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that must have been a cold morning.

My first words when I opened this set were "oh my god!" That is the sexiest dress I have ever seen! All she needed is a flower in her hair and palm trees in the background. Of course it doesn't hurt that it is gracing one of the finest women around. ;)

Mango is pure raw beauty. This set should have been on a warm tropical beach instead of this obviously cold barren stretch of sand. Even with that Mango raised my temperature several degrees. That all over tan says that this lady spends a lot of time aw-natural. That body is as close to perfect as it gets and that dress was made for her. If she walked into a noisy club dressed like that I am sure all conversation would suddenly stop and you could hear a pin drop.

Oh my God this smile !!!

Awesome beauty and a very artistic set. The only thing that could be better is if she were unshaven all over. That would be the ultimate. Mango is just as wgworld describes!

'Unshaven all over'. Right. Pits, shaggy legs, maybe a little shadow on her upper lip... That the sort of thing you're looking for, Gary? For me, keep her slick, smooth and gorgeous.

You bet!

Dream body for this beautiful Mango:-) Another Angel on Earth to kiss all over... Kissli Kissli...

Mango is gorgeous, and oh my, what a delicious body!!!

Thank you Mango (and Vlad Kleverov) for amazing set. Mango looks better than ever. You really made my day !

i want to write so many beautiful things about Mango but she just makes it so damn hard...to type. So i'm just going to enjoy this amazing young talent in all her glory....

Mango is an absolute babe.

She is one of the most beautiful and sexiest nude models in the entire world !


Mango IS beautiful!! It must have been quite cold on that day judging by the number of goose bumps raised on Mango. Difficult for her, good for me seeing what impact that had on her nipples. I feel sorry for the model when she is asked to roll around in the muck and mire or sand. Luckily enough she does not appear to have got any sand on or near her beautiful butt or labia.

I don't find anything erotic about a model with dirt, sand, or mud on her body, much less on her female parts. If I want to fantasize about my mouth being there, why would I want sand on it? Fortunately, those shots are rare in this set.

Mango is tops, and nearly all of her sets are outdoors. She just looks at home outside, much more so like hipshot says, with palm trees and a flower in her hair. Still, this is a decent set even giving us a few good looks at her petite tanned pussy.

I agree 100%. Seeing a lovely body rolling around in the sand or mud or whatever is NOT sexy! I can't understand why the photographers can't supply a blanket. We would never have gone to the beach without one.

Totally agree. Pouring sand on the delicious pussy is so unnecessary and not nice .

I love these photo sets which are done outdors. Mango is beautiful.

These outdoore sets are great but they are the most difficult kind of set to do. There are so many factors to consider andcoordinate when the photographer takes hir art on the road. If the photographer and model get to the location and finds it a little too cold, the model just has to soldier on like a trooper. This can cause interesting effects on the nipples. Solder on Mango, soldier on.

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