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Toss the first 70 shots and you've got one kickass set here.

I would agree, it's a great day on MetArt. Due to holidays, travel, etc. it's been awhile since I've looked, so maybe I missed a lot the past week, but today I see four to-die-for women. Can't ask for more than that!

Very pretty set with a Very pretty girl in very pretty underwear. I agree,Small tattoos that a model can show or hide with a little movement are fine. The same with clitoris piercing. a small silver dumbbell like Liza B wears sometimes is fine. The point is it can be fitted to the set,not smeared all over like the tattoo Mia Solis has.

I don't see how anyone could ask for anything after this... Too beautiful

Loved the work on this by Leonardo, reminds me of all the great sets he had with Inga C, maybe you found a new muse

Malinda A is truly beautiful within this set :) Leonardo truly captured her natural youthful charms magnificently within a gorgeous bedroom setting with both the studio lights and the light shining through the lattice worked framed window casting stripped shadows against the brick wall behind her thus high lighting both the room and Malinda as she poses upon the bed in both serene sensual poses wearing her stripped two piece lingerie outfit with a radiant glow upon her gorgeous face lovely green eyes :) Her mousy blonde hair flowing down her shoulders within different views of her delightful well toned tanned body :) I adored the way Malinda slowly peels off the bottom of her small stripped lingerie whilst kneeling upon her bed slowly revealing her lovely pink petals as Malinda peels to one side ;) Malinda's camel toe is simply priceless :) As well as those gorgeous images of Malinda's cute firm derriere from both kneeling upon her bed in magnificent close ups to kneeling legs spread wide open with the different contrasts of the light highlighting both her body mousy blonde hair Malinda never losing that beaming glow sexy smile upon her gorgeous face :) One has to admire the way Malinda displays her sexy body upon the bed in different tantalizing sensual sexy and provocative poses with both the soft and dark light highlighting her glorious assets between her creamy thighs ;) Loved those close ups images of Malinda S' breasts perky erect nipples and facial shots :) No favorite images within this set it's just simply superb and so much for Malinda's well groomed blonde hair it surely got messed up in the end in a sexy way during the photo shoot but i have to admit Malinda A has to be one of the cutest models/ladies in Decembers Series as well as Monica A's debut series Nensi B's latest series :) My hat off to Leonardo for another great series your photography and the use of the light within the setting truly highlighted Malinda A's lovely features :) :) As well as Malinda A for flaunting your beautiful well toned tanned body adorable cute sexy facial features for all of us to view :) :)

Spectacular tan lines!

she needs a set on sex art

Malinda is so cute, but why the bra on for half the set? She has nothing to hide in the breast department. It must be only to tease us.

Once again I have to do a double take on the photog. Yes it is Leonardo who gave us closeups on Malinda's very pretty (and ample) pinkness! A flower that pretty must be seen. Very pleasantly surprised, and this is a nice set overall, the lighting effects, poses, and for letting Malinda's cute sexiness shine though all of it.

My feeling is that some of us like the "bottomless" look, whether the top is a chemise or a babydoll or a shirt or a bra. ( :
Certainly, some of the photographers like the look. Personally, I agree with them. It's almost as sexy as a model wearing nothing but high heels, for instance.

Hi kilroy :) I guess the reason as to why Malinda is only wearing her brassiere in the 1st half of this set is purely to tease you guys and she does it so magnificently within some striking pose :) As well as some lovely close ups of her natural youthful bubbly charming face.I quite liked the way Malinda slowly stripped off her stripped underwear slowly revealing all of her lovely pink treasures ;) Leonardo at his best once again :) Cheers kilroy :)

Thanks, rags, good to hear from you, hope you had a great Christmas. Cheers to you in the outback, tip a Fosters for me!

Malinda I heart you dearly but not the silly tattoo; please remove then you'll be perfect again!

Dear rufusredneck as a female like Alyssa i quite like Melinda's tattoo .Its not too big to really see really just a nice small heart on her young firm round butt cheek :) At least she can hide it when need or show it when she wants to.I think it's kind of cute :) regards from Australia :)

Too many Foster's, or. . .rags25? It is kind of cute and kind of unobtrusive but about 8" from that beautiful butt cheek to these old eyes.

Malinda is cuter 'n a button, and totally uninhibited.
What a sexy breath of fresh air. ( :

I like Leonardo's work in this set. The spot light effect and the light and shadow from the latticework really complements the model and even some closeups for us dirty old men. I really hate those stripped undies but, hey, They seem popular with the girls lately.

My complements on a nicely done set.

Always a tantalizing treat for me seeing Malinda's adorably cute face, infectiously sweet smile and heavenly body. No pretensions with this girl; I am sure she is just as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the outside. Oh and with that messy hair, she is looking sexy as hell! This is a very suggestive set for me and I'll admit that I am having rather naughty thoughts right now ;-)

Trust me, you ain't the only one...

One gentle kiss on the perfect left nipple, and one on the right. Then a small tug on that tummy jewel ... I love the way you giggle and wriggle.

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