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I find nothing wrong with the setting, pose, or model. She is amazingly smashing. However it would be nice if I could actually see her. I feel like I am peaking through a dirty dusty or foggy widow. I have no issue with trying to be artsy but it really can go to far. Back in the day working in the darkroom we use to put the clear wrapper of a cigarette pack over the lens of the enlarger to get a soft focus affect. Soft focus is not what I think most of the customers at Met are paying to see.

Beautiful tan

I see lots of debate on this one... personally, I'm all for bringing back some of the old-school, more ARTy MA style which I loved and still love but see far too little of. I can also appreciate the style and direction the site has gone for in the last few years, which seems to favor flatter and brighter lighting, sharper focus, and more explicit poses, but I also miss the days where every now and then I'd see a set that was so gorgeously lit and framed it looked like it could hang in an art museum. I don't understand the members that ONLY want the more modern, explicit, sharp type photos, since you can get such photos at other websites, whereas the more artistic sets were one thing that made MA really stand out in early years. Personally, I'd like to see a mix.

Artofdan, Art Of Dan, this set is rubbish, its not art.

It is a shame that the first set to bring the gorgeous Mango back inside reverted to the old-school feel of Met-Art's beginnings. Not saying that the beginnings were bad, but only that the bar since that time has been raised substantially and this set falls far short of expectations.

I liked it! Yes, it was too repetitive and there were no "in your face" pussy and ass shots, but I gave it a 10 for its artistic merit. The short series of pics of her wearing the lace top and panties were fantastic.

'the tribe' can blow me. I compared this set with one of her others and I prefer this. Sure, no spread shots. But she looks much better in this set. With all those imperfections and hard lines smoothed out. Also no screaming toe nail paintings.

Reminds me of the Met-Art of old, photogs like Marcus/Dominic, Pasha, models like Josephine (no longer on site), Catherine (also no longer on site), Anna S, maybe even Zoe A. Let's all try to remember that the name of this site contains the word 'Art'. If all some people want is P짧y shots, then perhaps they should invest in memberships elsewhere. However, when you get there, be sure to complain about the lack of the beautiful models found here. Yes, I realize some models here appear elsewhere, but many do not.

Agreed on photography and art, but why there are so many the same poses?
This set could be reduced to 10-15 pictures.

The Sex Art and Rylsky Art sites both contain the word ART, but neither of those sites would include such a rubbish boring photo shoot like this. Going by the comments already posted about this set, it would seem most viewers see this not as a work of art but a piece of tat in the extreme!

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  • 3 years ago:

This set is really beautiful, and I would love more like it. MET-ART is fantastic, and the range of photography styles and artistic works is a really positive strength. Everyone doesn't have to like every set, and no one opinion is any more valuable than the others.

Great work, as always!

Bad lighting. Bad setting/scenery. Dull color - monochrome. Bad, boring poses. This model's best asset is her ass and I don't remember seeing any of it.

i expect you in my island
you can?

i am french i live in mayotte
i love her

If not for Catherine and Rylsky, this would be a very disappointing day at the Met...

Catherine and Rylsky can almost always be depended on to give us the best girls done beautifully and several others do too. What the art in metart is about is presenting the most beautiful women in the world in a way that enhances their beauty and makes them into every mans fantasy. This isn't about art it is about beauty.

This one is just awful. 4-5 poses, repeated over and over. A bit of a stretch for "artistic"... Not the worst set I've seen here however...

Let me say that if model presented first time to a viewer here and first set as this one - maybe so many similar poses and emotions are boring for viewer who was long time member Met-Art. But maybe here we have one of favourite model of TOP MODELS list of MET-ART and we already had absolutely different view after previous sets. So it became acceptable in my opinion.


Mango is very beautiful, the shots are poor. Natasha schon does the low lighting low focus most beautifully, Artofdan does not.In fact Ms. Schon is the only Met photographer that I am aware of, that does do them well.

Almost forgot-Vlad Kleverov"s outdoor sets starring Mango are perfect

Sadly it seems that Metart is starting to loose focus. This set is extremely boring and makes me question whether or not if I want to renew my membership. Come on guys...get it together.

This shoot is the worst. She is pussy shy in this set and like others have said, boring and small distant poses. Check her out on other sites for hot action, nothing like this crap. Xart is nice.

Absolutely stunning pictures in focus of the settee and scatter cushions. By the time of picure 110 I thought I knew them inside out. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to this site merely to see 110 pictures of stuff I can see in my local furniture and haberdashery shops. Only the last eleven pictures showed anything worthwhile and even in a couple of those pictures the more interesting parts only just made the border of the frame. Over the last couple of months I have definitely formed the firm view that the standard of photography on this site is falling - and falling rapidly. Photographers only need to look at the top rated galleries page and the most popular galleries page to ascertain what the majority of viewers want to see on this site. It would then soon come abundantly obvious that this photo shoot (like many other recent shoots) simply just does not cut it. Not for the first time recently I am scoring this set one point, and only because it is not possible to score zero points. Finally, I do see sorry for new subscribers seeing this tat and for them thinking this is the standard to come, because hopefully this site will start showing again the much better photo shoot sets that they used to show a couple of years back.

too dull; too small

This set has that cloudy old time feel of a too tame penthouse set. No like.

Beautiful model ....one of my favorites.

One of the worst sets of pictures I've ever seen on MetArt.

Boring, repetitive poses. Major yawn.

She deserved better than this.

Give her a better photographer next time.

Quality Model, skillful use of light. Photographer and Model should be pleased with this set, far better than cliched pussy shots we see so much of these days.

Mango is a beautiful young lady, I love her hair, her eyes, her camel toe. . . I'm glad to add another of her sets to the category "its all good"!

What an aweful setting to shoot a wonderful young thing like this. If you cannot afford a studio at least find a nice place for her.

Whats with the smokey look? dingy unpainted walls dirty floors. This didn't inspire me to get through the set.

Gorgeous girl with dreamy blue eyes and a perfect body!!! This is a nice artistic set, but I think most of us here prefer something a lot hotter. Mango's sets by Vlad are much better!!!

I have to go along with what is being said here. Yes the word art is in the word but this is not art gallery art this is erotic beauty art. This is about the most beautiful women in the world being photographed by some of the best nude are photographers in the world. This is not the place for gallery art and sets that show nothing. This site is paid for by is subscribers and should follow their desires. It is not a porn site but it is about seeing women of a class above the average. Photographed in a way that shows there entire bodies in a tasteful way. Met has be proclaimed the best but what makes people come here and stay here is the erotic beauty and quality we have become accustomed to. It is clear from the comments here that that has slid a bit since Metart has gone from A site with only the best nude photos on the net to a conglomerate of sites trying to cover all the angles in the business. You are losing the very thing that most of us came here for. A lot of us can't afford to pay for each facet of nude art on a site by site basis. New photographers should be held to the same standard as the A list photographers. This is not a site for beginning level people.

Please don't take away from base site in order to promote these new sites. This is a strategy that has caused some of the most popular businesses around to fail. Don't become the K-mart or Sears of the erotic art set.

I wanted to expand on my comment in hopes that the site administrators and photographer will see this and take it for the constructive criticism it is meant to be. The tribe has spoken pretty clearly here, and we are disappointed in this photo set. We are not here to see artistic interpretations of the nude female form with interesting lighting effects, thought-provoking locations and props, etc. We are here to see quality photos of beautiful naked women. We like well-lit, properly focused photos with good depth of field. We like photos that leave little to the imagination, while at the same time adhering to the site rules that have made Met-Art the classiest nude photography site on the internet. We like photo shoot locations and sets that lend themselves easily to our fantasies of being there with the model and making love to her.

It's not just this photo set. Photo sets with poor focus, inadequate lighting, poor choice of location, and disappointing poses are much too common here. But even with these shortcomings Met-Art remains the best nude photography site on the internet. If these problems could be improved, no one else could even come close to being number one.

To Dan I would say, I have seen your website, and have no doubt that you are an excellent photographer. Both sets you have posted here have their artistic merits, but are not a good match with what most members are looking for.

Finally to Mango, I hope that you do not feel sad about the low rating of this photo set. I think I speak for everyone here in saying that you are incredibly beautiful and sexy, and we are very thankful that you have chosen to share your beauty with us.

Repetitive and boring.

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