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Melinda certainly knows how to make the best out of a sticky situation!

MMMmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm


Oh my god!

Malinda has hands down the sexiest labia on this planet!

Bubble gum lips!!!

You got that right! They are not only gorgeous lips, but the red color popping off that porcelain white skin is SO sexy! It just doesn't get any better.


All you fuzz-fans go away and leave dear Malinda alone! She's perfect as she is with her lovely pink, plucked, pussy.

Love the little drizzle of girly-goo!

Absolutely gorgeous, almost looks like a new girl with the straight hair and color,I think I like the blonde, curly hair style better. Like Doug I would love to see more bush but 10== either color. Great body and smile.

Malinda, you have my juices flowing too. You are an exquisitely beautiful and sexy woman!!!! Hats off to you Arkisi!

Wow, that dripping pussy juice! More!

Start with the most exciting pussy lips I have ever seen, the way they are swollen and red, doesn't get hotter than that. Then add the girl juices, and I'm in heaven. Oh, not to mention she's cute as can be and her tits are perfect. *sigh* If only I could touch and taste...

BTW, Arkisi does a great job here as well, my hat is off to his expertise.

My thoughts exactly Red. Malinda has a stunningly beautiful juicy pink pussy. It may be the most inviting pussy i have ever seen. The color, the size of the lips and the way it drips...OMG!!!!

Love the shots with pussy cum!!

Even in the 'catacombs', Malinda shines like a Super Star! I can't imagine ever being disappointed with her work! She's just as delicious as she can be!!

Pussy on the rocks.

Lovely Malinda.... Where Fantasies Begin!!
You are the Queen of My Met Day!!!


This set was brought to you by the letter B. For button-down, bottomless, belly button (cute), and bum (spectacular).

Tip o' the hat to ya.

Awesome !!!

Lovely, cute, sexy Malinda... thank you for another wonderful photoset.

So long as the source was Malinda and not a bottle of lube, those girl juice shots warrant a very up close and personal inspection, IMO. Keep 'em coming, so long as they are all natural and the result of excitement during the shoot...

Too bad she refuses to open up that lovely ball of labia.. makes me sad to rate her down.

I rate her down for the same reason. Right down to ten.

Then, don't rate her down. Just don't rate her at all, that will leave your conscience clear.

Doesn't bother my conscience one tiny bit. I want to see a change on this website especially where they want you young impressionable guys to think of the models as your next door neighbors, a girl you might meet and date.. this is an immature fantasy, and while I'm paying, I don't want to just see the outside of the pretty box, I want to see it's beauty inside also. If it doesn't happen, so be it, I'll find another website. Good day.

Nice to know you think I'm young and impressionable. ( ; That was some time ago, my friend.
A fantasy is just a fantasy, and I'm well aware of the distinction between fantasy and reality. Nevertheless, it does amuse me to engage in fantasy from time to time.
Key point: you have absolutely no idea of what fantasies play out in my head.
Thanks for your opinion, nevertheless. Happy hunting, I hope you find a site more to your liking! ( :

Oh, if you want to see the inside of the box, I might recommend you check out ALSScan.com. You'll see plenty of inside shots, with and without implements.
If you already know about ALS, please forgive my recommendation.

A halter top with only 2 cleavage shots? Please don't show how to use a shirt and then just quit, please.
I might prefer real rocks outdoors that are ugly to fake rocks indoors that are ugly.
Look, this is a pretty good series by a good artist and an incredible model, but I don't see why it's currently scoring so high above the others today.

....because she is an incredibly attractive teenager, with a very moist pussy... ;-)

Deliciously gorgeous woman!!!

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