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A gorgeous natural girl.

The sugar walls are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful girl beautifully photographed incorporating some interesting poses.

Particularly liked the spectacles & dicky bow & Margo's full panties. It was nice to have a few frames to fully enjoy & appreciate them. Most sets seem to have the model remove her panties far too early in the shoot.

More of Margo (& Catherine) soon & look forward to some more sexy panty shots...

Thanks, it there was my first experiment with points. It is pleasant to me that it was pleasant to you. I agree that with linen and clothes it is necessary to work more interestingly in this set.

wow, a beautiful new model. she has very pretty eyes and a cute nose certainly a charming smile when they would show it.
one can imagine to picture the 32nd
Unfortunately, it works by the hairstyle very strict about it sure is not.
I wish for her next set to the hair openly and sometimes smiles.
otherwise, nice set, compliment Chaterine

Thanks, I hope there is a set, where Margo with a flowing hair.

above the knees definetly a keeper. Below.. well, the feet situation is in need for some professional attention.

Not a big fan of her genital area, but that is not important.

I do like the bow tie. Bow ties and girls are a nice fit. Unlike... shoes in bed for example.

You are right, I agree with you. Model needs professional care. As for the butterfly tie agrees: men's clothing items intriguing look at the woman.

Beautiful girl, but too much light bleaches out contrasts and details.

Write more precisely, what it wasn't pleasant to you? I will try not to allow it in the future.

Another great set and Margo is super sexy. Catherine you are such a great photographer and I think I figured out one of the great things you do in photographing your women. It's the eyes. I get drawn to them first thing. I think the eyes bring out the inner woman! Beautiful!

I agree with you, Margo has really expressive eyes. Thanks for a warm response.

Hey Catherine! I would like to see more of Emily B. Is she still modelling?

She doesn't participate in photographings

.....that's too bad --- she is a lovely model, and any rating below "9" for her set is a shame!

I agree

I wish she kept the glasses on - so cute!

For a while anyway. I love girls in glasses too, but not for the entire set....maybe the second or third article to be removed...?

I think, with points I will work still.

I think, with points I will work still.

Aside from the "Playboy bunny" feel of the bow tie in this set, it's breathtaking! Gorgeous girl and really good shots of her. Looking forward to much more of her.

Please tell Margo that the set was really amazing for a first time session. She is quite delightful to look at and did an admirable job for a first time model. She has a very nice body. Long and lean with excellent lines. I really like shots like 113 and 114 they really highlight her lovely legs and butt 105 through 108 are awesome figure studies but shots like 116-119 are not at all sexy and 119 looks like she is in pain! Shot from the rear she is a delight as in 16 and 17 here the back panties work well to make for a very elegant look. Shot #40 is perfect and #72 is framed perfect to catch both her face and the perfect heart shaped butt. When shooting a girl like Margo you need to be very aware that the same long lovely lines that make her beautiful can make her look awkward if posed wrong. There are several shots where the position is not flattering.

Like most new models she has a tendency to hold her head in the same pose and expression through many shots like the first couple of pages of this set. Though it is her best angle it needs a few different looks to keep it from being like it is frozen in that position. This normal for a new model but it is up to you to see that it is not quite so obvious.

I hope this is not too much. I very much like your work and this is another lovely new discovery to add to the many you have had this year. You have excellent tastes in your model selections and they seem very much in line with my own.

Thank you for your lovely work and finding these lovely girls.

Thanks a lot. This very interesting and valuable remark. Your remark is very exact concerning position of the head. Me this foreshortening seemed to the most successful and I decided not to risk with other provisions as it there was the first set.

Welcome Margo. You are beautiful in every way. One of my new favorites. Come back soon! (Thanks to you, too, Catherine!)

What a lovely young lady, Margo is indeed. Very sexy, especially with her glasses on. And sexy photos, especially those 101 + 102. First closed a lil bit shy, then opened wide and being very inviting to the viewer. Damn I'm in love with Margos endless legs and her beautiful pink pussy as the center of a very personal pleasure.
Please, feel free to entertain us with more sexy sets very soon, Margo and Catherine ;)

) ) Both of us will try for you.

Well Cathrine, nice model, sexy photos. Most of the models have very sexy feet. Couldn`t we get more pictures, showing their feet as well? Maybe like Erro or Clemens do?

Thanks. I will consider this moment.

I like ponytails on the on the odd photo shoot here and there, but in the main I do prefer the hair not tied back, especially if they have really nice long hair to show. However some photographers, like this photographer, have a much higher perecentage than other photographers of their models hair tied back in ponytails. This model is pretty, with nice long hair to be proud about. Therefore, in future shoots, can we see it rather than the hair being tied back in a ponnytail.

Margo has really beautiful hair and they are pleasant to me. I will consider your wishes and I will try to make sets with a flowing hair.

Welcome to Met-Art Margo. Thank you for sharing your infinite beauty with us. Also a thumbs up for Catherine: great job. Thank you too.

Great attitude I meant to say

Gorgeous model with a great. Catherine is one of the best photographers ever. Her technical skill and rapport with all her models is obvious. I just wish more of the models would let their body hair grow. On beauties like Margo it is artistic, erotic and photogenic.

I'm a little afraid and do not feel comfortable if the model is not enough to remove hair. I'm afraid to get a negative evaluation of the viewer. Thank you for your appreciation.

Beautiful girl with a beautiful ass, didn't like the bow tie, don't like props or gimmicks

I applied for the first time a tie butterfly in shooting. I tried to emphasize symmetry of a body of Margo.

First of all, I would like to thank Catherine for a beautiful set and the introduction of an equally beautiful, and promising, new young model to Met-Art! There is an evident synergy between the two of you that lead to excellent results: elegance and eroticism.

About the set: I greatly enjoyed the lighting and composition (especially, the framing and cropping). The location, wardrobe and props are also nicely chosen. Margo C has a lovely, tall and slim body, which is splendidly presented in the standing, spread out and more dynamic poses. The mirror reflections are a delicious addition.

My only recommendation would be more care with the mirror when choosing the viewpoint of the shots: some photos - in which beautiful poses are captured - are not as strong as they could be because of the partial reflections in the mirror (i.e., the tip of an elbow, a bit of a hip).

About the model: Margo C is beautiful. Slim, tall and elegant, with a beautiful face and eyes that calmly and warmly look into the camera lens, I was amazed at the confidence she displayed in her debut set. She has an excellent understanding of her own body and that shows in her poses, which are both sensual and delicately feminine. I look forward to other sets, where her beautiful long hair is loose and flowing, and where the tease of her flexible naked body is longer, starting with more clothing and lingerie that is slowly stripped away.

I agree with you that the composition of some shots can be improved. Margo is good and her long hair are good. I will work over a set where Margo will be with a long flowing hair. In the first series of photographings with Margo I didn't use clothes, in a new series of shootings we will work with various clothes.
She is slender and in clothes she is magnificent.

Nice set and Margo is very pretty.

Watch the brightness with so much white in the image, it's tending to wash out the colour on the model and detract from the quality.

This is a mistake a number of other photographers have been making lately. If you can't control it with the camera settings or lighting on set then adjust the RAW image in photoshop. It's really quite simple.

Thanks. Remark very valuable to me.

WOW, WOW and WOW !!!
What a perfect body. I love every inch of you.
I wish you were my fuckfriend!

))I promise to transfer Margo your comment.

A must for Sexart - when the delightful Margo ready - would love to see her pleasure that delicious pussy and perhaps some girly juice dripping out!

I hope, you will see it soon.

I gave Margo's your responses, she is happy.

Catherine, you remind me of Erro, and Margo reminds me of Eufrat A and Altea B. please return to the studio and start work together on more sets.

Very much it is pleasant to me as Erro works and I am his fan.

this comment is to specifically thank Catherine for her wonderful work. i wish to see her again and again in future sets

I am grateful to you.

A gorgous young lady and a talented photographer gives an excellent set. I love every part in Margo’s body. I love her in her beautiful blank panty, and I love her without the panty realing her gorgeous ass and gorgeous, luscious pussy

Thanks kkronful. I will surely transfer Margo your admiration to her. It is sure that to it it will be flatter.

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! Awesome photo set!!! Margo looks so cute in this outfit--I luved photos 48 and 49!!! Next time include a few more with the panty lower, then have her turn around and do the same thing.

Hm ... my faves are 126 and 127, but we agree on the essentials, she is simply gorgeous, and this is a beautifully shot set.

My favorite rear view shot was 70...very hot!

Margo very much liked to participate in session, she wants to participate in shootings. I hope, you will see it again.

Thank you Cathrine and Margo for yet another wonderful set. I love the bow tie and glasses. So cute

The idea to apply points and a butterfly is a find of my makeup artist. This combination too was pleasant to a film crew. I am glad that it was pleasant also to you.

Too bad the glasses were removed in the first 6 photos and never seen again. She can leave them on....very sexy!

I worked for the first time with points and behaved very carefully with this subject.

Catherine brings us another stunning debutante in the form of the beautiful Margo, she begins the set in a cute little outfit which is nicely discarded to reveal her wonderful body in it's entirety, gorgeous.

It was Margo's first set, but she coped with it. Thanks for a response.

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