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She is a 10 ... and my goddess

Marcia is so beautiful. Love the pics of her showing us her pretty feet up close.

What a sweet dream Wow

Marica has such a wonderful naughty smile. When combined with her beautifully spreading her legs or putting her bottom in the air it is a magical combination. Great set of photos.

oh those cheek bones! And the eyes... and that smile. Don't forget those legs... and cute feet... *sigh*

Marica: a blue-eyed beautiful face.
A smile to kiss.
A curvy body and sensual.
A show without veils of its feminine intimacy.
A set OK+

I never cease to be inspired by Marica's awesome eyes. The rest of her follows, but the eyes always get my attention first (no, really!). Nice set, starting off in a robe on the bed like she just got out of the shower. I always enjoy those "mound shots" like 62 & 73, that show her curvy mons so wonderfully. Another great set from Arkisi.

Nice work especially the closeups of her vagina and anus. Those areas can be artistic as well as erotic, and here they are nicely done from both perspectives.

As a photographer of women myself, I have so many different ways of seeing a shoot like this. First, the positive. Gorgeous, wonderful model! I'm so happy to see images of this woman. Face, hair, eyes, smile, body, all amazing! And the exposures ... once you learn about this sort of thing yourself, it's hard to ignore it in other people's work. Here, they are excellent. For a photographer, bad exposures of a great model can be really distracting. No such problems here. In general, this is a very enjoyable shoot for me and thanks to the photographer and model for presenting it. Room for improvement ... sure ... but I'll keep that bit to myself, as probably no body else cares. ;)

She may have the most photogenic, inviting, and arousing bottom I have seen....

Nice photoset of the beautiful Marcia. Wonderful fantasy! Thanks!

Oh yummy! Saturday morning paper and coffee in bed with the lovely Marica... followed, one would hope, immediately by breakfast in bed lasting all day long... why waste any of the day doing anything else? ( :

I could feast on this lovely lady all day. Sucking those delicious labia and hopefully getting some juice would sustain me.

Altezza, Italian for "highness"—a perfect title for a princess a lovely as Marica. She really is pretty in this set, with her hypnotic eyes, beautiful mouth and transfixing breasts. One observation: in pix 59-61 she had a dollop of "passion juice" (love that term) on her pussy. As is true almost always, the moisture was gone very quickly and never reappeared. Don't do that on my account. The passion juice is like frosting on a beautiful cake. If the model isn't bothered by it, leave it, per piacere.

Marcia, sì tesoro! Vedo tua figa è cremoso! Questo è fantastico! Grazie!

My wife's comment, "What is it with the posed hair?" Yes she beutiful very long black hair but... The hair fanned on the bed is little dated. Otherwise good set.

Your wife views MetArt with you, swplf2?
Sounds like a keeper for sure... congratulations!

Twenty Years now, and yes definitely a keeper. We don't actually view it together but she pays attention and has since I first started with Met Years ago. She has the ones she likes best and will ask "Anything new from "X", the ones she likes. Doesn't care for the gyno explicit but also thinks we have some of the prettiest women anywhere. I use the non-explicit one regularly as my wallpaper. She always comments...

Well she is certainly right about our models being the prettiest around!
I think it says tons about her that she doesn't feel threatened by your viewing MetArt and even having her own favorite models. ( :

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