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Goncharov knows Sofi and Rylsky knows Maria. Goncharov has created amazingly beautiful images of Sofi. Rylsky has made masterpieces with Maria. I think each should stick to what works best. A perfect example of the parts being greater than the whole.

Sofi A is better off working alone .There is no chemistry in duo sets.
She is stunning and incredibly sexy which is not evident in duo sets.

Sofi's nipples are poppin, yet no good close ups:(

I love sofi's bush!! and her body is off the charts hot. this girl is a true sex goddess!

A wonderful sexy set of these two big breasted sweaty girls - yummy! Their huge swollen nipples are quite sensational.

The shots from the rear of Sofi's moist hairy pussy and anus are outstanding - what a body...

On the bright side, at least it's over.

Not the best Sofi set. Should asked me to clead off the seaweed(?) leaves that were spoiling her perfect features!

why do you need stupid props ?

In the Ukraine and Russia they use the bunches of branches it is part of the Banya tradition.

Use it for what?

They beat their skin with the leaves because they believe it opens the pores.

Sounds like maybe, fun for some, not me. I'd think a suana with these girls would be a whole lot more fun and it'd be just as healthy!

Both kissable all over... My sweety:-)

Not my 'cup-a-tea'...

sofie is my favorite but I prefer her alone

I like Maria and her amazing, edible nipples. Wondering about that dark mark that appears and disappears on her right calf. Very sexy set.


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