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What a poor photo shoot, Totally photographers fault, you idiot, you had a beautiful woman in a fantastic setting and you are taking pictures of her with coconut shells and crabs, lame.

A true siren of the sea! Sailors beware!

My humble opinion:

-She is too tan for me- she must like it, but in the long run it will ruin her beauty. Fortunately she hasn't fried her pretty little kitty in the sun

-That's a very interesting little crab, he must be wondering "where the heck am I?"

-Coconut idea was OK for one shot, not any more.

Poor color. Bad skin tone.

I've seen worse . Bad skin tone...?
This girl has a skin tight tanned by the sun.

Look at the bright side. NO SAND!

I dunno I've made it a point in life to avoid girls with crabs...

If there is ever a model so well-suited to outdoor shoots, it is Mango. She looks so natural with her well-tanned body basking in the sun. From the shots with the crab, I deduct she is not afraid of nature, either.

I appreciate Vlad's photography in this set. It is good to see the playful side of Mango, but I think the coconut thing got a little carried away.

Great shoot! Please do some videos Mango!!!!

Instant save when I saw it was lovely Mango!

I hope she cuts back on her time spent tanning.

Yeah, the too dark tan on kills a lot of her appeal.

A magnificent rump!

IMO. Every one of the shots with the coconut shell halves were NOT as good as those just showing the model. Somehow, the crab did seem to work in better. Don't know why. Apparently, I believe she was presented better in shots that included just her.

Mango has a body to die for, gorgeous blue eyes with an infectious smile and you can see she actually enjoys her work! Good chemistry between the Photographer Vlad and Mango....well done you two!

Except for those damn coconut shells!

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