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Great set of Mango, ... one of the best I've seen, ... loved the shot of her Arse in the white bikini bottoms and the sandy shot where her arse was covered in it apart from her anus, ... there is however one set out there on another site where she had a tail on a dildo inserted up her anus and was photographed in various poses with it up there ..

Sorry, but it's about time MetArt starting getting the message about bloody sand.

Superb set. Mango has a great attitude and great beauty with a perfect body. I love the topless shots and hope for more of the same. Topless on the beach is realistic and a form of erotic modeling.

Mango must live on the beach or some rich dudes yacht and I would say her natural state is undressed judging from that all over tan. She has an extremely fine body and a lovely face but unfortunately covering it with sand does nothing for my desire level at all. Why must they always coat these lovelies in harsh abrasive sand? She has an especially lovely pussy and I would really like to see it clean and feel of gritty sand.

Mango is the sun goddess. Can there be any doubt that she loves being outside? I have to admit, Mango looks best outdoors. This is from someone who usually likes indoors sets better. Mango is definitely an exception.

You go to a beach, and there is sand. It gets on you, especially if you roll around and play in it. Let her have fun, makes the set more natural to me. There are plenty of shots without sand on her. That said, I would have liked to see an unsanded version of 96 & 99. I guess there can be such a thing as too much sand. But hey, this is Mango!

Mango in sand, No. Mango in goose bumps, YES!

Mango is exquisite. Simply stunning.

With the personal biases shown today I am probably wasting my time but here goes.

So far Mango/Clover has 17 sets on MetArt and 2 on SexArt. Every one of them having been done by Vlad. It is my understanding they are a real life couple. I don't recall this being the case on any of our other models. Until Mamgo did a movie for Alis recently over on Sex Vlads work with her is all we had. And yes so far only one set has not been an exterior with many around the water with or without "sand". I doubt whether this couple have access to a studio, thus we probably will continue to see exterior sets from them. IMO the "sand" or lack there of is all your problems it obviously doesn't bother either of them. Some in the past have even complained she is "Too Tanned". I look at it that we are being voyeurs on a young couple having fun and finding a way to make it pay for them. More power to them. Now then with that said:

Clover is the name she uses on non-Met family sights. Her single tattoo is above her ankle and it is guess what, "A Clover!" AS Clover her work has gained her Top Model status on a non-Met site. The main difference there is that all but one set there is studio work and some of the sets are SexArt style or beyond. Yes she plays with a dick. Now the real kicker, It's Vlad's dick. On that site he also appears in front of the camera. The one playing with his dick is their single most viewed, ever.

You all paid your dues so, of course, you have the "right" to show your personal biases and trash them for not complying with your ideas, but I doubt that you are in a majority with Mango A's Rating: 9.14 out of 10 (2,397 Votes) and this today staying in the mid 8's I doubt your comments bother them.

By the way since Domai & Goddess Nudes are new to the family I have not yet checked out her work as Katyaclover, yet. But they appear to be exterior sets also, and I willguess they to are by Vlad.

As far a the comment about ERRO I have been informed that the site is now a family controlled site with ERRO himself having "retired" for now, because he is now married, and not shooting. I am sure his archives will keep us seeing his work and current new work is definitely being performed by others in what is Erro's signature style.

Sand or not this set today still got a 10 from me.

Two days in a row, F, You are on a roll! I agree with most everything you said.

The stupid necklace was so distracting. The sand on the skin was an eyesore. Very poor taste. The set deserves only 1 rating.

That´s the way I want live, she´s the girl with I want live, And this is the place to live.

The sand is my fault guys. I was supposed to be there for sand removal duties but I went to the wrong beach. What can I say, life's a beach...

Members all over MetLand are "thanking" you today, C6C791... next time turn on your GPS... LOL

sand remover? Could be an interesting job. What are the tools of the trade ;-))

  • 2 years ago:

So hot, Mango makes me masturbate.

I would rate Mango at 10 out of 10. I like the photography, the light, the poses and even the setting, but I have to subtract 9 points for the sand. It completely and utterly ruins the set for me. It is even stuck in her eyelashes.

I'd like to wipe the sand off of her ass.

Mango is her usual lovely self, but I think Mr. Kleverov got carried away. Cutting about two pages would make this perfect. The beach looks like Africa,probably Shatt-al-Arab, which is very popular with Russians. Check out Juman's beach sets. She's an Egyptian born in Moscow where lots of North Africans live.I gave Mango her 10+++, she was doing what Mr. Kleverov said. Kleverov gets a 9 for poor editing, it's hard to whack your own stuff,(he he guys wince) but if you don't someone's liable to publish it.

The moto of Metart is "flawless Beauty". These pictures are neither
flawless nor beautiful.

Does she need someone to help wash that sand off? If so, I'll volunteer.

Should have the same poses but inside. This could have been the set of the week by far. Like the beach, but that body and those poses on a bed. Wow!

Thank You Kleverov for this beautiful sea Set!!! Mango is born to be a Model for outside Sets:-) Like me, She adores Nature and if I had to meet Mermaid Mango on a beach, I would fell in love with Her immediately..:-) As a man, in the pictures with sand on Her Dream Body, I use my imagination to go through the sand... Adorable Mango, come back soon, please:-):-)

OK ... I give up. What's with the sand? Really ... can anyone tell me? Is that some kind of hazing (of us and the models)?
Nobody likes it. Why do it?
There are so many beautiful things that can be done in such a beutiful location with such a beautiful girl.

  • 2 years ago:


I have often read about the complaints with sand all over the models. Looking at this amazing beach and that powdery sand I would LOVE to roll around in it. It looks so relaxing and fun as if we could be children again. I remember how much fun we had being covered in sand as kids. Mango looks to me to be having a blast here. Why can't the models mix some pleasure with their work? :)

The models seem to like it! Otherwise, I highly doubt "sand play" would be so ubiquitous in these beach sets.

This is the ultimate "sandy beach set" which as a rule I dislike. Furthermore, Mango is quite tan, another thing I generally dislike.
However, somehow Kleverov and Mango drew me into this set and I quite enjoy it. I don't know if it's the ultimate fantasy of actually BEING there with Mango, sharing the sun and surf and sand?
After all, there's only so much time you can actually *ahem* and the rest of the time one must fill with talking, laughing, joking, playing, swimming, etc. etc., and then, what the heck, why not do it all over again? ~ and this set seemed a joyful evocation of the perfect beach vacation with a young and pretty woman.
This set works for me ~ 10 for Kleverov and for Mango.

This may be Mango's best beach set yet--lots of very nice shots here, and the beach is almost as beautiful as Mango. Strangely, I wasn't as bothered with all the sand on her body shots as I usually am. Looks like she was able to wash it all off fairly well, only to sit down in the sand again, sigh! A suggestion for Vlad and Mango: please do some nice indoor sets with sexy lingerie.

Like 8 Feb, for example. That's a brilliant set.

Oh no. Terrible!

Without the sand on such a delicious body the set would have been exquisite.

Can't believe all the fuss about a bit of sand. Mango adds to the beauty of the location and this set has lots to offer in varied poses with and without sand. Better some interest than endless closeups of the rude bits. Well done Vlad and Mango. FANTASTIC!!!

yes, it's a crime. she is breathtaking. but they had to roll her in sand. What's wrong with those guys?

It's an old trick out of Erro's playbook. He too loves to roll his models around in sand, mud and other assorted junk. I hate it from him and I hate it here.

I'm an absolute beach baby myself, and I love sets like this! And I love Erro's photography. He is and will always be my favourite. I guess it's all just a matter of taste.

P.S. Mango. I adore your work! You seem like a really cool girl :)

...I'm pretty sure she did it of her own volition... she really looks like she's having fun. After all, what would you do on the beach with a whole day to while away?
Relax, enjoy her fun!

Beautiful Girl Beautiful Beach. Thanks Met Art.

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