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I'll have to agree with the consensus so far, pretty decent for an outdoor shoot. Shooting in nature like this does limit the poses, but shouldn't be an excuse to omit a good closeup of Malinda's lovely nether parts from the set.

It really is amazing how many tats people get, when they get older those tats on wrinkled skin will be awful. (business opportunity?) Anyway, Malinda is stunningly beautiful, more of her please. It's nice to see the nature of her surroundings, but the poses you can do outdoors are pretty limited. Once in awhile outdoors is fine, and with a model like Malinda, you get a pass!

If I were a kid entering Med School today, I would specialize in tattoo removal and piercing repair... there is a gold mine waiting in about 10 years....

Agreed --

I understand there have been great strides in the technology of tattoo removal. That's great if you're 30-something and don't want your socially prominent fiance to know you have a "bohemian" past.

I just wish the young ones would think twice before getting a tattoo.

I wonder if the recent French Presiden't singer/wife has one? Interesting thought.

Great outdoor photography. More please. It is great to see a pretty girl looking relaxed and showing off her lovely body as if she were thoroughly enjoying herself in the sunshine. Most models look better in natural surroundings. Keep up the good work

Well, if you don't like outdoor locations, fine. But for an outdoor shoot, this wasn't bad at all. And kudos to "Marlene" for giving us some sharp photos - something many of the photogs here can't seem to get right even when shooting indoors with studio lighting.

Malinda: very cute and great body. Hidden tattoos = good thing.

True enough -- I don't much care for outdoor shoots.

But I'll give this one a "pass". You are quite right -- she's lovely, and this set is pretty good.

My main complaint with outdoor shoots is that they are rather limited with the "fantasy scenario" they create and the dirth of poses that are used.

As for the "fantasy" aspect, in particular -- experience tells me that making love on top of a haystack in Bavaria is much overrated.

Not a great location, but a nice set of photos of the beautiful Malinda. I just wish they hadn't photoshopped out her tat, part of which can still be seen in no.'s 113 & 114... It looks pretty small but I'm sure there would be plenty of whining if it were visible...

No doubt --

As the "Chief Whiner", I can agree with that.

And as "Chief Tattoo Lover", I agree with your agreement...;o)
Allow me to explain my 'taste for tats'... The first thing a tattoo says to me is "here's a rebellious spirit"... And I LOVE a "Rebel" And I also love what's called "Body Art", most of which is temporary, and some of which it VERY creative. It's all about "art". And about rebellious girls....;o)

I just wanna be a rebel, just like everybody else... I'll get a tat, just like everybody else... wait...

Yo, "rock" --

I never went for the "Pinkie Toscadero" types --

But it's all good.

Your loss my "friend"...;o)

I realy Malinda, 18 and beautiful, lovely smile, enthusiastic great body, I can't ask for more. More please.

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