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A gorgeous girl with hottest body i saw. she has a curvy perfect body. i love her boobs, her curvy ass, her perfect thighs and her juicy pussy. i love her

Perfect tits!

Are you guys blind ?

This is one of the hottest sets of photos I've seen in quite some time.

You have a beautiful model with an incredible body and a juicy pussy.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Many of these comments are so cruel they embarrass me as a member. This set obviously was shot with skill, and if you can't see that I have to question whether you have ever seen "amateur" erotic photography. I enjoyed this set.

You must be very sensitive. I didn't think any of the comments were particularly "cruel"... Even 'jimmy' who thought he wasted his time, said "a BIT of a waste of time"... Nothing cruel there...just his opinion. Don't be embarrassed...we're all family here lol ;o)

"Blinded by the Light"!! ;o)

This is a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, the photography is amateur; more than its share of cut-offs; what is this guy shooting with? Or is s/he too mesmerized by the model's aroused body. Tch Tch!

An absolutely gorgeous woman with phenomenal breasts and I love a good bedroom shoot, but again I have to ask... why take shots of only half of her body? Is this some artsy fartsy thing that I am just not getting? I felt the same way about Susana's new set today. Hmmm... :/

I've long complained about "photographic decapitation", but I don't quite get what your issue is here... The photographers will focus on the top portion of a models body, or the bottom portion, as well as doing close-ups of various areas of her body, and full-length shots of her entire body. Would you limit the sets to either close-ups or full-body? Do you prefer the glass be empty or full and disregard the "half full/half empty" perspective? Is it possible that I don't understand your complaint/observation??

Rachsback, I appreciate a wide variety of shots and I think such variety is necessary to get the most out of a good model and show her off to full effect. In that regard, I found the camera angles and framing of a lot of these shots to be too limiting in their perspective. Some people agree and some people disagree. The consensus appears to be split on this one.

I shot Ardelia in that room, not published yet. It is very small bedroom and it is very tricky to shoot full-length portraits there. The photographer was afraid of geometry distortions IMHO

Why choose such a limiting environment!?

When you hire a model for a limited amount of time, you try to arrange shooting preferrably in one place. For example - this is 4 roomed apartnent for 4-5 sets accordingly.

Question remains...why choose a space that limits the possibilities for the "work"...? Is it a question of economics??


Thanks, Arkisi! Always very interesting to hear from photographers and get more information about things like this :-)

Lovely girl but this set was a bit of a waste of time

Just curious... in the spirit of "constructive criticism," would you care to elaborate why it was a waste of time?

Sadly, I have to agree.

Happily, I have to disagree!

Good, because sycophancy is a waste of time too :-)

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