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The choice and treatment of color does credit to the artist's name. And to the model as well.

her face .. no, just no.

Remember that the models can read these comments if they wish.
Would you tell Malinka that in person?

Great tits and enticing face, but this setting limits the poses. Also her hair needs to be kept out of the way.

Time for a nap!

Perfectly perfect!

Malinka turned up the cuteness dial to "11" this time. I couldn't help liking her. ( :
Would very much like this warm package of sweetness curled up next to me this cold cold night... ( :

Perfect puffy nipples...

Its very nice to see Malinka again, please don't wait so long until your next visit.

I appreciate Malinka's areolae, both puffy and when wrinkled, downy hair and love handles. I remember thinking she had a nice bum but didn't get enough views today to confirm that.

Thanks to both Malinka and Matiss.

beautiful, nice legs

It's been a while since we've seen Malinka, and this heart has grown fonder in her absence. She's absolutely adorable—but she deserves a better showcase than this.

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