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Why only the one? She is breath taking!



Please more of this absolutely beautiful woman!

In my opinion, the most gorgeous one set beauty on this site!

Too many repetitive poses. Too few elegant, full body poses. Seems like a kind of low effort set. Disappointing, especially that the model is cute.



What an incredible beauty and the most perfect creamy smooth skin. Oh, did I mention the sweet little pussy?

I'm in love with her. She just has that kind of beauty that makes you wanna marry her. Great debut set, great job Malta, great job Rylsky. PS: She would look amazing in stockings ;)

Very Pretty Model. I wish the photographer had more of an imagination or experience to mold this beautiful subject to the highest standards that are METART trademarks

Malta is a very sexy model. Some harsh comments here, but I can only imagine how hard it might have been for both of you with this being her first shoot. There was some repetition in the photos but overall I liked this set and hope you bring her back again. I'd love to see her nether flower up close. Do that and I might even join RylskyArt in appreciation!

As said before, Malta is very beautiful, I can't wait to see more of her. I am a photographer myself, so I know the challenges, and these guys have no idea what the model was feeling or saying that day. A nice first day of nude modeling for her, more more more please. BTW your answers are very good, especially the Martian comments. Yes, send the critics there to wait, ha ha. Just a reminder that it's extremely frustrating to see a picture of a woman with her legs wide open, and everything between her legs is blurry. Please remember to take shots focusing in more than one place. Yes we want to see her eyes but um.... there are a few other places we want to see as well! Cheers!

Thank you for understanding and compliments to a model.

Thanks for input about all in focus at once. As photographer you know how it depends on many things united together (distance, type of lens, DOF, aperture, light, perspective of a pose).


Wow! What a beautiful girl! Silky and smooth with gorgeous eyes, a winning smile and an amazing body. Can't wait to see more!

Malta is very pretty and I hope to see much more of her, but I cannot imagine a more boring set of pictures. The same poses with minute differences, over and over again.

This girl is beautiful. All the right Germanic genetics in a Slavic girl.

My favorite thing about the set is the way her skin contrast with all the plant life, the white and green divides. I like the end of the set too, where Rylsky is peaking around some leaves in almost voyeur mode.

Probably the most favorite photos out of this set are the very last two. They seem so natural, or the scenery with her is just so natural. She's so innocent looking throughout the entire set. (Also she kind of looks like Mila I)

Rylsky if you do another set with her, take her to a lake and forest. She would look so natural there.

yes, lake and forest, if:
- weather is fine
- she have free time (me too)
- no allergic reaction on insects
- people not going around

On that particular day, you don't have to count me as "people."

why me? it is as for model. her husband or makeup artist is not "people" as well. join us as an assistant, etc

A beautiful girl but without body hair her pictures are ordinary.

yes, all pics now are ordinary, all backgrounds on this planet was already used, now everybody have digital cam and instagram... damn, nomore surprises...

i promise to rent a Rocket to the Mars and shoot sets of marsian's females with green skin and 4 tits, sure background will be not ordinary too.
promise me to wait and i will not disappoint you.

have a great weekend and keep on smiling

Why leave the Planet, Rylsky? Try Outback Australia, SW Queensland in particular. Plenty of Lunar-scapes around, if you can stand the 45°C heat (110°F) - not cold around here:)

Thanks for starting help me as Location Manager.
Buy me a ticket and find topmodels (or at least not ordinary ones) there.

we all are so smart and we all knows how to win Superbowl game when we sitting with beer and popcorn near TV.

BTW it was +45°+50°C in this set:
Date published: 18.10.2007
Title: Anguria
Featuring: Freya A & Itna A
Photographer: Rylsky

This is the 149th photoset Rylsky has released on metartsince the first of the year. It is one o four different sets released by four different photo artists today. Rylsky did not release this set as a final exam in art school. He is the accomplished and successful working photographer. As a metart art member, we are invited to enjoy his work. If you like it, you are free to down load as much as you want, what ever you want, when you want. Under different circumstances, our membership fee would be no more than the cost of admission. The art would cost more. In that situation, if the artist's new work did not "speak to you" you would finish your white wine, eat your cheese and leave, politely. The art would still be valuable and it would still be in the gallery. Imagine if metarts photosets were one of a kind originals.

If ordinary is what you want, subscribe to Playboy magazine. In one year you would get photos of precisely 12 pairs of air brushed c cups the articles written by the best authors working today and a whole lot of paper.

Rylsky, I like your humor. Just one question, do you think martian girls have body hair? Let's hope not!

I don't! And I don't comment on hair, I just cannot imagine in 21st century something was not presented already to a member's eyes.
We live in a World where even movies about future gave us same ideas over and over again and we can call it ordinary even if it is about 27th century.

At least, martians will not be ordinary for this member. Ah, yes, how could I forgot that after 3rd set they will became ordinaries...

This model has potential, which hopefully will be realized in the next set. I'm not a fan of coy, concealing & unnatural poses. I understand that tastes vary, but a handful of nude pics out of 144 where the model is standing & looking into the camera is frustratingly unacceptable.

Yes, nobody said this was perfect. We will try to do our best in future.

Welcome, Malta. You are quite lovely. Nice find, Rylsky. I hope to see more of Malta's sweet smile and beautiful skin.

After further consideration, a reassessment: Malta is off-the-charts sexy. That wholesome, innocent face, that delicious pink pussy, that oh-so-rimmable bottom, those beautiful feet—hell she's wonderful. Rylsky, I take it back; Malta is not a "nice find," she's a bombshell. More of her, please.

BTW, the setting, poses, photography, alignment of the stars and other things about the set are first-rate. Malta comes across as a real sweetheart, with no hint of first-time nerves. (I feel awful that I'm always complimenting you; someday I'll find something to bitch about, and I'll let loose with both barrels.) Cheers.

A reassessment after a long second look: Malta is off-the-charts sexy. That wholesome face, that flawless skin, that beautiful pink pussy, that oh-so-rimmable bottom, those lovely feet—hell, she's wonderful. I take it back, Rylsky; she's not a "nice" find, she's fantastic. More please.

BTW, the setting, photography, alignment of the stars and everything else about the set are excellent.

Sorry about posting this twice. The damn thing didn't show up the first time.

Rylsky! Tsk, tsk, tsk! I know I'm gonna get flak from other members, but I can't help myself!
This is one of the most boring galleries I've ever viewed! Malta is a beautiful girl with outstanding features, yet 70% of the set was her sitting in that damn ugly chair!!!
C'mon, Rylsky! I have praised your work on several occasions, but this is too much! I think you're losing it, buddy!

No problem, Tomcat, everybody have his own preferences in gallery styles, you too. We all just trying to be variable. At least it was comfortable for model in ger very first day and very first set and very first time naked in front of camera. Trust me, it is not bad when girl feel comfortable in this situation. Remember yoiur first kiss as example.Got it? And now imagine it was with lighting in studio and 10 of people around....
Was it professional as kisses from best classic movies?
have a nice day.

First of all, I must say I was very pleased to get your response! I guess you photographers actually read these comments!

I am a big admirer of your work and have been since day one! What you said does make a lot of sense. Obviously there's much more going on during a photo session then most people are aware of. I imagine that outdoor work would require a heightened security factor, as well! I will try to keep these things in mind before I jump the gun again! However, as you said, we all have our own preferences.

My first kiss? I would like to forget it. I'm sure she would, too!

As I said, no problems, Tomcat. When you think something is perfect - you must be dead and see the Paradise, or you smoke too much.

Have a great weekend to you and to all our members.

seeing the bio pic: oh god, another ugly broad.
seeing the set: oh god, another ukrainian cutie. And that fine white skin. And the feet situation is ok... nice legs.. and oh that....

nice setting.... a white skinned girl in a garden setting... yes....

why are all the profile pics so horrendous?

I can personally choose profile pic of a model only for my site, not for MetArt.
Possibly MA will change it with new updates, but this one is not bad IMO too.

Like I said before, you have quite an eye for new talent Rylsky! This is a beautiful girl that's well on her way to becoming a beautiful woman! Very nice 'backyard' set, and very nice posing by our new 'darling'!
You are VERY welcome Malta, and please do come back soon...and often!
And please... don't stay out in the sun too long!!

Yes, about the sun it was the same advice from me to her.
Porcellain skin can be damamged with sun, true.

What a beautiful looking young woman. I love Malta's pale skin, blond hair and beautiful face. Malta also has a great ass. Great debut, great set of pictures.

Presenting. Malta. The beautiful Malta is from the specious farmlands of the Ukraine. She is possessed of the clear, fresh-faced, wholesome beauty of the fabled farmer's daughter, the ideal of beauty which has caused many a young man to have sleepless nights, lost in his thoughts. Malta has beautiful creamy white alabaster skin with just a smattering of perfectly placed freckles. She has golden blonde hair, placid light blue eyes and a fetching smile. Standing 5'5", she has a near perfect hourglass shape. So welcome Malta. I is a true pleasure tomeet you.

Oh dear lord. That isspacious not specious. What was I thinking? Spacious farmland.

LOL I've said all I'm gonna say about proofreading Neil. I can't imagine hitting that 'post comment' button before reading over what I "think" I've typed, but I guess it's all about 'habit'... And isn't ALL farmland "isspacious"? ;o) I think you were thinking about that 'farmers daughter'...;o) She IS a bit distracting...lol Hope we see a lot more of her!!


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