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A vast improvement over her last set. The smiles and more relaxed feel made this set much nicer. I don't know if I like the heels through the entire set or not? Seems a bit odd. I really like the fact that there are more intimate shots in this set. The athleticism is nice but we can forget that this is erotic art and closeups are very desirable.

She does have a very nicely formed body. Everything in perfect balance and so firm and symmetrical. Her butt and breasts are magnificent! A little more emphases on the sensual and a bit less gymnastics would make this set perfect.

This girl is a 10 and I really wanted to see all of her -- too bad!

Talk about sexy -- those red heels are the perfect accent.

To me, 63 is a perfect shot. thank you both!

Catherine, your work is amazing. What sets it apart from many other photographers is that each image you give us seems to have been conceptualized and created as if you were the only picture you were going to take. I honestly feel like some photographers just put the camera on auto-snap and then present five or more of the same photograph. Each of your pictures gives its viewer the feeling that it is entirely new. That is truly a testament to your superior composition, Marianna's talent as a model, as well as her unique beauty. I couldn't agree with Kilroy more as I think this is a wonderful set. Thank you

I always look forward to seeing Catherine's work here. She never disappoints. I like the flexible models, like Marianna and Susana C (also shot by Catherine) and Annett A. I think the accentuation of the flexibility in posing is very erotic. Catherine excels at showing this. Great set, I am at a loss why it does not score higher.

Well done Catherine :)
I see that the model likes gymnastics ;)
These are the original position.
None of the photographers did not take the trouble to do something different than the other.
They quickly and by that standard and boring :/
I at least expect something more than the standard.
I also see a number of light sources :) Big (Y)
I really like the accent in the form of red high-heeled sandals :)
fits nicely with the ground poses a model.I like the color.
I greet and wish you continued success sets.

pretty girl flexible body great poses. good work dear Catherine

i need to kiss both of you Catherine and Marianne

Catherine always has such a good relationship with her girls. To me, this set is one of her best sets. Would it not be fun if she would start to end her sets with a photo of she, her crew, and of course the model. Sort of a behind the scene peak.

Nice set Katusha. The model oozes sexiness.

Gorgeous model and wonderful photographer. Catherine again produces elegance and art.

The color of the shoes complements the overall theme, as well as looking great on Marianna's incredible legs. And, she left them on for the entire set......reminds me of someone I knew long ago. ;)

Another nice set of Marianna. Very pretty girl and very nice set Catherine. I've missed you...;o)

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