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please come back with your panty

Come to bed with me Margo, I'll give you a smile!

Margo is a gorgeous and sexy woman from her kissable, full lips to her beautiful breasts on down across her flat stomach to her inviting pussy.

And to Catherine, I think it's great that you read and respond to the remarks so quickly. Thank you for your great work here

if i want to state what i liked in Margo's body i would need pages. thanks to Margo for having the courage to show us the details of her beautiful body. i dream to kiss her all over. and i need to reserve one trillion kisses for the Russian girl i love. she knows herself.

This is an okay set of Margo. I liked the shots of her in the tight pants, she has great legs. Margo is mostly somber in the set, but that has already been discussed that it was her very first shoot. Still, she is beautiful.

Catherine, you have said that this was an old set and you are not particularly happy with it. Sometimes you are too hard on yourself. I do like how you always strive to improve. Good to hear that there is more to come from this lovely lady, I look forward to it. Thank you for responding to our comments and for your work here at MA.

Margo is very pretty but far too serious, on fact, in shot 21 she looks like she's going to cry. At this point I would stop the shoot as the model is too upset.

Interesting reflections in the glass in #21. I think she just looks pensive, or evocative.

Very nice Catherine:)
Margo is a pretty woman. She has a beautiful slim body. I especially like image #53....I love to see a beautiful woman smile:)

Thank you for everything. You are a great friend.
You are a beautiful woman....both inside and outside.
You have a heart of gold:) You are an amazing woman Catherine:)

Great Pussy, Pussy Pumped, Amazing Clit, Huge Clit Edible Clit, Suck that Clit, Deep Euro Anal, Tongue that Ass, Suck that Pussy, Eat that Pussy,

this should have gone in the user tags area.

I think it should have stayed in his head. Crude and rude locker room talk.

Agreed, nihil.
It's fine to have those thoughts... nobody else wants to hear them, however.

These comments from Dave C. are pretty much all he ever writes.
I guess he does this to irritate people???....but, it is quite crude considering many of the models read these comments.

I believe in freedom of speech, but have some decency when talking about a woman.

Hear, hear, Browning.
The models are just as human as anyone... who likes to be talked about like a piece of meat?!?

Thank you fer_realz.

Au natural lovely!

Thank you. I agree.

Any day is a good day if we get to see a nude Margo. Margo even looks sexy with her clothes on! I like image 12 especially. Do you ever fall in love with your models, Catherine? I bet they love you. I hope you had a pleasant Halloween.

Hi Ouchstopit) There are models that I really like. I love Vanda, I like Bogdana. All the models I work with are very nice people. In Russia Halloween celebrate students and young people. For them, it's an occasion to have fun and spend time together. That day I also had a good circle of friends in. Thank you)

Margo's beauty is overwhelming. I loved most of her photos, #93 is more than my heart can handle. I really don't notice what's in the background or lighting and filtering when there's a face as beautiful as Margo's to look at. Thanks Catherine and Margo.

Hi C6C791) I am very pleased that you enjoyed our work. In the future, I think you will see a set with Margo, which I really like. Thank you)

I think that this is pretty impressive work, especially considering that this was Margo's first set ever. I also like the fact that, unlike her (and most of the Catherine's) other sets, she starts out at least partially clothed. The slow removal of clothes adds an element of eroticism that could have been lacking had she started out fully nude, especially because it was done in character and not in the striptease-like manner.
Catherine, it's great to see your work again. Will we see any new models from your casting sessions back in the Summer? Good luck in your new work!

Hi lember92) I myself do not like it when the model undresses in the style of a striptease. It is not natural. Margo has the not the usual face. I am pleased that you enjoyed this work. Publication of the new models is the competence of Met-Art. I hope that the new models will be presented soon. Thank you very much)

Hi Catherine,
I like your sets with all your models, most of whom have worked with you for a while. I like the fact that, even though you have your unmistakable style, each model retains her unique personality. You have grown with these models as an artist, and they have grown with you. I asked about new models not because I grew tired of the ones you have worked with (it's not possible), but because I am interested to see your work as a more established and confident photographer with someone new to modeling or, at least, new to you. I am sure it will be exciting.
Again, best wishes to you and good luck!

Margo is elegant and beautiful. This set is superior in so many ways, the poses, lighting, makeup, subtlety. Catherine you are amazing. The technical quality of your photos is tops, and so is the photography, and so is your artistry. You are one of the great artists of the world.

Many thanks to Gary) Very nice to read such words. You are a wonderful and kind viewer. A great pleasure to work for you)

Poor low-contrast & boring photo set!

I know that you like it))

He simply can't bear to admit it! ( ;

I immediately realized it))

Lovely portrait to open the set, Catherine. ( :
And I admire a woman who is confident enough to wear skin-tight pants like those.
IMO, this is actually a very good set for a model's first shoot ever.

Hi fer_realz) You are very benevolent) Margot is very slender and she loves to wear tight pants. Thank you)

They are very impressive on her. (I like tights and yoga pants.) ( :

)) I would have it out in mind)

)) I would have it out in mind)

Margo is very pretty, with a very attractive sophisticated and noble kind of air. But I would love to see Margo relax and smile. Indeed, any expression at all, would be a wonderful improvement.

It seems like Margo is always almost ready to present a truly great photoset. She seems to be restraining herself. I like her presentation in PRESENTING MARGO, which I think is her best to date. In PRESENTING MARGO, she did not smile much, but she presented many different expressions and big, bold, athletic poses. She was cute and sassy and of course, supremely beautiful. If she could relax and be more playful, she would be fantastic. Just my opinion.

Hi Neil) Met-Art has a set Margo, where she is smiling. I'd like to have published this set. You would see her smile)) I hope this set will soon published.

I like this set. Margo looks so hot in those black tights. Margo has a splendid body and a regal look but I wonder if she can smile. I know she is a nice person but she needs to lighten up. I love her body, very athletic and buff yet very feminine. She is flexible,strong and dose excellent posing.

Catherine my love, this set really lacks color and the furniture and room are really cold and uninviting. It is not your best work for sure. You need to find more inviting backgrounds. I know summer has gone and the weather has been grey and cold but you should not let that show in your work.

Thanks Catherine, I thought this was an early set. It did not feel like your work does now. You have learned much and it really shows in your new sets but I am always afraid to say a set is old because here the sets are mixed up and not in order so there is no way to know for sure.

I like the models that are fun. Cute is never bad.

Thank you very much hipshot131) For Margo it was the first set. I thank you for your understanding and warm attitude towards me. This set was made ​​long ago. I will agree that this is not the best set. Margo tried and during the first set she behaved very selfless)

Well I think it's a great set and Margo's a great model. Subtle, understated, sophisticated. I wouldn't have known it was the first set she ever did. Someone mentioned #53 - it shows she can smile, and I think she's got something interesting going on there in #31, too!

Margo is coolly elegant and lovely, never less than beautiful, but rarely drop-dead sexy. I would love to see her loosen up a bit and project some more charm. The ice princess needs to melt. That said, I strongly suspect that Margo is a warm, affectionate woman. I'd certainly love to find out in person. Love to her and Catherine.

I actually prefer her look and expression. Her serious look turns me on far more than a silly laugh or giggle. There are some model here that have that deviant, naughty smile, and that is also very hot. I am attracted to sexually confident women, not giggly school girls.

Hi kanobione) I agree with you

I don't agree. There are damn few giggly schoolgirls on MetArt and plenty of beautiful women whose smiles are a major part of the sexuality they project on camera—Feeona, Lorena, Sapphira, Virginia Sun, Bogdana, Susana, Milana and many others are all sexually confident women who project part of their confidence in smiles.

To say that smiles are by definition silly and that Lorena is a giggly schoolgirl is absurd.

We don't need to agree. That's the beauty of freedom. You like what you like, I like what I like.

Hi Sailor) Thank you very much. Very interesting metaphor of "ice princess." Margo is not a cold, this girl is calm and confident. What you saw was her very first set.

Not one of Catherine's better work.

Hi ergo) You probably're right)

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