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Another masterpiece by THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Thank you Catherine you are wonderful.

I really like your recent sets, Catherine, or should that be Ekaterina?.

When a girl has a nice pussy or ass, it makes sense to show it! As you have been doing, recently.

Hi Catherine,

I hope you are feeling a little better today. I see you haven't responded to any comments so far, so I assume you are still feeling the effects of the cold and fever:(
I hope you are getting some needed rest. Get well soon Catherine.

Searing hot!! That 'look' in 62 sums up this entire set for me. I can do without the 'food metaphor', but that's what the delete button was invented for..;o) Great job ladies!! The model is very nearly as beautiful as the photographer...;o) Fantastic way to 'wake up', in any sense of the term.. XOXO

The strawberries were a nice touch. But I noticed Margo did not get messy at all, not even a smudge of red juice anywhere. That's one of Catherine's trademarks. Catherine's models are always so perfect and clean; I always thought it would be funny for one of them to sit down with a plate of spaghetti. The model would be nude, of course, with spaghetti sauce on her face and breasts, and a noodle in her hair. Then another nude, but perfectly clean model would come in, yell at her, then they would both jump into the shower, and be friends again. (I realize this will never happen, but it makes me laugh).

You never know. This would be much better as a film though. I would love to see that.

We'll have to wait and see!

I have found plenty to like in this set - adorable model, good lighting, expert photography. I believe we sometimes suffer from something called an embarrassment of riches - too much of a good thing. Here is a gorgeous naked girl, showing us every inch of herself in many different positions, but we are not satisfied, because she doesn't smile a lot. Well, I believe that the models are not plastic dolls, but rather human beings with distinct personalities and emotions. Even the same model's demeanor can change from one set to another. Recent set with Susana was great, and Susana seems to have a cheerleader personality (at least in that set), but Margo is not Susana, her natural demeanor is more subdued. Not every model will wear an ear to ear grin in every set, and that is fine. That is what makes it interesting, at least to me. I would rather see a variety of personalities and moods than the same smile on every model in every set.


I've yet to see a female who doesn't look MUCH better with her hair down. When is the ponytail getting ditched????

I'll second that. Totally agree.

All that's really necessary is a little whipped cream. :)

Who would give thumbs down to whipped cream? :)

I guess people with dairy intolerance :)

A truly gorgeous set, and the pensive thoughtful mood is a plus, not a minus. Wonderful photography, sexy posing, great eye contact ... perfection!

oops, apologies, thought the first one got lost, didn't need to say it twice.

a gorgeous hot girl, beautiful boobs, good shots of her delicious pussy gives an excellent set

good work sweet and lovely Katya.

i love both of you

Margo has that beautiful labia to die for.

One gets the impression that Margo is rather fond of... strawberries. ( :

Margo is beautiful. I like her derriere and butterfly. Thanks to both ladies.

Hello Catherine,

Margo is very attractive but I think she let you down. This set seems to lack the fluid ease and grace in the poses that is so typical in your sets. It seems like you photograghed a model who was setting for a series of oil paintings.

She's not aloof, there's plenty of eye contact. The poses are uninhibited. The photography, lighting, etc are superb. So I think the pensive mood is just a rather charming aspect of this astonishingly lovely woman. I like the set a lot.

I agree! "She's not aloof,"...clearly Margo is (as you say) "uninhibited"...and evidently, exquisitely "ORGASMIC". Photos 90-98 are testimony to the sublime eroticism of this gallery!

Sorry to say I felt that this set was stiff and un-emaginitive. It seemed like the model was just going through the motions and not at all interested in engaging us. The bowl of strawberries was the only thing colorful in this set.

I'm sorry, Catherine but I must also agree with hipshot. You know that I am a fan of yours, but this is not your best.

Yep! ;)

Spot on, spot on.

Would be nice to see her smile, at least in a few photos !!


A better photographer?

Kate is the best

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