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Fenomenal nice set! Perfect color, perfect light, perfect acrobatic posing, perfect everything. Catherine, unfortunatly, some of your photosets (not this one) are over editied a little. Pictures are kinda smooth, no detales can be seen. Please, avoid retouching. Let your models keep acrobating posing.

I gave Marianne a 10 last week unaware of the new set. The second is a variation of the first. Maybe it would have been better Marianne would have rested on the divan to show us her less athletic side. The color of her hair inspired me to the vision of a careful trimmed bush.

All of us should be more tolerant. There isn't any reason to argue always once more about the one or other gallery which shows us the rest of our earlier natural outfit.

Honestly I was pleasant to tell a hair color of Marianna not so, I tried to compensate this moment a hard work of her body.

Society and culture (Excerpt from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulva)

Pubic hair removal is practiced in many cultures and has been common in the western world since the end of the 20th century. Piercings of the vulva include the Christina piercing and the Nefertiti piercing.In some cultures, including modern Western culture, women have shaved or otherwise depilated part or all of the vulva. When high-cut swimsuits became fashionable, women who wished to wear them would shave the sides of their pubic triangles, to avoid exhibiting pubic hair. Other women relish the beauty of seeing their vulva with hair, or completely hairless, and find one or the other more comfortable. Depilation of the vulva is a fairly recent phenomenon in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, but has been prevalent, usually in the form of waxing, in many Eastern European and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries, usually due to the idea that it may be more hygienic, or originating in prostitution and pornography. Shaving may include all or nearly all of the hair. Some styles retain a small amount of hair on either side of the labia or a strip directly above and in line with the pudendal cleft. Many people object to pubic shaving, which can result in cuts to the vulva and clitoris, ingrown hairs, pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) and folliculitis.[7]

Since the early days of Islam, Muslim women and men have followed a tradition to "pluck the armpit hairs and shave the pubic hairs". This is a preferred practice rather than an obligation, and could be carried out by shaving, waxing, cutting, clipping, or any other method. This is a regular practice that is considered in some more devout Muslim cultures as a form of worship, not a shameful practice, while in other less devout regions it is a practice for the purpose of good hygiene. (See Islamic hygienical jurisprudence.) The reasons behind removing this hair could also be applied to the hair on the scrotum and around the anus, because the purpose is to be completely clean and pure and keep away from anything that may cause dirt and impurities.[8]

Several forms of genital piercings can be done in the female genital area. Piercings are usually performed for aesthetic purposes, but some forms like the Clitoral hood piercing might also enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse. Though they are common in traditional cultures, intimate piercings are a fairly recent trend in western culture.

The most prevalent form of genital alteration in some countries is female genital mutilation (FGM): removal of any part of the female genitalia for cultural, religious or other non-medical reasons. This practice is highly controversial as it is often done to non-consenting minors and for debatable (often misogynistic) reasons. An estimated 100 to 140 million girls and women in Africa and Asia have experienced some form of FGM

Very informative. Read with great interest. Thanks)

Catherine, you show an exemplary lack of ego and openness to criticism. These are virtues we all need, and I admire your patience and good nature. But, if I can make a suggestion, there are possible risks in this.

You are a trained artist, and if you didn't have strong aesthetic feelings you wouldn't be doing this sort of work. One does want to learn from other perspectives, rather than getting trapped in one's own, in order to improve. But there's a clear distinction between learning about what works aesthetically and being influenced by other people's preferences. Since presenting art is an emotional exposure, the potential trap is to use feedback as a way of learning to play safe. The danger is compounded if you're attempting to make a living off your work.

The results can be quite damaging. It's why Hollywood movies tend to be so bad, to take one of many examples. I would much rather see work that followed its own logic; then I have real and interesting to relate to. I might not like it all the time, but so what? You wouldn't want to have friends who just tried to tell you what you wanted to hear.

So the bendy stuff? The mirrors? All that? Do it if and only if it makes sense to you. Don't let anyone talk you out of it.

As for this series, I loved it, with a reservation I'll mention in a moment, and in general I love this kind of gymnastic display. It's graceful and accomplished, with all kinds of interesting lines and shapes, and it's genuinely sensual in a way that many series are not, because it makes you aware of Marianna as a woman, with her own traits, rather than as yet another model disappearing into a set of conventions about what's supposed to be erotic. To my taste, it's about as good as things get, unless they actually involve Vanda.

There are 12,992 updates on MetArt as of today, and there's no need for all of them to try to do exactly the same thing. I was pleased this series didn't. But its problem, I think, is that it doesn't articulate that clearly enough. The set involves a sofa. The expectation is that it's going to be standard issue glamor photography, and some of it is. But mostly it isn't, and it's an uneasy mixture. The stretching really doesn't fit into the standard bedroom genre, so it comes across as bad glamor photography.

I think that's why the stretching gets a mixed response, not that people find it inherently unpleasant. It's a matter of mixed messages about what's being presented. What would be unambiguously beautiful if framed in the right context comes across as a set of contortions in the context of a bedroom. Just setting the poses in a different kind of space and using different lighting would clarify this pretty easily. (Natural light would work very well for this; it's the kind of thing Rylsky and Erro excel at.)

Which brings things back to the original point, which is that it's best to commit to a set of ideas, and find a way to give them effective expression, rather than keying too directly off the preferences viewers express. The latter can get you lost

Sorry, I do go on, don't I? Anyway, it's wonderful to have you around, and I wish you success for many years to come.

Hi Fred2. Your response very much touched me and it was pleasant. In total you told but it is very sensible and it is detailed. I want you to assure, at me rather developed idea of with what I would like to see the works. Responses which to me write and which I read, won't be able cardinally to change my approach to work. But thus each response certainly does fuller and my idea of that what my photo has to be volume. How long to me I wasn't necessary to work I understand that it will be not stopping process of training. Therefore the comment wouldn't seem to what inconsistent, it all the same bears advantage. I am grateful to all who responds and writes responses for my works.
I now too think that the sofa not absolutely is suitable for gymnastic poses. At this model strength are gymnastic poses therefore I and used it in work. Once again thanks for such detailed comment.

Hello Artist! Let me say first that I am happy looking at this photoset, and I've always liked seeing yoga-like poses and dancing poses. What I personally would like to see in a future set is more of these poses, but with more striking highlights and shadows. This one is understandably lit softly, because of the attitude and look you were going for. I wish (please do not take offence) that on some of the photos, the toes, or hands, or knees were not cropped off the picture plane. You have your own reasons for doing so, but the great energy the poses contain can be lost if the entire body isn't seen, in my humble opinion. Many of these photos, and especially your previous lesbian photoset, have terrific energy. Please do not let negative comments prevent you from communicating with your fans. You certainly do not have to listen to any of us, but it is really nice to have a creator of fine erotic art to express our opinions to. Thank you for entertaining us.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thanks for your response. Thanks for caution. You are perfect wrote about a problem with framing when parts of a body are cut off by shot edges. This set obviously doesn't have a light expression. I try not to remove so any more. For me it is already passable stage. Thanks for the kind relation to me and to my work)

marianna can play twister with me anytime!
really all she needs is a hiarcut, hair color and the right make up.


Images d'une grande beauté. Cette séance vaut au moins un 10 pour la beauté,la souplesse et la grâce de Marianna. Chapeau au photographe !

Thanks)) I Thank you))

Ropes and chains. You men complaining about the endless series of gymnastic, athletic poses have no imagination. I see the series as a challenge to try to keep her in one place long enough to have sex. And I certainly wouldn't mind having those beautiful legs wrapped around me.

As for pubic hair, I prefer a natural, moderately groomed bush. I have never liked the clean shaven look so popular on Met-Art. Razor stubble is a total turn-off and, too often, that's what you see in the hi-resolution, close up images.

Hi amy_celeste) Thank you for your courage and support))

Not often enough to change MY mind...;o) I'll take 'stumps' over a 'forest' any day...or nite, and not just for 'viewing' purposes...;o)


Another superb achievement by Catherine. She and Marianna are artists of the highest order. Marianna's beauty is breathtaking and her attitude superb. I do wish, however, that Marianna would not shave. Natural hair under the arms and in the pubic area would add a lot to her erotic appeal.

Hi Gary. Thank you for the kind attitude to my work. I already wrote in the comments about the attitude towards this issue. I will try to work with the model has some amount of body hair.

Well,Catherine,i like your work and always support it,but forgive me if i tell you that i find this set totally absurd.

Hi gswkJu. Thank you for good attitude to me. I understood everything, gymnastics'll be careful)

I like this photographers work, however I do not like this set. A few flexible shots are OK but a whole set is far too much. I am only interested in these types of poses once every four years - when the Olympic Games comes around.

))) I understood everything tintin.

A word for "Hello" ----

When I became a subscriber to PLAYBOY, girls were still "bushy" (but Hefner didn't show it then). I have grown up seeing women with all sorts of "looks" and my personal opinion is that "less is more" and the less the better.

Case in point -- Milena D. Beautiful girl -- most engaging. But I find her far less enjoyable than most. Someone needs to teach her to shave. Her "beard" gets out of control and her armpits are, after all, a point of etiquette. The "peasant look" is all well and good, but the sophisticates run with the big dogs! ;->

Hi, it's curious that the models and photographers outside the web (in magzines) often "rediscover" the pubic hairiness. Or watch the nude catwalk in Robert Altmans movie "Pret a porter" Using wigs in movies ever was usual. O.k. today the actors realy copulate onstage in my country. One night stands are usual. The times have changed. Why aesthetic discurses? But outside the theaters and the web we have a larger smugness all over the world then in the seventies for example. More nudity in Europe in former times you found in naturist magazines. Catherine could study some old naturism magazines to become a lion-hearted knight of the holy bush. )

In point of Milena. Very sweet girl. But I don't understand your problems because she has so many varied series in terms of the topic.Sometimes she is a hairy fairy - I like this Rapunzel.

My idea of a body was formed not so much by photos and magazines how much pictures of classic artists)

If You meant You don't like the silicon dolls in magazines I completely agree.

Hi Dreadnought. I agree with You. I like more work without hair on the body. But according to many, but these opinions I respect. I apparently have to have the courage to do the job with a certain amount of body hair.

I am a great admirer of your work, Catherine. Please do not allow my personal preference to interfere. I once wore the clothes of a younger man, and through the years I have learned that beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. I find these days that I am more "into" the shape, subtle colors, and textures of the objects of my desire. Thank you for the kindness of your reply.

Hi Dreadnought)) It to you thanks for support and a warm attitude to my work))

  • 3 years ago:

Do you run a Yoga class by any chance Marianna?

No, I never practiced yoga. And probably already I will be after your remarks))

A more general mark: it seems MET and the photographers bow them more and more to the current vogue that all has to be clean shaven like before an operation. It's finally absurd when some photographers blur then the result. What's with the "Unshaven series"?
A good example is Model Sylvie (Elance)She began to model with a full bush. The first set by MET was trimmed. Later...the usual way.
I'm n o t fixed but think that some models and their series would look probably better with some hairs round their sanctuary - not close-cropped, that looks unprofitable and makes no sense.
What do You think about it in terms of your work? It seems that it's more courageous to present unshaven sets today.

Hi Hello. Met-Art offers photographers work to model were with some hair. Let me tell about myself, I'm afraid of this. I would like to do the work to make your model with a certain amount of pubic hair. But I can't muster the courage to do this)

My favorite painter of nudity is not Courbet, Klimt or Schiele but the german-silesian painter Otto Mueller (1874-1930)
Take a look at his gypsy paintings. I like his style. Surf and let You inspire. He also painted young underaged girls without hair.



Perfect sample:

Could not one of these sweet models be Luiza?

Hi Hello) Thanks for your selection, I with a great interest looked at it. I saw interesting pictures) When there will be more time, I will study pictures of this artist in more detail.

Catherine, now the subject is out you should have the courage. Look at your sets with the very gorgeous and attractive SABINA B. With a trimmed pubic hair the model looks normal and natural. These sets of SABINA B with trimmed pubic hair are indeed my favorites. I agree with Hello mode with clean shaven body looks like a patient before undergoing an operation. This is only my personal taste.

I agree that unshaven can look beautiful and natural as in the case with the model Sabina B/

Very nice Catherine. Very....artistic ;o) Pretty girl too.

Hi rockhard) Very good to read it. Thanks)

before seeing this set i graded it 10. any work for Catherine should be graded as such.

gorgeous model, talented and top photographer, and excellet poses yields an excellent work.

wow, what a flexible body. is Marianna a gymnast. gorgeous body.

Hi kkronful)) Thank you for such evaluation) My opinion is that this set is not worthy of such a high evaluation. But nevertheless thank you Thank you:)

for the first time i disagree with Cathrine my top top favorite photographer.

first i appreciate the beauty of the girl. i adore beautiful girls. second i appreciate the effort done by the photographer and the girl herslf to put her body is such difficult shapes.

please tell me you agree with me it is a superb set. can you give this gorgeous model my appreciation and congratulations

Kkonful, I am very glad that you liked a photoset)) I passed Marianna your words, she smiled broadly, and was very happy.

nice set but rather sequential like Leocont's work.I appreciate Marianna is very flexible but not sure if whole set needed the gymnastic prowess.

) ) I will be careful with gymnastics.

I fully agree with you. I found this set rather different. It is as though it is a study of motion but certainly I do appreciate Marianna and Catherine

It is very interesting to me to work with a flexible body. But I see that sensuality is more demanded)


Beautiful girl photographed in an elegant setting! Acrobatic poses are one of the hallmarks of Catherine's style, and often times they accentuate the beautiful curves of a woman's body. But I would prefer to see them mixed in with at least an equal number of more standard poses.

Yes, I agree with You. You're right)

Bendy models are great! Marianna also has nice nipples and a great pubic mound as in 73 and 84.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Marianna very sporty. I like to use is its quality work. I'm glad You liked it. But reading the reviews, I understand that this is not very good.

So pleased to see Marianna again after almost two years! It was her first appearance here that tipped my hand into joining Metart as a member.

It is fine that you again here Met-Art and Marianna again here) I Suspect, it once again you will please))



Marianna very flexible, I wanted that at once without preludes to show the body))

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