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Beautiful girl, she had the perfect body and the perfect tan.

Love to see close shots of her ass.

PS. What's with the fly on pics 34 & 35? :)

beautiful young girl! absolutely delicious!

Mango ts a very cheerful,sexy girl. Vlad Kleverov has captured this perfectly. The only complaint is her using the piles of stones to mark her camera angles. One set would be enough three can get distracting. Still, I gave a 10++++ to a perfect outdoor set.

Just a few observations: This is Mango's 20th set on MetArt. That 18 of these sets were shot by Vlad (Her Boyfriend and fellow performer. On out of family appearances.) That 2 sets are by Artofdan an artist with only 5 appearance. That 12 of Vlad sets are beach or water sets. (Again today, and with a lot of sand on her.) She is a self proclaimed "nudist" and her absence of tan lines supports the "truth" of that of that claim. She is Russian and speaks perfect English. We have nil movies of her here. As of today Mango A's Rating: 9.15 out of 10 (2,585 Votes) which puts her at #19 in the Top Model category. She is # 36 over on SexArt again with a 9.15 rating. It obvious Vlad doesn't photoshop anything. As such, with credit to her, K has allowed her 'clover" to appear unhindered. Over on SexArt she has appeared in 4 films for Alis Locanta, one of which is the 6th highest rated one ever. She absolutely comes alive in film and is stunning. I have only found her in one out of family site and she is a true star there also one of her sets is the top viewed ever. We have so far here seen her in minimal makeup only. Alis did the "Baby Blue" with her in full model make-up and the transformation was stunning. Hard to believe it was Mango. To wrap this up, her body is almost perfect, her butterfly is wonderful, and she takes direction well. IMO she is a winner.
I just wish that here on MetArt Vlad would get her inside and give us something different. I doubt that they have a studio available to them, but some studio work would be great On SexArt I wish he would join her and give us a good B/G set or movie. We seldom have true, real life, couples performing together.

Don't know who did the photography, but she's done several sets on WFB that have been spectacular - much superior to anything she's done here. She looks great with a horse tail butt plug btw.

sw, I agree with taking her inside, it's time for something different. The beach sets are getting predictable, and while Mango (or Clover) looks very much at home in the sun, she has also looked fine indoors under more controlled conditions. She is definitely a winner. Vlad is a lucky guy and I thank him for sharing his lady's beauty with us.

#87: right then, right there, the best place on earth.


17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California on a sunny day in a convertible Porsche 911 is a close second.

❤ Mango's mellons!

♥Mango A♥? OMD... Oh My Doll!!! Mermaid Doll from Head to Toes, there are no discussions, Miau!!! Kiss Kiss ♥Mango♥

Pic #1: OK, you've been given fair warning... you know you're going to surrender eventually, so why even fight it? ( :

Love the fuzz small hair on her close up pictures on her skin, but too bad she shaved off the pubic hair...

This is not the trim to complain about today.

I'm a long time fuzz fan especially on the small of the back, and tummy...........................

Nothing new, I don't think I've ever seen her with hair down there, on any site.

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