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nice set

Gorgeous girl; terrible tat!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Why do they think they need those?

Oh no... not the tat discussion AGAIN... :p

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I'm sure you can supply a good answer for us, fer_realz :-))

Not especially attracted to blondes, BUT, here's my exception, she is totally adorable and smoking hot!!! Four for four onto the favorites, what a Saturday!!!

Looking at these and hearing Morrison singing "don't you love her madly.."... LOL YES I DO!!! Even outdoors, Malinda shines like a SuperStar! Another girl I can no longer live without!!

I forgot to add my warmest regards to K for possibly the best day I've seen at MetArt since joining... This is truly a BANNER DAY!! Bless You K...this makes my weekend MUCH more enjoyable!! XOXO-(if I may be so bold! ;o)

Malinda, your smile and attitude take you to the highest level of desirability. I just want you around me.

Now, lets go redline the Yamaha!

I love this girl. She clearly enjoys spreading her legs for the camera and running around without any panties on. A beautiful woman indeed.

Pussy on the poop deck!

That's okay, long as there is no poop on the pussy deck ;-)

You HAD to go there didn't you!!

I love Malinda's downy hair; here, there, and everywhere.

Appreciation to all involved in leaving the majority of it un-touched.

  • Matt
  • 3 months ago:

Damn, this woman's got some killer legs!

yes, among a list of many other fine attributes.

Appropriate setting, the gorgeous Malinda totally floats my boat, what a beauty, what a body, magnificent.

Appropriate comment, fitting for the set! I, too admire Malinda as the total package of the ideal woman.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Unaesthetic, unsexy apparent blanching of her pubic area compared to her underarms. So armpit stubble is erotic, but pubic stubble is not?
The latter should be just as distinct as the former.*
'course you wouldn't have this problem if Malinda just let her pubic hair be.
Try it, you might like it, honey!
I know I would :-)

*I know this is MA, domain of bush-haters, but... :-)

But Doug, what about the rest of Malinda? Do you not appreciate her great figure, luscious breasts, and enchanting smile? There is more to a woman than her nether hair.

I'm sorry but you must be intoxicated kilroy...LOL You don't actually believe doug cares about anything except pubes...do you?? (lmao!)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Shame on you, Rock! But keep reading for your edification :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

She's OK otherwise! And as I noted, has erotic underarms! :-)))

Yeah, you know, kilroy (I should call you kr :-), I tend to compare everybody to KL :-) Initially. Malinda doesn't have the depth of KL's appeal for me at this point. The depth of expression.
KL's got *soul* :-)

Because this is a "show pussy" site, being able to see the mons well is important -- even to me! :-)

And when it's overexposed in a technical sense, or whatever the problem is here (probably not the usual photoshopping) I ding the set, and the girl herself becomes less interesting, less sensual to me.

So now you hold the model responsible for "technical issues" if she doesn't groom the way you think she should??? Because I'd bet that if the same "overexposure" were to occur in a set with a model in possession of a full untrimmed bush, you wouldn't have the slightest problem with it..

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Yeah, well what color would the fur be compared to her white skin?
The tech prob here is squarely with the photog.
At least as I see it on this display.
That's what I'm complaining about -- not that she's shaven.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Should say as well "range" or "transparency" of expression. With KL it's subtle, but I almost always get the sense of her as a living, thinking, feeling person, changing a bit second-by-second.
She's well-named. You can see inside her, so to speak....
It's in her body, but most especially in her eyes.
Didn't see quite that quality here.

Should hasten to add I haven't looked at every pic.
Let me know where I'm missing something :-)

Ummm... How about between your ears...?? :o))) ))) ))) )))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

No no no no no -- that's Malinda! :-))))

Sorry, Malinda! :-)

"Sorry"!! And sorry you should be... That was not nice... (Although we don't know if it's true or not...lol)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

OK, go ahead and bash me instead. But be careful what you ask for! :-)))

Poor Malinda's just an innocent bystander in all this! :-))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Oh and btw I see we have a little twirp supporting everything you say against me.
Guess he thinks you need all the help you can get! :-))))

At least please spell it right, Doug, that's "twerp" !
I've been called that often enough to know! LOL

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I prefer the alternative spelling.
Check your dictionary
you tw___! :-))))

LOL ( :
I suspect the term you JUST used rhymes with the word "what" ! ( ;

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Close, close! :-))

The pencil browed Melissa Jones beat me with a stick in the sixth grade. Since then, no amount of therapy has helped me see anything good in any woman who does not have one full, natural, bushy unibrow above her eyes. What can I do?

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

That's what it is -- I'm bush-whipped! :-)))

More like "bush-possessed"!! :o))))))))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Blame it on over-depilation! :-)

I believe it has more to do with genetics...;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Nature & nurture (or lack thereof :-))

That too...lol

I wonder if Malinda is as sweet in real life as she appears in her pictures? She sure has a wonderful smile... It would be nice to be the reason for that smile! This is a refreshing set of an arresting blonde beauty.

Hmmm... Ukrainian. Now I understand what they're fighting over! Malinda is worth the price of the subscription.

LOL I doubt it's about women, but I understand and appreciate the sentiment...;o)

I'd take her anywhere in that boat she wanted to go, but from the looks of it, she might want to pilot it herself. No problem!

I wouldn't mind sitting in the passenger seat, as long as she took me with her!

Dare to dream!

Stunning and delectable as always, Malinda A just doesn't have a
bad day!
Like her in the outdoors as well.
The only critique would be, what happened to her top?
Please feel free to tease us a little!

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