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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

not good enough, learn from arkisi and rylsky, to make exciting photo shoots gentlements.eyecontact and pussy/ass spread also from the back.

Horribly overexposed.

Highlight values are completely burned out.

Why in the name of God do almost all photographers on this site choose to do this.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful women on the planet, but the technical expertise shown in most sets has declined to almost unbearable levels.

Buy a damn light meter, and learn to use it!

Love those knickers almost as much as the contents!

Girl next door looks with an 1000w smile. Look forward to one of the photographers she works with to do a bedroom set with her rolling in the sheets.

THE MOST ENTICING ENCHANTING EXHILARATING OF AN ANGEL I'VE EVER SEEN. Malinda YOU are proof that God exists. He was showing off when He made YOU! YOU are truly perfect in my eyes.

Wish I may, wish I might, have Malinda with me tonight....

The abilities of many can overcome the the lest.
Not saying in the demunitive, Malinda lest, not at all!
Her presence here is most secular, much to be admired. She is lovely woman. Every objective is turned towards her. A delight is she, more please....

Malinda I thought for sure you were sending me a message in these photos. Come join me and lets make some heavy sex together! Of coarse I could be wrong but I don't want to be.

Perfectly presented set, from teasing to total exposure. Beautiful lady, gorgeous body.

I see that Malinda is an expert on the no pants look. She also is an expert on cute panties(Trusiki to the cognosini)I also only went through the set 2-3 times,watching a hot blonde with a big smile taking her panties down causes heart problems you know. I gave both Malinda and Alex Lynn a 10 ++++

Malinda is magnificent! Maybe not so much face paint next time...

#11 and #12 --

Beauty walks among us, gentlemen.

A very playful set, Malinda is full of energy and smiles. No props necessary, it is all Malinda front and center. The set and lighting are excellent, she seems to be set out in the spotlight, almost comes off the screen, yet is not overexposed. I don't know what the technique is called, but I like it. It seems perfect for Malinda, a very bubbly blonde for whom my admiration is growing with each set. Something else growing, too ;-)

Alex Lynn, you have done an excellent job bringing this fine woman to us today, Whatever you are doing, keep doing it and bring Malinda back often.

Love the playfulness, and variety of facial expressions, in the 87-94 sequence.

She's so cute it aches.


Wow, she is a total knock out. Gorgeous hair and face, killer body, and i love her laser smooth undercarriage, just perfect.

108: We are not likely to see a better use of fabric.
102: Maybe I promised you a rose garden after all.
Panties and backside a bit neglected. A few images would attend to both marvelously.

You're right M. Definitely would like to see more shots of Malinda's scrumptious behind in this set with and without the panties. They just teased us here. Had to go back and review the "Bideruta" set for a refresher...

Goodness me!

It got hot in here!
Those first few pics quite took the air right out my lungs and I haven't got my breath back yet... Malinda is just so cute and yet sexy at the same time... she's one of the new generation of MetArt cute princesses. Gracious, I must get me some lemonade...

BTW, Kudos to Alex Lynn, who I feel took some notes from us... we complained about his/her first sets being difficult to see because of the lighting effects and background ~ in this set, he/she features a quite pale blonde model against a white background and yet she is quite visible in every regard.
Thank you for paying attention to our criticism... Nicely done. ( :

That's adorable that you think they listen to us...lol ;o) This set was most likely already in Met's possession when they posted the one you refer to... I guess I don't remember it because the name is new to me....I think....????? Too bad my memory's not as intact as my libido!!! lmao!

Check Alex's galleries, Rock, they go back at least six months, I'd like to say? Certainly more than enough time for feedback to have gotten back to the photographer.
Take a look at his/her first published galleries ~ esp. the first two ~ and you'll remember just exactly what I'm talking about, and how favorably this one compares.

His/her varying "techniques/styles", like every other arttist here, would account for the difference in the sets produced then, now and in the future. If any of them take our "suggestions/complaints/'superior knowledge'(lmao)" at ALL, it's bound to be with 'many' grains of salt...

Agreed. A.L. did a superb job, IMO.

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