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Oh yeah, this babe just loves to spread and show us that sweet pussy! I love it!

What a cutie!

Points off for sand ---

...there was sand?

Melinda dear one, your presentation disrupts with the finesse of a volcano; as much as is possible, stay the storm, preserve what is able to with stand the onslaught, presentd by your wonderful beauty.
Actions always speak more clearly than words, yours pronounce, "delight" to the eyes of the beholder..... EXEMPLARY....

Nice job! Malinda is so sweet! More please.

Young woman, you disrupt with the finesse of a volcano, but all given is most accepted.
Whirlwind of activity do you provide, you present yourself in the public domain with great enthusiasm.
Your form is a gift, appears you are able to share said gift very abundantly. Much admiration is directed towards you for sharing...

Sturdy = always good!

I love Malinda! This set sucks. I was just gonna leave quietly, but felt I had to balance this commentary with a bit of "truth"...;o)

Malinda's so cute it aches. So adorable.

Oh myyyyy Malinda, you are a ripe peach... ( :
For some reason I always forget how sweet Malinda is in between her visits. But in this set she reminds us rather forcefully.
Kudos to Leonardo and Malinda for this very tasty set. ( :

after these last two shoots she is back on favorites list.Cutesy face and a wicked labia makes malinda special.I think Leonardo does these outside shoots really well.

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