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A gorgoreous tall model with voluptuous body.
Image 21 shows a close up of her medium sized boobs, areola and delicious nipples. Images 39, 42, 63, 95, 108 shows close ups of her delicious pussy giving me very dirty thoughts.
A gorgeous model and a good photographer gives a good set.

I love the last row of pictures, the first two in the row! Very rarely do you get to see a large natural breasted woman allowing herself to be photographed with her womanhood hanging down! :) I as a man love the sight, but most women seem to hate being photographed in this pose. Do they imagine it makes them resemble a dairy cow? I am sorry ladies, but to me, it is a very erotic pose that makes my mouth water and my dick get rock hard for some back door action! :) OK, so I am a pig, but what the heck, I love sex with women and this pose just says: "I'm ready!" Thank you Marga A for posing in this very erotic manner!!

Very pretty and sexy girl with a very sweet bottom!

Pretty girl, sweet bottom.

I love her armpits and the big natural boobs that goe with them and thank you Arkisi for all the shots.


You're simply the best!
Loved you at the first sight!

Love the third to last photo, no woman can enjoyed being photographed in this pose, but its a great one, its a shame there are not any realy good close up shots.......lovely arse and the wispy hair around it.

Very sexy and beautiful girl, poses are interesting, but the focus is weak and the lack of depth of field in the pictures is inexcusible: as in "Too bad to be justified or tolerated". Too many of the shooters on this site aren't knowledgable enough on the finer points of shooting 3 dimentional objects! Such as beautiful and sexy well-built women! IMHO

What amazing, raw sexiness! Fantastic nipples, luscious labia, and great poses. Please give as a video to see those fabulous breasts bouncing and swaying.

#116 & #117 would be the preview for that video.

Marga 9,Arkisi 7 = 8

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