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nice set

Gorgeous girl; terrible tat!

Not especially attracted to blondes, BUT, here's my exception, she is totally adorable and smoking hot!!! Four for four onto the favorites, what a Saturday!!!

Looking at these and hearing Morrison singing "don't you love her madly.."... LOL YES I DO!!! Even outdoors, Malinda shines like a SuperStar! Another girl I can no longer live without!!

I forgot to add my warmest regards to K for possibly the best day I've seen at MetArt since joining... This is truly a BANNER DAY!! Bless You K...this makes my weekend MUCH more enjoyable!! XOXO-(if I may be so bold! ;o)

Malinda, your smile and attitude take you to the highest level of desirability. I just want you around me.

Now, lets go redline the Yamaha!

I love this girl. She clearly enjoys spreading her legs for the camera and running around without any panties on. A beautiful woman indeed.

Pussy on the poop deck!

That's okay, long as there is no poop on the pussy deck ;-)

You HAD to go there didn't you!!

I love Malinda's downy hair; here, there, and everywhere.

Appreciation to all involved in leaving the majority of it un-touched.

Damn, this woman's got some killer legs!

yes, among a list of many other fine attributes.

Appropriate setting, the gorgeous Malinda totally floats my boat, what a beauty, what a body, magnificent.

Appropriate comment, fitting for the set! I, too admire Malinda as the total package of the ideal woman.

I wonder if Malinda is as sweet in real life as she appears in her pictures? She sure has a wonderful smile... It would be nice to be the reason for that smile! This is a refreshing set of an arresting blonde beauty.

Hmmm... Ukrainian. Now I understand what they're fighting over! Malinda is worth the price of the subscription.

LOL I doubt it's about women, but I understand and appreciate the sentiment...;o)

I'd take her anywhere in that boat she wanted to go, but from the looks of it, she might want to pilot it herself. No problem!

I wouldn't mind sitting in the passenger seat, as long as she took me with her!

Dare to dream!

Stunning and delectable as always, Malinda A just doesn't have a
bad day!
Like her in the outdoors as well.
The only critique would be, what happened to her top?
Please feel free to tease us a little!

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