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I missed this young models debut, but I'm glad I ran across it later. Delicious! :-)

Angelina Jolie face.

I just looked up Marisa Nicole's score and was shocked to see a low 7.84 out of 10. I have seen skinny, flat chested, flat assed, unattractive models score much higher on this site. How can this be? There must be a bunch of weirdoes voting on this site.

Marisa Nicole is a definite 10+. Hang in there baby.

Very lovely butt. Show it off more.

Marisa nichole is very beautifull girl i love u very much

A wonderful addition to Metart's league of well-endowed models. Her womanly curves are very sensual. I would love to see more of this beauty.

Marisa Nichole is a very beautiful girl and Matiss has done a perfect set of her.He did this by letting her get out of her dress and start posing nude at her own speed I gave marisa a 10+ and she is very under-rated

Marisa Nichole is a very beautiful girl and Matiss has done a perfect set of her.He did this by letting her get out of her dress and start posing nude at her own speed I gave marisa a 10+ and she is very under-rated

  • 1 year ago:

more, more, more, please. A movie would be nice, too.

Wow, two sets today with woman who aren't in a rush to take their sexy dresses off and instead show all there feminine qualities!! Thanks ladies!

Popkas popkas rah rah rah, popkas popkas rah rah rah; I love popkas!

And significant eyebrows, enchanting multi coloured eyes, lovely large breasts with large areolae, smiles with dimples, an hourglass figure, and strong and shapely legs.

Welcome to MET Marisa Nicole, I hope you favour us with many future visits.

Matiss: thank you for sharing this lovely woman with us, the many popka views, the many images featuring her lovely breasts, numerous views of her fascinating multi coloured eyes, and the arms akimbo shot amongst quite a few hourglass figure views.

K: thank you for this latest instalment of more voluptuous ladies.

Wow... Ease up on the green there baggy...;o)

@ rachsback:

I searched "green" in the urban dictionary and found nothing remotely applicable.

However, this definition (#46) seems to perfectly describe you when you are at your most disputatious. The grammar mistakes / typos are theirs, not mine.

A person who when drinks too much becomes mean spirited. Generally refers to middle aged men who are not happy with their life and take it out on other people or themselves.

Robert- " He's lost it man, he's so green I hope he does'nt think he can drive a car."
John-"He Can get pretty green if you try to stop him from drinking"

P.S. If you looked in the same Urban Dictionary that I just looked in, you're pretty funny...;o)

LOL Very "green" of you baggy!! Now lookup "weed"...

Robert-"Roll up some green and we can hit the road"...
John-"Dude...that was the last of our green. We better make a stop"

I love all the teasing opening shots, giving us a taste of the wonderful curves Marisa is hiding under her form-fitting dress. And, I'm going to venture a guess that the bold color is a reflection of her personality. Marisa's 'got it,' and she's confident, and playful, in showing us. A wonderful debut, and I'm sure we're all looking forward to the next set. Orange is the new black.

Tits so big each one gets its' own name: "Marisa" and "Nicole"!


Marisa has curves! Those full legs and behind are so wonderfully proportioned. I love her in that orange dress, yet some upskirt opportunities were certainly not capitalized. I do appreciate the full body shots. This set was a little conservative, as can be expected for a first time, so Matiss will have to bring her back again.

While, like comrade Magwich, I greatly admire most of Matiss' work here, I have noticed over time that he tends to the slightly conservative side of erotic photography. ) : Too bad for us, he photographs such amazingly sexy women...

Wow, Marte E just got some competition!

Hello Marisa Nicole! Welcome to Metart! :)

Marisa possess a lovely figure.Very nice debut and hoping to see more.

A wonderful set featuring a beautiful new model. Marisa Nicole is gorgeous, with a lovely curvacious body. Welcome Marisa Nicole, I hope we see much more of you, in many more sets. I like the white background, with the splash of orange. I think Matiss is more comfortable with outdoors shoots in the beautiful Ukrainian countryside, but this is very nice indeed.

Don't you mean "curvaceous 'womanly' body"?? lol ;o)

There you go laughing out loud again. You realy should see a psychiatrist about that.

...only if the out loud laughter is "inappropriate," and is accompanied by at least 3 other relevant symptoms, Neil. ( :

I guess you can't tell neil, but I AM a psychiatrist!! LOL

That's exactly WHY I'm always L'ingOL...;o)

And I "see" myself daily.

@ Neil:

In the real world, as many outbursts as we are subjected to here would surely lead to intervention by three or more strong people equipped with a snug fitting garment which has extra, extra, extra long sleeves.

I once read a gibe from a different Member which can more readily be applied to rachsback than the innocent veteran campaigner who received it.

It read "I bet you spend a lotta time correcting typos on Twitter”.

^ Sheer genius there.

Well, if I were a "twit", you might have something there baggy ;o)

And if I was still "correcting typos" here, I wouldn't have time to look at the pretty girls...;o) LOL No...realy! LOL

Another great curvy girl! Welcome, Marisa Nicole :)

The debut of a very nicely curvy young lady. I enjoyed the opening sequence in the hot minidress but would like to have seen some upskirt shots before it came off. Marisa's assets were very nicely displayed in the dress and out. ( :
Welcome, to a very beautiful young lady. I hope to see more of you!

ditto on that, especially the upskirt, fer.

The upskirt fur!!??

^ Yup, you DEFINITELY spend hours correcting typos on Twitter. :D

LMAO! I told you...I'M NOT A TWIT!! ;o)

I just enjoy playing with words...;o)

a very beautiful model and the worst photographer on met art. i wish i could give Matis less than 1/10.
very bad photography, very bad resolution.
is it soft focus again???

dear K
if the bad resolution is due to soft focus, please do someting to stop this.

the worst set ever published.

"Worst" set? I highly doubt that ... as a matter of fact, I KNOW it's not the worst set.

I must have really poor taste since I very much admire the work of "the worst photographer on met art".

Let's see: Most of these photos are quite sharp. No signs of "soft focus". And no airbrushing visible around her "nips".

Other than that, great comments!

(If you're gonna make up stuff to complain about, could you at least make a real effort?)

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