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Her ass is so much like my girlfriends. I love it!

Mango, or should I say " Clover ", is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen !

Indeed, I also know her as Clover. And she makes her fiancé a very happy man in one of the sets.

A Fake juice pussy... maybe oil or lube , but NOT Natural :/

True, girl lube is usually kind of milky, but then again, it's not smeared all over her vulva like other "fake" juicy shots I've seen. So, hmmm, I'm not too sure. I know, I'll take another VERY close look at max res. Ha ha, fake or not, I'd be willing to dive in to give it a try.

I'd be more than willing to taste test, myself....
( ;

In MY experience, the first few drops CAN be clear...

I love this set,not least because it's starring Mango. It also has a cool idea, give the model a camera and have her take selfies! Saves the photog a lot of work. Also use a East European bedroom. (You can tell that by the round light scokets, padded walls to cut drafts and the small room to make it easy to heat. A Russian friend pointed this out one time,drafts get pretty mean at -20 or -30 which happens regularly in western Russia, and she lived in Siberia, where -40 or-50 was common)Mango gets her usual 10++++

Great set of this stunning girl. Love the extended g string shots - so sexy. Also great to see Mango in the bedroom instead of the beach..

Take the damn thong off, I know they are "artistic" photos but deliver the goods SOONER rather than later!!!

Artistic? Maybe. The thong shots are more of a tease but are SO hot in themselves. Those are some of the best thong shots I've seen lately, as a matter of fact. It's an excellent set...Those of us who like a good tease are all happy with this one.

Rolling in Clover

I find Mango to be one incredibly beautiful sexy young woman. One of the best on Met-Art.

That being said, I found this set to be incredibly disappointing.

The journey took far too long to get there and once there, it was over way too quickly.

The first naked shot of Mango's crotch is in photo 97 of a 137 photo set.

Are you kidding me ????

96 shots of foreplay and 41 shots of what we're looking for.

Not the kind of ratio I'm looking for and certainly not the kind of ratio I've come to expect from Met-Art.

Less foreplay, more real thing !

I find this set incredibly erotic, and really enjoyed the long "journey". Thanks to Vlad and Mango. A little subtlety is to be welcomed - do we really want naked pussy from frame one?

No we don't Wanderer.

A tease is one thing and it can be quite arousing.

But beating a dead horse is overkill which in my opinion is what happened here.

  • 2 years ago:

I would like the time when the panties start to come off to be extended. I agree the panties on could be shorter. But transition from off/on is usually way too short.

Nice to have an indoor set of Mango for a change. I like her very sexy thong, just wish it would have come off sooner.

You can say that again!!

I like this set from Vlad:-) Mango shows us the Jewels of Her dream Body and we enjoy them:-):-):-) Thank You Sweet Mango for Your Beauty... Kiss Kiss...

Not really exciting!

Mango, I have had very naughty thoughts about taking those briefs off!)) Great set.

"Thongs" Monkery! ( :


'Thongs' to you too!))


I really appreciate visits from lovely Mango. What a bum this lovely young lady has! Thanks to both Mango and Vlad.

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