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A beautiful, sporty young woman.

May I make love to you with my prose?
Your display of self, says so much about you. Which is natural. Lovely woman are you; so gentile, and robust at the same time. That is your mastery, perform onward dear lady; we will recieve all you exten towards your fans and loyal subjects.

Great model, very good photos quality. Thanks to the girl and photographer.

Why, I'm just wondering was there something wrong with her?

Photographer wasted his time when he retouched her armpits, it's not even a convincing job. Many of us like natural sexy stubble and I don't think those who are not into pits would care enough to comeplane.

Her pits would have had sexy stubble if someone had not retouched them!

Love the girl!

I agree with you about the retouching. I don't care about the armpits though, but I do care about the pussy! It's like you said: it's not even a convincing job; we can see it's fake!
Hey, Iskan, we want to see the real skin of the model! We want to see the pores and the imperfections on the model's skin. Summarizing: we want to see a woman, not a cartoon!

Beautiful girl and I really liked her vagina.. Would have liked to see a close-up of it.. But I guess it's just a matter of leaving us wanting more..

Very similar in style to her first set. Beautiful girl with tons of potential.

Her arms were a prominant part of every image. There was not one single image with her arms down, and doing nothing. The model is lovely, but I did not like the poses.
This is a personal issue. I have never liked the "arms up" poses.

In most of the photos she is with arms down. She is indeed doing something with them or her hands. But if you want the model not doing any pose, standing still like in a document photo, go to Hedre-Art. There you will find a lot of photosets with savorless photos with the models not doing any poses or practically on the same pose the whole photoset!


Malinda is beautiful but gets lost in the overly busy set. Iskan needs to focus on what the shoot is all about, the model, not the bike, wall, and all the other trivia.

I have to agree. What's with the spray-painted white bike? Are we suppose to envision her riding around on that thing in real life? Yeah right.

puffy little pouch on her...yum

Beautiful girl with a superb fit body & firm round breasts to die for.

Malinda also has a beautiful plump pussy and strong, well defined buttocks and thighs (presumably from cycling) Love to see her stripping out of some tight cycling shorts.....Tour de France coming up as well..

What a doll. She has that adorable girl-next-door quality. (And I guess I'm the creepy neighbor watching her every move.) More of her, please.

I'm with you on that;-)

Beautiful model, great body, love that smile

92 has got to be the best of the set.

Good work with an unexperienced but very lovely model.

Some really nice shots!

What I hate: Pictures like ##36 and 37. These half dropped pieces of clothing (dresses, slips, panties, shorts etc) ruin the erotic effect of a photo resp. of a model.

Can't understand why almost all the photographers take such pictures.

People have different tastes and opinions. I for one don't mind these kind of photos. I would even say it's sexy. I like the striptease. :P

uuusssee, I agree with you on 36 & 37. I like the frontal shot of those two particular poses, more so without clothing half-way down her thighs.

Malinda is quite a beautiful model, and although I like the theme of this set, there seems to be more that could have been done with it. Not much from the rear angle.

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