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Wonderful views of her beautiful pussy and ass from behind. Love that she is shaved. She would be absolutely delicious.

Mango is my favorite Met Art girl. She is just so beautiful in every way. This is a lovely set.

I have to say of all the great sets here at Met Art this has to be my all time favorite!
First of all Mango is one of my favorites and this set is shot too perfection!
Excellent detail and clarity in the photos so you can see every inch of her incredible body, none of that soft focus, blurry photography that so many of the photographers here at Met Art are so found of and which I hate.
Mango is totally nude from head to toe, everything on display, the way all models should be shot.
But what sets this above all others is the amount of full body shots, with so many nice close ups of her exquisite bare soles!
There are many models here at Nirvana that possess very sexy bare feet but mango's are perfect!
She is a foot man's dream come true, perfectly shaped, with smooth, soft, wrinkly bare soles and pretty, suckable toes.
Too see those super sexy bare soles displayed from so many different angles and with such great detail that every wrinkle can be seen is a dream come true.
I wish every set here at Met Art was shot just like this.
Thank you Vlad for an incredible set!

Thank You Mango, you too Vlad but mostly Mango..

Super Panty Play!

Very nice job Kleverov!!! Nothing to say about Mango... She's a Girl to die for from Head to Toes from Outside to Inside!!! The towels with a form like a swan remember me Thailand. I have just been on holiday for three weeks there. I saw also Dogs and Elephants made with towels:-) But the swan is perfect for Mango:-) She's a dream Mermaid... Kisseli Kisseli to You and come back soon, please:-)

I think this is the best Mango set I have seen. She is absolutely radiant here. I am not a fan of the beach sets. I feel she is wasted there. I know she is tanned and lovely and all that but I got to the point where it was yawn, another Mango beach set. Here you get a better sense of her feminine side and WOW the effect is mind boggling! I saw a whole new Mango here that I had never fully appreciated before. The panty shots are some of the best panty shots I seen here but the piece du resistance is that magnificent butt. Combine that with the panties and you have some of the best rear shots ever. #17 is staggering! 25, 38, 40, 42 are all so perfect that it brings tears to my eyes. This is the set I have been waiting for. Mot just from Mango but all the Met models. Finally an artist and model that understands the power of a perfect pubic area covered just enough to accent rather than detract from her perfection. Others I am sure will disagree but Mango is perfectly groomed and immaculate and I could look at those shots all day. IMHO they are every bit as powerful as the nude shots. For me sitting near that bed simply watching her sleep in those panties would be the ultimate dream come true. Photo #10 is so serene I would be reluctant to disturb her even though my hormones would be raging. I really don't like the panty shots where she pulls them into her crotch, to me that always seems sort of cheap and over the top.

So in this case it's not all about pussy though there are some great intimate closeups of that delicate pink flower. I think this set was done just right. Lots of fore play and just enough of the "good" stuff. It didn't leave me craving a thing.

Kudos's to both Mango and her photographer for what I feel is her best set ever.

I gotta agree about the panty/thong pulling shots, hipshot, I've never understood the appeal of that either. However, I have to admit there seem to be plenty of people who find it erotic. I don't know why, but I probably never will. ( :

It's a "Snapple fact"... The most consumed fruit on the planet...MANGO!!
Is it any wonder why....? ;o) Very engaging set!

I'd consume that fruit all day long! :))))

Gotta say it looks tangy and juicy. I'm right there with ya...

Panties posed to perfection.
16, 17, 18, 135, 136, 137 Inexplicably rarely seen poses here sublime
A PP Parade for la grande Bellezza
Condolences to our fellow suffering from lagrandebellezzaphobia, also known as having the heebee GB's.
The angles for the Pillow Mount were not quite there and Mount Mons was not quite captured.
Plenty of light that plays on the skin while respecting retinas.

Why I come here.

You are on one fine roll, sir.
Tip of my hat to you. ( :

The appearance of Dido and Mango on the same day is a red letter day for me. Two of my very favs at once. Dido's set today is somewhat of an anniversary she was introduced to us here by Erro 7 years ago yesterday. Almost too many sets to count all over the family of sites and beyond. She has been shot by many of our best artist and has delivered for all and is still great. Mango is here for the 18th time and as I pointed out in my last comment with every set shot by her partner Vlad. Ironically this is also almost an anniversary for her also she first appeared 2 years ago on you got it 6-12-12. Both Mango/Clover and Dido/Lola have much the same appeal clothed hard to belief this is there profession yet when they get bare they are both stellar performers. The final irony is that one of the top video artist on Sex has done two movies titled "Be My Slave" both G/G bondage offerings (Should be obvious from the title) and guess what Dido was the sub in his first, and Mango in his second. Away from here they both have great massage sets/movies. And both have done B/G work. (Yes I intentionally posted this both for Mango and for Dido.)

YIKES! Sooooo,Pic #75 Just made my day. What a set!

YIKES!Pic#22 is amazing!

YIKES!Pic#22 is amazing!

Mango is absolutely gorgeous.

It's a very difficult trick to pull off being so wholesome looking and so damn sexy at the same time and yet Mango pulls it off flawlessly.

The perfect woman !

Vlad, you are one lucky man. Your girlfriend is amazing!

Now that is one tiny, but tasty looking pink butterfly.
Incidentally, just imagine checking into your hotel, walking into your room and seeing the greeting in image #5....


You've got to be kidding!

pre occupance with pussy is rampart.These are beautifull girls with eyes,face,breasts.legs and more importantly an X factor which makes the difference between stunning and mind blowing ,this often depends on the photographer,the boyfriend has achieved this.Mango has got achieved a beach look inside.

A wonderful set of this stunning, tanned beauty. It is great to see Mango off the beach for a change and in the bedroom.

The panty shots are quite awesome & once she loses them, you would need to look very hard to find a prettier set of labia anywhere...

More of this beautiful girl soon - preferably in the bedroom! 10/10

A fine set from start to finish. Mango is looking beautiful. Well done Vlad and Mango.

The tanned darling is indeed arousing! I measure the erotic content
of a set by the "tickling factor". And now it tickles under the balls! And the thong is fantastic!!

Mango A is even more enchanting indoors in a nice simple bedroom like you would expect in a Mediterranean resort. I really like the headband and the fine little gold chain, I was raised in the 60's and she looks very hippy flower child in this set. I am really glad that the small lovely thong stayed on long enough for us to get some great panty shots! To many of the artists here are to eager to show the pussy and and either give us just a couple of cursory shots and then gone or start with no panties at all. She has a beautiful little butterfly and I would scream bloody murder if we didn't get to see it but I love panty shots. Looking at that cleft in a nice almost see through pair of panties really enhances the fantasies for me. I like when a girl makes a game of resisting before allowing you to remove them. To me that is a real turn on! Mango A is a dream girl for sure. The classic surfer girl. 10+++ for this set

Mango's tanned body is very sexy.She also looks gorgeous with that g-string pulling her up her pussy.

Mango and Vlad,

Mango you are as beautiful and free as ever! Thank you for a stunning indoor location :) I love your outdoor shoots, but indoor locations so much too. My criticism here is that there are just too many close-ups and medium shots focusing on specific features of Mango. Additionally, Mango is facing away from the camera perhaps more often than not. I would have loved more shots that played to Mango's strengths. That is, more full body, and more close-ups and medium shots showing Mango face :)

Thank you again guys. Your photography is actually my favourite these days. It reminds me so much of Erro's work, and he was the best :)

"and he was the best :)" A perfect place for "IMO"...
I've seen a lot of Erro's work and was NOT very impressed with it.

Really? "...and he was the best" isn't obviously an opinion?

NO! It certainly isn't "obvious"! If she(?) had said "I think he was the best", THAT would be "obviously an opinion" As stated, it was presented as fact... And my response was fueled by my deep disappointment in much of Erro's work. You're a real hero but barking up the wrong tree!!

Art appreciation is subjective. Therefore any feedback, comment, etc. given, is an opinion.

Exactly, bibblefuss... hayley stressed throughout her comment that she was giving her opinion. "I love..." "My criticism..." "I would have loved..." ~ plus, she backs up her opinions, with examples of what she would have preferred. I didn't find her comment at all lacking of indication that she was merely giving her opinion.

It's a good thing that all of us don't blow things WAY out of proportion... ;o)

Thank you bibblefuss and fer_realz :)

You bet, Hayley, I'm always happy to see your comments because while you are not prolific, it is always obvious you put a great deal of thought into them. ( :

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