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Marica is gorgeous, I want her! Great set, but when outdoors, adding a bit of red and yellow to the color balance helps skin tones a lot. I know there are Photoshop bashers out there, but it's just like choosing the right film, not really altering the images.

I work on monitor with wider color space than sRGB which most users has. Sometimes it hard to imagine what you could see, "Proof colors" in PS works not always fine.

You are right, sRGB is very limited gamut. I use Adobe RGB (1998), calibrated of course. I am on to a new career, but I did professional photography for 25 years.

Color balance is a matter of personal taste. Outdoor shoots without flash seem "cool" to me, due to all the blue sky. So I like to add a bit of yellow and if necessary, some red. I even put warm-up gels on strobes sometimes, they often seem too blue to me.

My preference with women is warm skin tones. You and others may feel differently.

Today was a fantastic day on MetArt. Four visions of beauty. Thanks to all!

I'm enjoyin' this a lot ... outdoor works for me ... will explore this model further.

Fantastic. What a face! Those eyes are enigmatic, otherworldly, with cheekbones of an angel, or of some other being sent to tempt us. Seeing her in a natural setting only magnifies these qualities. The rocks, water, and foliage look terrific (though I hope the area above is roped off, so no one walks on the edge and causes an avalanche, crushing our goddess)! Some of my favorite images are the ones with her in the water, with the leaves and branches all around her. In those images she looks like a water nymph, or one of the paintings of Adam and Eve, or really just Eve. It's interesting that most people's ideas of paradise are filled with beautiful nude women in nature.

Marica is hung real fine!

Marika's eyes radiated throughout the set, definitely one of her strong features. I didn't mind the set being outdoors, nor the limited amount of dirt or mud on Marica later in the set. This is an unusual location shoot (certainly for Arkisi), and I enjoyed it for that. Versatility in being able to shoot well in varying settings is an indicator of photographic talent, and Arkisi certainly has talent.

Marica is totally beautiful, and as long as the photog follows the first rule, keeping the sun out of the model's eyes, I prefer outdoor shots.this is truly a beautiful set, and Marica is one of the wonders of the world,she is so beautiful. I give Leonardo and Marica both a 10+

Almost forgot.You should see her sets on SexArt

And did forget, Arkisi did this set, Leonardo the other. Sorry Arkisi

I really like Marica's eyes, breasts, wrinkled areolae, glass cutters, and bubble butt. I just upgraded her from a 10 to one of my favorite(s) status.

I realize I'm in the minority on this, but I prefer outdoor sets....and this one is spectacular!
Marica looks fabulous from head to toe....from beginning to end, this set is a definite 10 in my book.

I usually prefer women with smaller breasts, but Marica is an exception, she looks great!
Marica has an exceptionally pretty face, enticing blue eyes, and a magnificent body.

I didn't look to see who the photographer was until I was finished gazing through the images, but when I did, I was not surprise to find out the photographer was Arkisi.
Without a doubt IMO, Arkisi is one of the top 5 photographers in Met Art's network of sites.

Many thanks to both Arkisi and Marica, an excellent set of a beautiful woman.

I love outdoor sets....

and all the time I thought: *drooool*

seriously, you don't have to wrap her up. I'll take her right the way she is....

Love this girl and even though this is an outdoor shoot, I'll probably still be downloading it. Her unique facial features are quite captivating and definitely make her one of those "one in a million" types. Or, more accurately, one in several hundred million. Very sexy. :-)

Hi Alyssa-you are probably noticing that she has some tatar blood like Jenya D. The Ukraine was ruled by the Nogai Horde until they tangled with Ivan the Terrible. They then retreated to the Crimea, where they could be protected by the Ottoman Turks,but continued to raid until conquered by Peter the Great snd his neice Catherine the Great. They were finally destroyed by Stalin sfter WWII, since they hated Russians even more than they hated Germans But boys and girls do like to play.

Interesting. Quite a colorful history by the sounds of it. And yes, I can see a resemblance in Marica's looks and Jenya's, now that you mention it.

Thanks for the brief history of the Nogai Horde, 5seadog. That makes me want to read more about them and their ups and downs.

Radiant loveliness, hypnotic eyes, dirty soles, and wide stretches of that dark exciting rear end - that's a combination that works for me! Thanks, gorgeous.

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