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hi mango no other girl compares to you !!!!!!!!!

Arkisi.slastyonoff, rylsky ---are the best photograph with exciting pussyshoots, more of this photograph's and the Metart membership,s will

Excellent photography. Mango A is a real sweetheart. Reminds me of my high school sweetheart. Love her bubble butt. The nice outfit was on too long in the set. This is a 10.

THINGS I LOVED: Gorgeous model, amazing body, luscious tan, excellent light, hot lingerie, removal of same, beautiful behind, plenty of coverage of same, the fact that my knees melted.

MY PERSONAL PREFERENCES: A bit more variety in posing.

Lovely setting and a beautiful woman! Thanks.

Mango puts the sex into nude photography! This is a great photo set outdoors but my favorite of Mango is in bed: February 8th, 2014!

  • 2 years ago:

She makes me cum!

Mango looks wonderful in a white dress.She looks even better without the dress. Nude girls in the springtime are a classic.but classics getto be classics because they are so good. I gave both Mango and Vlad Kleverov a 10++++

Lovely Little Forest Nymph.... Very nice! Very sweet girl. XOX

What is this?
So bad !

Please stay away from the water...;o)

Probably my favorite butt on Met-Art. Two lovely, tan little bubbles.

Mango's body is as sweet as the fruit.Maybe more indoor shots or a video please.

I'd love to have a taste just for confirmation....;o)

Nice job outside by Kleverov!!! Mango in white under flowering trees... She's the Most Beautiful Flower between these ones... I would watering Her every day so that She remains fresh forever:-) Kisses all over Flower of the Dreams Mango:-):-):-)

What a treat! Mango out of the sun in a lovely orchard in spring bloom. What a refreshing change from the sun baked Mango of last fall. Here she looks normal serene and sexy as hell!. I love the white stockings and shift. Very sexy indeed but 107 shots before removing them was a bit much. #128 and 129 were great shots of that lovely butterfly. I could have had several more without complaint. She has a great body and that butt and those legs are epic.

hip, I concur with all your talking points. The clothing articles were on too long. Mango is definitely in her element in the outdoors, but it is nice for a change to be out of the sun, as you say.

I might add that I am pleased that her clover ankle tattoo (hence her name Clover on other sites) was left in unedited. Less editing means more of the real Mango.

Afternoon Hip & Kilroy going to do some long winded ramblings. The getting of this almost perfect Russian Beauty into the Met family is one of IMO our best additions in a long while. This young lady delivers. Alis L. used her a day or two ago in a really wild movie over on Sex. It shows in "others" at the bottom. "Be My Slave II" and there is some irony there. In his original "BMS" Dido was the slave. In the New one Mango was. These are Sex's only two forays into consensual BDSM. Dido is one of my top models and has been since she first appeared her. Mango/Clover is becoming the first "new" fav I have had for a while. Kilroy you are absolutely correct in the we deserve the "real" mango comment! What is so interesting is she delivers just as well in a Sex level set as she does in this Met level shoot. Forty five years ago my most published non sports-photo was a dressed young lady against a tree like today's work by Vlad. It was shot for my college newspaper, the young lady was the winner of one the "queen" things and we put the pic with the article about it. It was picked up by AP and sent out. I found out later it was published in 124 newspapers. I have always though the a tree like today adds a phallic subtext. And today Mango delivers the pose like I wish I could have shot it. A second little irony is Dido does a totally bare explicit shoot over at Sex today. So for me today is a very good day. I think Mango is going to give us a lot of very memorable, if not top rated,damn, sets. Hope this wasn't too boring, but I think my regular commentators like you would enjoy it.

F, thanks for popping in today.

Lots of mentions about SA by you and others, yet I am also curious about RA, which also gets mentioned quite a bit (not including the shameless plugs by Ry himself). I am almost to the point of trying one out for a month, yet I am indecisive over which one.

I want your honest opinion, and anyone else for that matter - If you had to choose ONE of those two to add to your subscription, which one would it be?

SexArt is nice in that it has quality B/G and G/G vids and some nice solo masturbation. As someone else said recently, the vids tend to be of higher quality than the photosets. Why this is, I don't know.
Having subscribed to both in the past, I am still subscribed to RA, but I cancelled my subscription to SA. This is entirely a matter of personal preference, since as swplf says below it's entirely about what you're into.
I don't like photosets of my favorite models with fingers/tongues/objects blocking my view of their assets, and even good vids can pale after awhile.
On RA, as swplf says, in general Rylsky adheres to the MA standards except that his models get some more latitude as far as touch/penetration go. This is not a uniform thing, most of the models prefer to remain within the MA guidelines, but a few (such as Taissia) turn up the steam factor, some quite effectively.
His sets there are of the same quality as here. Slightly shorter, usually between 50 and 80 shots per set, and the vids are shorter as well (usually about 5 minutes), but very well done.
I am perfectly happy with the choice of cancelling my SA subscription while remaining subscribed to RA.

It is what you are most comfortable with. Ry is very similar to Met in his limits. One of the main fun things about Ry is that on his comments I understand several of the models are actually more like bloggers, very interactive. (Since I have only visited Ry if I am wrong on this someone correct me.) The other feature that is distinctive is when he has whole behind the scenes sets and I think even "outtake" sets. Jon may jump in here because he is in the process of getting Sex2 ready to go on line. The purchase of several sites has delayed it's introduction. When Sex started it was based in California and attracted a producer named Bo came from the "strait" movie word. He delivered a high standard of video introduced a great number of American models and took the more liberal limits, dicks ok, real sex ok, dido's in and girls touching and inserting ok thus the name Sex Art. Zalman King was heavely involved at the start and had an sexy interview series and a long running serial story. Both these features died when he passed. It's style was a video ever fourth day of around 20 minutes and in between three days of photo sets. At that point almost all product came from America except photo shoots. Then California passed its damn "condom" law. The owners decided not to challenge... Jon went and found European talent and artists. The most amazing transformation took place. Ariel Piper Fawn, who I nickmaned APF and is now used by most commentators and the powers to be had a production company involving her and Andre Lupin. He "real" name is Gabrielle Lupin, she is coe if he is relative or husband but they picked up the slack and saved Sex. Their production group is now probably responsible for over half of the movies on Sex. A second great find was an artist by the name of Alis Locanta who has a very different view of movies from APF. Recently together Sex has matured and florished. Many of out top models overlap as you could tell reading my comments about Dido, Milena and Mango. Most of DeltaGamma's Czech models have appeared on both . Several of the artist for stills now overlap a lot. DG, Catherine, Koenart, and many more. The quality of the work on both are equal. Thus the question is are you comfortable with the more liberal limits. Yes Sex does have limits even if I and some others try to get Jon to push it further. I personally enjoy both and the good news is there is no wrong decision. And I am just as long winded "sometimes" over at Sex. The quality of the comments equal those here. I am not sure but I think that the membership at Sex is about half of that here but growing. Deduced this from the total # of votes made. I hope this helps you...

That is a tough one. If your looking for down and dirty sex SA is probably your best bet. The problem there is that updates don't come as regularly

If you like lots of variety with new girls coming on line regularly and interacting with the artist and some of the girls then RA is great. I very much like SA but would I give up RA for SA? Nope!

Leave it you to be nice and succinct... But your comment was dead on...

We may have just confused Kilroy more...

No, not confused. Thanks for the input, guys. I've seen that many of our MA favorites appear on SA and RS, and many of the same photogs, Catherine, etc. Tough choice to make, still don't know if I can fit in the time for another.

Katya may be on SA but I've never seen her on RA... In fact, I'm sure Rylsky is the ONLY "artist" on RA...(?)

Just don'r bother with TLE... It appears to be a "dumping ground". I paid for a month because Solveig was there, but all I got was ONE VIDEO of her! And it SUCKED!!

And I couldn't say so there, because they don't take comments!! Good thing I guess!!

The first thing I noticed in the thumbnail for the set was a beautiful bum centered between some attractive white fabric. Seeing that the model was lovely Mango made the decision to download a no brainer.

First impressions are; no rolling around in sand etc. is a good thing, no blatant exposure to uv damage is a better thing.

More comments about this beautiful woman to follow after detailed review of the gallery.

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