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Love to bust a nut inside that doll

Need more of Marta pics, especially ass shots.

Another Beautiful Girl completely wasted by Matiss!!!

Marta is an incredible beauty. BUT: As I have seen this in a couple of sets - what is it with the fake flowers? It's so unerotic, lame, cheap. Dear photographers, don't do it!

Very pretty girl but her back is going to give out supporting all that weight, those are some huge breasts. Signed not a big mammary fan.

Beautiful porcelain goddess, with amazing breasts. This girl needs to get on all fours and let those stunning globes hang down!!

Even though she is beautiful and should have nothing to hide, Marta poses rather conservatively (much like Jackie-D). There is nearly nothing from a rear perspective(116-118) and I think that is a shame. I think Marta has more to offer and so I hope we see a better variety in her poses in future sets.

Marta is another Hottie trying to ruin our minds with a little black dress. She has succeded in my case

Love her tits and so beautiful

Incredible breasts, not just their size but their beauty. And gorgeous skin, a lovely woman.

Absolutely magnificent beauty, wonderful body. But we need a shot of her leaning forward and letting those perfect breasts hang in all their glory.


Oh my!

How nice.

Stunning specimen.

I am a deer in the headlights of her beauty - frozen and unable to look away. No matter the pose she is amazing and whatever she wishes to share is fine by me.

This is Marfta's third photo set, and they have all been essentially the same: an astonishingly beautiful woman (she's Ukrainian after all) presenting only so much of her beauty and no more. We have yet to see a clear shot of her pussy or her anus. (Both promise to be beautiful.) Is it just shyness? I hope so. That can be overcome. IMO she has to overcome it to remain the phenomenon she should be with all of us, 9 tops for a woman that should collect 10s like iron filings on a magnet.

Boring poses, hoped she would show more. :(

Marta you are a wow factor of 10 but could you please open up that pussy. I bet it would rate 100.

Yes we need a little more next time Marta. Please?


Fantastic model poorly served by this weak effort

I'd love to wake up beside her everyday.

Welcome back Marta with all your beauty of young woman.
Beauty that you show uninhibited.
Sumptuous like an ancient goddess of abundance.
Is a feast for the eyes look at you.
Ambience and lights pleasant .
A set completely enjoyable.
The maximum rating for Marta.

At 5ft 9in, with an amazing 38inch bust, this young woman is 121 lbs of 100% pure, very high quality, highly polished, concentrated, radio active, man killing, female sex appeal, in a perfectly shaped bundle of the world's finest WOW and wrapped in a generous coat of genuine OMG.

Neil you captured Marta's obvious appeal much better than I could hope to say, Brilliant! Met-Art please bring her back this month and as many times as possible for December.

All I want for Christmas is Marta in all her naked glory for us all to enjoy.

Very well said, Neil. I can't stop saying "wow" when I look at her pics.

every inch of her is so beautiful lovely girl thanks for shareing with us

Marta is so pale and so epically proportioned, it is as if a master sculptor carved her out of ivory.

Beautiful, happy, and sweet. She ticks all the boxes for me.

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