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I want her bad

Mango ... at the beach ... again,....could we have something indoors dressed up to start with .... or even just a bikini .... something!

Mango is very pretty, abd Kleverov has picked a streach of beach were the stone sets off Mango's coloring This just makes the shoot better,since Mango is living proof that athletic girls are hot! I give mango and Kleverov a 10

That is one very edible Mango. Seriously, her parents didn't name her that. Who at MetArt would hang that appellation on a sweet young girl?

Check out her bio, Les... she likes Mangoes so either she chose that as her "stage name" or MetArt chose it for her based on her bio.

Mango looks great in this set but- With all the time she spends in the sun she'll soon become a withered mango.

Sadly, I feel the same way.
It is such a pity that so many young women think that tan looks healthy and sexy, when overdoing it makes one's skin look like leather (hence, "tanning," as one does to a hide to make leather).
They are finding that the greatest ager of skin (other than cigarette smoking) is deliberately exposing it to UV rays. I don't know why a scientific study was necessary to come to this conclusion, I could have told them that decades ago.
It's such a pity because Mango is otherwise so appealing...

Pretty, Beautiful, Marvelous, Lovely girl !!!!

What a beautiful skin color !!!! I dream to lick each single mm² of her marvelous skin !!!!

Mango would be of CRAZY BEAUTY if she would her pubic hair grow !!!!

I enjoyed this collaboration of Mango and Vlad very much. I especially enjoyed the exuberance of Mango in #s 54 through 60; immediately followed by 61 and 62 which showcase her beautiful bubble butt.

Great start to 2014 from you two. I hope we are blessed by frequent visits in the future.

Mango is very at-home in the outdoors, and I don't mind it a bit. She is always tanned and waxed like a beach babe. Decent set of this sweet thing.

Outstanding set.

A beautiful 1st of January 2014 with this set from Kleverov. Mango on the beach... She's sweeter than the fruit Mango. The body, the face and skin of this Girl make me complete crazy for Her:-) And with this dream Landscape the frame is perfect:-) Kisses all over and happy 2014 Mango:-):-):-) Happy 2014 to Kleverov too...

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