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11 December 2014:

This radiant smile in Picture 83 fills you with MILLIONS of different ideas......

Thank you, Marta: it's LOVELY !

LOTS of hugs and kisses.....everywhere.....

A heavenly and princess-like delightful young woman????

I looked through two indoor shoots of the model and no decent ass shots in either one.

This girl is just so beautiful

Marta is absolutely stunning. Her breasts are up there with the best of any anywhere on the net. To die for.

You guys are complaining about her shoes? Seriously? She could be wearing Ronald McDonald's floppy shoes, and I'd still be totally turned on by Marta.

what shoes??? oh, those shoes. never saw them until you mentioned them!

Oh my Lord.

Marta is definitely all woman! I like this set better than her first one. Much more personality shining through, so I think Marta is getting over her initial shyness. Could have done without the flowers on the last shots. Good set overall.

Excellent photography except for the few crooked angle shots. Excellent color and skin tones. The model is a bombshell. The set is 10+.

Marta is totally gorgeous with elegant face and awesome natural breasts. I wish her breasts had been accentuated in more of the photos. I'd like to see her in an outdoor set with good sidelight. Those breasts are of rare quality.

If I should describe my dream woman..I would describe you Marta....

Marta, good to see you back on Met. You are looking great, can't wait for further instalments.

Marta blonde goddess or dangerous bombshell welcome back.
Marta who are you ?, Where are you come ?, Martha, you are not terrestrial.
Matiss do not be intimidated by her


Next time send a nude model photographer. Not one into clothed models, flowers, or piano keys for cryin' out loud! And for members who like portraits, crop the pics yourselves.


Marta E, you are an amazingly beautiful young woman. Such an incredibly stunning figure. You are blessed with a perfectly breath taking bust. Women all over the world envy you. And what a sweet angelic and inviting face, with enchanting eyes and appealing lips. Your beauty is such that the roses are reduced to irrelevance. The roses do not enhance your beauty. Instead, you enchance the beauty of the roses. It was a truely wonderful pleasure to see your photos. Very warm regards and best wishes. You are a treasure.

Marta is a beautiful woman with a fantastic body. If you held my toes in the fire, I would choose 83 as my favorite picture. Many thanks to Marta and Matiss.

MA, thank you for such a beautiful model! Which does not cease to please us with her smile and body, well done Matiss.

Very boring poses:(

Not be intimidated by her watch her.

Matiss, what were you thinking?!!! Those damn roses on the last page completely covere the most beautiful body in Ukraine, not to say Western Civilization. The astonishing Marta is utter perfection from head to delectable toes. She's back for a second visit in a set that falls just short of her memorable debut. There is not a square inch of this woman that isn't beautiful. These comments don't begin to do her justice.

P.S. Take the damn shoes off next time—or better yet, lose them entirely.

Gotta disagree, Sailor... a beautiful woman wearing nothing but sexy heels... yummy!

I agree with fer_realz, I like the shoes.

To each his own, guys. (I know a good shrink if either of you want to seek professional help.)


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