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Best nipples on Met

Extremely nice nipples for sure!

I didn't think I would like this set at all, but as I went through it, it grew on me (no pun intended). Malinka is a real beauty and I love her cute round face and those very firm perky breasts. So why hide them with hair and a necklace? The hair cascading down her front is a nice shot to include, but to have it like that in every photo is frustrating. Mix it up a little, please. I agree with some that there are some rather abstract camera angles. Overall, I find this an okay set, looking forward to seeing Malinka again, shot under different conditions.

Du bist ein Augenschmaus, ich hoffe wir werden mehrt von Dir sehen. Kann mich nur meinen Vorrednern anschließen. Danke

This set could have been a great set if not for the distracting shirt, hair covering the breasts, and the stupid necklace. To make matter worse, there are the stupid angled shots; and some of the poses are just not sexy or attractive.

The model is very beautiful and sexy. Fantastic hips, legs, and ass. Hope to see more of her totally nude; and sexy poses.

Ooooh a beautiful blonde taking her pants off. All is well with the world.(at 73 that doesn't happen very often)

A great model with very hot tits, but the un-managed hair and necklace ruin this set.

fully agree

I completely concur. Amen.

Wow, this girl has a lot going for her from those gorgeous eyes, her long blonde hair, and absolutely fantastic body. She seemed very natural in front of the camera. I can't wait to see more sets of this stunning beauty!

Lovely, sexy soft body, and a fresh face. Just have to avoid the downcast, chin tucked poses. Really brings out the worst in her feature set.

Beautiful girl.

What a friendly, warm, inviting smile Malinka has!

Shame about the large number of crazy angles. Did a leg fall of the tripod?

A common complaint that many of us feel. I don't like having to stress my neck righting the crooked world you create by tilting that camera.

I concur

I agree.

Malinka is a mature woman with a fantastic body. From top to bottom I like her hair, eyes, smile, breasts, areolae, nipples, innie, camel toe, vulva, derriere and legs. To my eye there is nothing worth mentioning about her that is not primo. As for Matiss, (s)he kept the blouse involved for far too long but did capture all of Malinka's downy hair. To Malinka - welcome and I hope we have many more visits from you. To Matiss - another great discovery. Kudos to you both.

A nice solid debut for a substantial blond bombshell! Nice close ups, amazing nipples, solid strong body, nice facial expressions. Looks natural in this outdoor setting.

Your right its a good start for her. It is 4:30AM now which means you posted about 20 min after this was put. Where in world are you... By the way she now has 26 votes. So there must be other fools up like us.

I am in the Washington state, USA. New sets come up here at midnight. I am a night person having done many years working nights and the house is quite at that hour.

That would make sense, the are posted at 3:00 AM hear in Indiana which I think is your midnight. Same as you on night viewing for me , no distractions.

swplf2, many of the members are from Europe.
London, England is 5 hours ahead of USA Eastern Standard Time....Rome, Italy and much of Central Europe is 6 hours ahead, Eastern Europe-Western Russia/Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of USA EST). It can easily be mid morning when the first comments are posted.

Welcome, Malinka. Nice to meet you. I love your fresh-faced look, your tasty little breasts and your scrumptious bottom. And the arch in your back (photo 52) is unbelievable. I'm available for any chiropractic adjustments you might need. Meanwhile, I hope to see you again soon.

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