, stunning women when you see one! Malinda is breathtakingly gorgeous; please come back soon; then again and again and again and..................(you get the picture).

Thank you rufusredneck - you've saved me a lot of time:-)

Nice debut! Great smile, great labia, nice butt, lovely eyes.

Nice debut! Great smile, great labia, nice butt, lovely eyes.

Malinda is simply gorgeous with delicious breasts, a very sexy rear and dazzling smile. She has a pale and delicious skin which needs darker background. Light back ground does little to Malinda's gorgeous body.
9 for Malinda

Green eyes, fair skin, beautiful smile. Absolutely breathtaking set.

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