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A fantastic body in a fantastic location ! Simply fantastic ! One Thousand percent Perfect!!!

Beautiful, just frickin beautiful. Photos #25 and #45 are smokin! Mango's got an ass to die for!

my standing ovations

quite a few redundant shots, but with such a beautiful ass, it turns into a plus. :-)

The most beautiful woman ever seen! Congrats!!

This location is fantastic for Mango. As is the bright sunshine for the colour and lighting. Reminds me of the way many sets were presented in earlier years of Met. Please, photographers and content managers, more like this!

A sexy, erotic version of the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Nice beach setting featuring Mango in an exotic location.

A perfect mermaid!

Mango, please stop tanning your gorgeous skin - you are doing irreparable damage to it, and you will look like dried up old leather by the time you are 40 (which would be a tragedy for the world!)

ALWAYS an instant download!

I love Mango's lovely face and beautiful blue eyes, radiant smile and dimples, shapely breasts with wrinkled areolae and glass cutters, ribs when seen, truly superb butt cheeks, puffy outer labia and nice inner labia.

The impact of water on Mango's nipples is vey pleasing.

A 10 each to Mango and that lucky Vlad.

Took Mango a while to get undressed, but ohhhhh, worth the wait.

I'd like to be rolling in Clover...............................

Bone fish everywhere. Appropriate.

Thanks for no sand. And oh, I wish I was the Star Fish!!!!

Love the scenery, Where is this?

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Reed,

If I remember correctly this set was shot in Cuba. Every time I look at one of these sets I wonder why I haven't been there before!

If I remember correctly -- our State Department and their State Department don't get along well.

where was this shot, love the scenery!

The scrub pines, the lack of tall trees (frequent hurricanes), the bone fish and file fish in the shallows, that species of red cushion starfish, the bits of turtle grass, the sand islands (not rock) ... if I'm allowed a guess it would be the northeastern Caribbean.

The party boat of divers or snorkelers going by indicates a resort near by so . . . the Bahamas? Turks and Caicos? Cuba?

This is a great beach set,with the proper model. It looks like a Red Sea resort in the Sinai peninsula(Or however you spell that) If so I hope this is an old set as I hear the fighting has gotten quite heavy in that part of Egypt, and Mango is far too beautiful to risk. I gave Vlad Kleverov and Mango a 10++++

Mango is so well tanned, she looks right at home at the beach. A well shot set, a bit long but the more Mango the better, right?

What a scenic location! If you are going to have a beach set, I would much rather see her playing in the water (like today) than in the sand.

Vlad you are a lucky guy!

Awesome set! Perfect exposures and masterful use of natural light. Great depth of field. Mia's even tan is gorgeous. She is a true work of art, knows it, and has a great attitude. Superb.

OMG !!!!

This session goes directly into the MetArt Hall of Fame.

Absolutely fantastic.

Tastiest. Mango. Ever.

A bite of Mango would be a real treat!

Breathtaking photography, model, and location. What a treat.

Beautiful beach Set by Vlad:-) The Paradise does not exist? Mermaid ♥Mango♥ show us that Paradise exist and is located on the Earth:-) This Angel is adorable in every way... It would be fantastic to be here with Her and to kiss this dream Jewel Body from Head to Toes ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You Mango to exist and come back soon, please ♥ ♥ ♥

Our lovely little beach bunny! Certainly not a Russian beach! White sands, crystal clear water. Looks almost tropical. This girl has a rough life for sure. Mango is the perfect surfer girl. She should be doing commercials for Coppertone.

Mango A has one the most perfect and beautiful rears on MA .I could eat it all day .xx

Vlad and Mango,
This is a great photoset! It's very reminiscent of SI, which I have a great love for :) I absolutely adore the setting, the swimsuit and of course our model, Mango :) The extensive use of medium and full-body shots also works well to my tastes.

If I could offer one criticism it would be the number and sequencing of shots. By this I mean there are too many images of Mango from behind, from her side and even over the top, which obscure or eliminate her face from view. I feel a more balanced number and sequencing of shots would have assisted in conveying the emotional range of Mango as a person(ality) and a model. That being said, the personality and professionalism shown in this set are balanced perfectly, like much of Lorena B's catalogue also.

Thanks for a gorgeous set :)

Great points, though my feelings are a little different. With such an amazing posterior, I certainly understand featuring it often in the shoot and I appreciate that quite a bit.

I was less than taken in by the number of shots made from further back/zoomed back, featuring what was for me way too much beach and sky and not nearly enough frame devoted to Mango herself. Yes, the location is very lovely, and a few frames like that are fine, but I felt this shoot suffered from an excessive focus on the surroundings when the model is just to die for ... beautiful, hot, cute and utterly irresistible. A 10+ for Mango, 8 for the shoot, final 9.

Twisted, I'm with you on the opening wide-angle shots that could have been pared down a little. It's the only thing IMO that might improve this incredible set. Mango is always tops and this is a perfect location to shoot her, but without Mango, I wouldn't care much about the scenery.

Hayley, You can never have too much of Mango's ass. I agree the large percentage of whole-body shots is a bonus.
Twisted,kilroy - there only seem to be about 10 shots with a lot of beach - not so bad for intro is it ?
I loved the partly submerged shots with Mango's curves poking out - fairly unusual ?
10 for Mango and Vlad.

Not a big fan of beach scenes, but I love this model

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