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Beautiful model, but I think she has a neck problem. She's with her eyes looking down on us and her neck is up. She should see a doctor to have that checked. ;)

Stunning debut from Marisol. Mesmerizing breasts, simply delicious!

What a beautiful start! Lovely breasts, now just lean forward and take a picture to see them in all their beauty....

Stunningly beautiful breasts - simply awesome! What a beautiful sexy ass as well. Definitely a woman with many sexual charms. Would like to see her display her pussy more though. This first photo set was quite a tease in that regard so look forward to more photos of her that more fully reveal the beauty between her legs.

I think I am in love

This is a decent debut set, but nothing spectacular. It gets off to a slow start, but all's well that ends well I suppose. I would have liked to see a little more variety in the poses, and a little more openness, but this is her first set so we are just getting acquainted. Perhaps that is why she took so long to undress.

Marisol is a dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty, and of course the obvious thing that everyone is noticing is her amazing breasts. Wow! She does have a great figure, like in shots 54 & 55, she looks marvelous just standing there. I hope she will come back again next month, maybe with another photog.

Wow...Met Art has discovered another beauty in Marisol. I'd love to see more photos of this lovely lady. A perfect 10!

Just the way I like it. Clean shaven, totally nude, no clothing, no costume, no jewelry. Hair cut to the right length. Nice boobs and ass. Excellent poses. Excellent photography. Nice setting. Overall a 10+.

Marisol is super-hot. I love her face and eyebrows, dark hair and complexion, and most of all her breasts! The first pic in which they are revealed - 39 - is an awesome shot. As if she appreciates the first revealing of her breasts. But they need to be shown more.

Fantastic addition. And further proof I need to board the next plane to Ukraine. That country has a monopoly on beautiful women!

Marisol is absolutely stunning! Her next set cannot come soon enough. I do agree, however, that the photography could have been more inspired. Of course, that can be easily remedied with such a beautiful model! Welcome, Marisol.

Welcome Marisol. I love your hair, eyebrows, puffy outer labia and derriere.

Agree in part with Sailor, "another beauty with a Ukrainian pedigree" but this did not jump out at me. Kinda of a "cookie cutter" intro. Cute girl, but nothing special. Overall none of today's entries give us anything to rave about.

Cut her a bit of slack! It's her debut—time for encouragement.

Sailor, I thought by referencing you I was not knocking the newbie. She is actually exactly what you said and has a chance but not with such a low rated artist. Hell he has barley a 6.00 rating. That's probably where the cookie cutter comes in. He is copying not innovating. Maybe if he joined us here on comments we could help him up his game. Arrogant asshole, aren't I today...Sorry, about it.

Since I self deprecate I thought my reply might get thumbs up. Oh well, Ry told me to ignore them.

Since I self deprecate I thought my reply might get thumbs up. Oh well, Ry told me to ignore them.

Oops! sorry for double...

Welcome Marisol, another beauty with a Ukrainian pedigree. A lovely debut. (With breasts like those, what else could it be?)

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