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I really like this girl. Big beautiful tits and a body not so skinny as many of your models. However: I don`t like that so many photografers tilt their camera so often. It`s very disturbing. Keep it upright, please.

Superb boobs. Thank you.

wow pretty!!!!!!! Gorgeous girl !!! what a nice ass...BEAUTIFUL !

You are, without any favor, a beautiful woman, better than Julia Roberts. And whenever you want have free plastic surgery I sugest it to make you more beautiful still.

Warning Danger
Extraterrestrial girl can cause serious damage to people's health heart faint.
Strictly forbidden for the emotional people.

Great girl. Need more spread ass and pussy shots on future sets.

I'm in love!

Beautiful model, but sometimes I feel like I'm being fooled with enhanced coloring and filter effects. Why can't photographers just stick to natural?...

Absolutely stunning! Those curves should come with a warning. Seriously dangerous! Marta is yet another unbelievable find. The newcomers this year have really raised the bar on the site. Lots more of this girl please. In stockings if possible!!

Marta is an incredible beauty and completely confident. Awesome, gorgeous natural breasts. Clean flawless skin. Fabulous figure. Beautiful face. Superb job of photography by Matiss, except her long hair should have been managed and kept off of her breasts, as it was in some of the shots.

So.... just a quick poll here, guys (and gals!)....
How AWESOME would it be, to see Marta and Emily together?
...in a movie?
Can I get an "amen" from the crowd?

I hope Marta's milky skin is habitual and she protects it from the sun.
Totally selfish of me.... ( :
Hope to see much more of Marta, and frequently!

Lovely introduction, but I agree that we need more shots of the lovely breasts. From the front, leaning forward, no hair or arms in the way.......Thanks.

Marta is spectacular in every way. 1 in a million. Her head to toe curves are not of this world. She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit, and brother, I never dreamed Jessica would come to life. Mark this day on your calendar.

Everything that can be said about Marta has pretty much been already said, I just want to add for the record that my breath was taken away by this set. Most memorable debut by a model I've seen since becoming a member. Easily top 10 material. Gorgeous face, silky smooth skin, long hair, shaved pussy, big breasts, round butt, this girl has it all. We got a winner here. PS: I really need to travel to Ukraine. I'm starting to think the most beautiful women in the world como from there.

More Marta -- Please!!!

There's a lot to like about Marta! Good find Matiss! I hope there are many more collaborations between you two and we see the results here.

Very beautiful girl....too bad about those melons! A guy could get seriously injured...;o)

Notice the she is 5'9" as well nice and tall which means that she is well proportioned.Nice to see a taller model Met-Art seems to be a little lacking in taller models.I am 6'3" myself and have always liked taller women.

I've said this before,but you can't trust the stats given on the models. I've seen the same models on different sites & their vitals varying as much as 8 inches in height & 25 pounds in weight!

Matiss, when you have a model with breasts as beautiful as these, think about giving us a few close-up shots, okay? I mean, zoom right in on those things. Thank you.

I was kinda hoping for a closeup a little lower myself ;)

Still a great new model and I would like to see her come back and show us more.

Risk of injury too great...;o)

Beautiful girl with a magnificent mons..

Made in the heavens!

holy fuggin milk jugs! woot

Marta is a gorgeous girl. I seldom love large boobs. But I loved Marta with her large boobs because they are real. I loved everything in her body. Unfortunately she is affiliated with a lousy photographer. This set is one of the worst set MetArt ever published regarding quality and resolution. In the past I rated Matiss 2/10 but with this set he deserves less than 1/10.
I urge MetArt not to keep one model with one photographer.

The best new model in a long, long time!

Gorgeous girl with a delicious body!!! The set would have been even hotter with some doggy shots and more rear view poses!!! Great debut none-the-less!

Awesome first set. Love it!

Holy Sh*t! What a drop dead gorgeous model! Where have SHE been all my life? More, please.

Deistic defecation!! SHE have been in Ukraine all HER life...

last shot was to make you sure she has actually got a pussy you know! sometimes met-art is more like an online lingerie shop

A "one of a kind" lingerie shop... Unless you can point us to another that shows pussy!!


A new sexy star is born:MARTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, Met-Art? Marta and Emily Bloom on the same day? You do realize that if you give us heart attacks we'll have to cancel our memberships?

Amazingly great debut set.

Not only come back soon, lovely, but please make a movie, so we can see those luscious breasts moving. What a completely adorable debut.

Marta's breasts in motion sounds like a great idea.

Sounds kinda dangerous to me...;o)lol

Absolutely gorgeous... what a debut! This is why I signed up, exciting models getting naked, sharing their bodies, and with this level of beauty, youth, sensuality and sexiness. I hope many many more new sets of Marta are to follow- and soon!

Beautiful face, pretty blue eyes, and a warm smile. Nice debut.

A warm welcome, Marta. You are absolutely ravishing. Can't wait to see more of you.

On rethinking my earlier comment, I think I was critical to a fault. Marta is far beyond ravishing. She is unbelievably beautiful, beyond category. She's the easiest first-time 10 I've ever awarded. Anything less would be a felony. I only hope that future sets will show us more of the treasures between those beautiful thighs.

On rethinking my earlier comments, I was critical to a fault. Marta is beyond ravishing. She's the easiest 10 I've ever given. Anything less would be a felony. I just hope that in future sets we'll be able to see more of the treasures between those beautiful thighs.

This damn system outwitted me again! Sorry for the double post.

At least they're a 'bit' different from each other...;o)

What a wonderful woman, so beautiful. Great debut.


You use of ALL CAPS pissed me off first time I saw it... Neg bang.

'You' use of the language isn't stellar either BUCKO!! Look at pictures...no say words....no piss on self....;o)


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