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Photoset very nice made of filtered spot and little else
to hold the goddess Margo and her alluring necklace.

The girl is simply amazing.

The seller

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm sorry, I don't get it. Catherine's Nagna was my favorite photo shoot ever! Everything about it turned me on. I crowned Catherine as the greatest photographer in the Universe (The only one who really "got it"), but now this?

Triman, don't make snap judgments... check out some of Catherine's other sets. Just out of curiosity I looked it up today and she has almost 200 sets here on MA... check some of the others out. They range greatly in style and presentation, and much of it depends on the models Catherine is working with. Some are very strong and athletic, some are very feminine and "demure." Yet, Catherine has a very definite style that sets her work apart from the other photographers, IMHO.
I wouldn't count Catherine out as the result of a single set, myself. ( :

Hi Triman) I hope you do not have deprived me of the crown)) It was an early set Margo. She still is static in this set. Margo has a set that I really like. But it has not yet been published.

Margo is much to intense. To me she looks like she is either angry or in pain throughout this set. What is it that makes girls think that this sober intense look is sexy? It is not. A smile wins my heart and it seems this model doesn't know how to smile. She reminds me of a girl who is at a party and really wants to be somewhere else.

Margo is much to intense. To me she looks like she is either angry or in pain throughout this set. What is it that makes girls think that this sober intense look is sexy? It is not. A smile wins my heart and it seems this model doesn't know how to smile. She reminds me of a girl who is at a party and really wants to be somewhere else.

Hi hipshot131) I myself in this Sete felt that Margo could be a model. The following works were better. I agree with you that it is still somewhat constrained.

Interesting. She has no earrings, so today is all about the necklace, which has five green stones. Perhaps this is because this is her fifth appearance on Metart. I love Margo's face, but in these innocent looking sets I'm always drawn to the images showing her buttocks. What is it about butts? Butts are certainly a source of mystery, since you never directly see your own butt, only in the mirror or on photographs, so your image of your own buttocks is always one step removed. But why are female butts divine? Hopefully, if we ever have the courage, we will one day hold an international conference on the female buttocks, and learn more about this amazing feature of humanity. Thank you Catherine for bringing us more images of Margo! I'll try to be less weird next time.

Hi Ouchstopit) View female buttocks admire a lot of people. I know what you mean. For Margo, it was one of the first sets. It was during the filming of this set Margo began to feel more confident. I have not seen this photoset and waited for his publications on Met-Art. But to be honest I was expecting it to look better. Thank you for your kind words))

I have read somewhere that the sight of female buttocks is a powerful sexual stimulus for a male in virtually all species (that have buttocks, that is). Humans are the only animals that evolved to have sex (or make love) face to face, and it is a relatively recent development in the evolutionary process. In all other species, a male is always behind the female while having sex (hey, they don't call it "doggy style" for nothing). So, the erotic attraction to female buttocks is pretty much hard-wired into the heterosexual males' brains. At least, that's my excuse.

The face to face thing is NOT evolved... it is a cultural construct as we have become more social and monogamous...

The hard wiring for a love of a nicely raised butt, inviting a partner closer on the other hand...

Hi lember92) read with great interest. I learned new things. Thank you.

Makes sense to me ;-)

Besides, there is an element of vulnerability here. When a woman presents her backside to her lover (or, in this case, to the viewer through the lens of a camera), she implicitly says "I trust you", which takes it to another level of intimacy. I understand, of course, that in this case we are talking about an illusion of intimacy, but nevertheless...
See, who's weird now?

Weird? No. Interesting observations, yes. We all have that something that "does it for us" in a woman. Some might think I'm weird for liking a striking raised pubic mound. The great thing about MA is that there is something here for just about everyone.

If you ever hold that conference on female buttocks, please send me an invite. Who would the guest speaker be? Mike Tyson? Any suggestions?

Hi kilroy) it would be very curious to me to listen to Mike Tyson's lectures about female buttocks))


An exquisite body with perfect breasts.

Hi David S) You are right)

Margo has classic features: eyes, lips, cheek bones.

Hi Link Hogthrob. Margo has good female facial features. She has a very interesting look

Margo is very pretty indeed. I do wish she would learn to relax a little more,she is trying too hard to be a good model, and she already is. She needs to just relax and go with it.

Hi 5seadog) Margo at the beginning of the following sets to work much better. This set the beginning of her work. Thank you very much for your good wishes)

And smile occasionally.

Neil, My thoughts exactly! The key to an excellent set is personality and Margo is to stiff and reserved.

She is working too hard. Like 5seadog says, once she comes to realize that she IS a beautiful woman and a talented model, she will be great. It is all about confidence. Think Nikia.

Nikia is always a pleasant thought.

Her confidence is the quintessence of her beauty. Margo will discover it and that will make all the difference. Meanwhile, Catherin's talent will bring out Margo's beauty.

Margo is simply irresistible!!

I agree with you). Thank you)

Exquisite! More perfection from Catherine. The necklace is nice and adds to the photos. The use of jewelry is difficult but it can be done successfully as here.

Hi Gary. I'm very happy that you like this set. It was one of the firsts Marthis our work. Thanks.ery hard for me made everything good. But I like the colors of

beautiful girl wonderful set as always catherine thank you

Catherine, the opening sequence is very powerful... very impressive. ( :
And of course I must remark upon the contrast/compliment of the gorgeous jade beads with the yellow/orange background. A nice choice.

Hi fer_realz) Thank you for a good evaluation work. Color set I really like. It was my discovery. But now I found some uniformity for this set, which I explain the start of the model. Thank you)

I've already remarked on this, but it bears repeating... the more of your work I see the more I admire your sense of color.
I wish I were rich enough to hire you to decorate my house, I know I would love the results. ( :

Hi fer_realz) Now I became very interested in working with color. This summer I experimented with color spots on the nature. I have the feeling that to me so no one else did. The result was very interesting. I hope next season I will implement their ideas in the real work. Making your home is a very interesting task)) If it is necessary I'm willing to help))

Excellent! When I buy a home, you will be my interior decoration consultant. ( : ( :
On a more serious note, I can't wait to see how you translate the results of your color experiments into your sets!
Speaking of color, that cover picture on your FB page is exquisite -- those flowers are why purple was my first favorite color. ( :

In the facial photos #2, 55 & 62, this also brings out the green color of her eyes. Normally I don't care much about accessories, but the selection in this set is indeed a compliment as fer_realz points out.

BTW - Her profile says she has brown eyes, so either she is wearing contacts or the profile information is in error.

Check photo number 6, she is wearing clear contact lenses. You can see the curved edges of the lenses. The profile is wrong. This beautiful young woman has exquisite green eyes, as perfect as the finest gemstones.

Yes, Margo is the lens. As far as I know, these lenses correct her vision, and do not stain the pupil.

It is enough to put you to sleep.
A set for a school magazine.

Hi. You are very perceptive. This photoset is recommended for children's organizations. You guessed right.

Ha ha!

Kind of reminded me of a set that could have been shot by a boyfriend. Some individual shots were very nice however. IMO

I am very concerned and even scared... Guys! You're alive???

I agree. I sadly find most of Catherine's work to be boring and will not waste my time checking out her pictorials anymore.

Hello. I understand that there are photographers more preferred for you to Met-Art. Go to their pages and be comforted.

I hope today is a more pleasant day for you Catherine.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I have a good day today, l hope you too:)

Margo is a gorgeous hot girl, beautiful small boobies , gorgeous ass and delicious sweet pussy. Katya as usual gave us a perfect view of Margo’s treasures.
Katya , the shots of Margo’s pussy 115 to 120 were not sharp enough.
I wish to spend the rest of my life with this Russian girl exploring the treasures of her delicious and gorgeous body
I love you both

Hi kkronful) Thanks for your comments. I will make my shoots more sharp. I have already authorized you in facebook.

many many thaks dear Katya. i adore you


Very nice photoset, Catherine. Wonderful clean, athletic poses. Lovely rich background colors. Margo is possessed of a fresh but classically feminine beauty. The portraits of her face are wonderful. You have captured some intriguing expressions in her face. I like the close ups of the specific parts of her beautiful body. I always like to see your feminine sense of sensual erotic beauty. All in all, a wonderful work. My compliments to both you and the very beautiful Margo. My very warm regards and best wishes to both of you.

Now, perhaps you could answer a question for me. I know it is not polite to ask a lady her age. So, let me pose it this way. I am 64 years old. Am I old enough to be your brother, your father or your grand father? I imagine you to be only a few years older than your models, possibly in your thirties.

Hi Neil) I was very pleased to read your comment) Margo is young, but her face and her behavior are a beautiful female image. It is the female image. Her face has a noble traits. Thank you for your interest in me) I am 28 years old. In one of the comments on the set of Susana I pointed my address on facebook. If you're interested, we can talk there. A person's age is just a number. I will say a commonplace, the main thing is how you feel himself. Thank you)

"Noble" This is the perfect word to describe Margo's countenance. Rylsky has one model with the same kind of quality. Until now, I have been unable to find a word which properly describes her. Thank you. I can imagine Margo's likeness rendered in oils by one of the great masters and displayed in a great museum. Margo does not look like the cute little princess. She is the queen.

I am pleased to see that my imagination was correct. You are only a few years older than the young women with whom you work. You wonderful talent is only partially the result of years of experience. Your age makes it clear that you have been blessed with a very special and precious gift.

Out of 623 photos of Margo by Catherine, only 8 are nude full-length standing poses, all in the first set. Isn't it time to get off the bed? Just a thought.

C.P. - I also enjoy the full-length standing poses. To some, I guess it is a boring pose but I savor the hourglass curves of the female form. Catherine often provides this pose, but not in this set (and not for Margo apparently)for some reason. Still, there is plenty else here to enjoy. I can't expect every set to contain every pose I want. The great thing is that Catherine reads and considers our comments, so perhaps in Margo's next shooting she might include a couple of this pose.

Hi, I agree with you. Shoots in full height must be. But I tried to keep color spot on background in focus. It is strongly limits model positions. Thanks).

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