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She's a natural beauty!

I'm a little surprised by the negative comments, since I found this set very satisfying. Fer_realz commented that the dandelions brought back memories of youth, which I fully agree with, and I think that is implied by the title, "Memorigo." It also makes me think of films of the old west, but in an interesting way for once, since westerns tend to bore me to death with all of the brown everywhere you look, and the women who wear dresses that go down to the floor. Only Artofdan, or possibly Sergio Leone, could make interesting westerns. (I know that is a hasty generalization, but it makes sense to me at the moment). Mango is an angel, and this set in my opinion shows her spectacular figure and divine face wonderfully.

Very interesting take on the set, thanks, Ouchstopit!
(I totally agree with Westerns... that's one genre of movie that leaves me completely uninspired)

Mango is very beautiful, and I really liked the background. However she needs to smile more,she has a lovely smile to go with the rest of her beauty. Maybe artofdan could tell her jokes or something.

I think Mango was working hard and concentrating on the photographr's directions. I think she smiled when told to do so. Remember, this could have been only her first or second day of modeling.

God set from Artofdan. What for an Angel Mango:-) She's completely Nice... Her beautiful Skin is so Sweet to kiss all over... Kisses to this dream Princess...

Those ethereal, bewitching silver eyes... I could stare all day and not say a word.
(In truth, I wouldn't be capable of much coherent speech...)


I think Mango is absolutely adorable, sweet, gorgeous and sexy beyond the wildest dreams of most men. However, I don't think that this set showed her off very well. For a start, the headdress was cute for a little while, but as an ever present prop, it overwhelms the set. Secondly, the location wasn't interesting or special, and the fact that virtually every shot was taken in the space of about 20 square feet made a lot of shots feel redundant. Mango is a delight, but this is not my favourite set of hers.

Having said all that, I think the photos were well taken. I don't blame the photographer for trying something different, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me.

I hope someone out there has a rustic barn and flower headband fetish, because they will be very happy!

I agree with all of the above comments. Mango is extraordinarily beautiful. The crown of dandelions works for a while, gets old fast. I would love to see a set in which the model collects the flowers, weaves the crown and then wears the crown by the end of the set. That would give the crown a meaning. I absolutely love Mango's eyes, with that uniquely lovely shade of blue.

Agree. Something about the flower headband prop distracted from the model. Shots without it on her head seem to better focus on her. IMHO

Ha ha!
While I do not have a flower headband fetish, I did appreciate the dandelion coronet both as a reminder of youthful days when the girls would weave themselves such coronets... very fetching in a nostalgic fashion.
And the dandelions did provide a nice color counterpoint to what was otherwise a pretty bland set.

gorgeous girl. good set

What a beautiful angel !!!!!!

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