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Arkisi-I wish every set had these poses:EYE CONTACT/ PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK, MORE PLEASE !!!

GOD! She has the best bubble butt EVER! You could set a beer on that shelf while she's standing upright! Love that about her! And she smiles a lot! Huge plus! Wonderful photo set Arkisi!

MMM! Yummy Malinda A! MMMM!

Gorgeous and uninhibited Malinda opens without secrets for the pleasure of eyes.
Perfect set.

I have to be a little positively biased going into this set, seeing that this set is shot by Arkisi, but Malinda does her part, too! A little frisky and very beautiful, with a good spread of poses and solid photography! I really enjoyed this set.

Malinda if a perfect 10 absolutely. I particularly love her perfect skin,her lovely butt and her beautiful legs. Also she can wear that night gown at my place anytime, I can take it.

Malinda is a dream come true, if only we could touch and taste! Arkisi, my hat is off to you, fine job with lighting, set, poses, everything. You hit all the bases, my friend! It's sets like this that make MetArt worth it.

Thank you!

What a way to start the day.

Malinda A maybe only 18yrs old but as a female i found her on the chubby side but i guess that's being young and beautiful for you but she still has that flexibilty to create some very sexy poses she has nice creamy white skin gorgous green eyes,long blonde hair lovely long blonde hair,breasts,firm inner thighs shown within some poses i loved the bedroom setting Arkisi chose it really highlighted her creamy white skin very well on the patch worked linen i simply adored image #33 lying on the bed poking her tongue at Arkisi's camera just as the gorgeous close up shots of her face,sexy green eyes,long blonde hair showing her lovely face as per image #8 as well as the lovely close ups of her breasts per images #9-#10 i really can see what the guys see it her so i hope you fellas don't take offence about my comment about her being a little chubby Cheers Guys

rags, I like Malinda's more voluptuous body type. I also like slender women like Anna AJ (she's almost too skinny), but Malinda is more like the girl next door, someone I might meet in public and less like a professional runway model. I guess that is part of her appeal to me.

Another one of my favorites that is on the voluptuous side is Violla-A, which we are supposed to see tomorrow.

I enjoy reading your comments, glad you are back.

rags, what most women find "chubby" I find just right and sexy as hell.... ( ;
It's partly because the first girl I had a longterm sexual fixation on was a little chubby (she thought ~ I thought she was perfect!) and partly it's just biology I think.

fer_realz nice point i like men nicely built something firm,strong to hold onto my late partner of 25yrs was nicely built and he was only 5ft 3" tall French/Italian and i'm 6ft tall with a nice slim built so i guess its in one genes but i did find her sexy in her own way every one has some sexy side to them one way or another :(

Wow, a smaller guy with a taller woman is pretty uncommon! He must have been a special man... ( : Esp. for your relationship to last a quarter of a century. That is an achievement! Sorry to hear he's gone...
BTW, is he the reason you subscribe to MetArt? Or did you introduce him to it?
( :

No offense on the chubby. I like some meat on my bones. Ever eat ribs or a chicken leg with little meat - unsatisfying. Malinda's legs are just right for grabbing onto.

Favorito nice point there you have there mate nothing worse than skinny chicken legs or ribs without any meat on it i was just making an observation from a females point of view thats all Cheers from Australia :(

Great photography....great model...why can't I hit 10 again and again....

An outstanding set of pictures, Malinda you are so beautiful and your body is perfect.

Why say more? I'll just sit her till the moment is passed

How can one add to what's been said so eloquently by so many...?
Malinda is one of those rare beauties for whom no praise is sufficient... She is the essence of femininity.

Exactly! I am not sure the moment has passed for me, maybe it will when the next Ukrainian beauty arrives on the site)).

Long live "the moment" !

Today has been a perfect day for me - all models that I love, all great photos, all 10s.

Malinda is so adorable and playful in this set. It makes me feel good just to see her enjoying herself. When you add in the fact that she is beautiful and naked, well, things only get better!

Perfect nipples and lovely butterfly. Simply gorgeous! Thanks! !

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